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Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 CRD 2007-2016

The Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 2007-2016 is a great vehicle, it has the updated CRD ZD30 engine and still has a great look, there are not many vehicles out there that can cop the amount of abuse the Patrol can handle. They are reliable and will get the job done no matter what the task is. However there are a few common issues with the engine and a few improvements that can be fitted on the cheap.

ZD30 Patrol 2007-2016

Maintenance Parts

This is the starting point for any owner of a Nissan Patrol ZD30 2007-2016, this list focuses on important maintenance components that Patrols require to continue being the reliable machines they are made to be.

Cheap Improvement Parts

As these are getting to be an older platform common components are starting to fail. This list is great to go through for cheap improvements that will bring your Patrols driving experience back to life.

Browse All Parts Patrol CRD ZD30

All parts listed for the Nissan Patrol ZD30 2007-2016 on our website for you to scroll through.

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