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Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 2000-2007

So you just bought a flogged GU Patrol, or your old girl needs some love. Well, that's ok because lucky for you the 2000-2007 Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 is an awesome vehicle and the performance you get for the price is outstanding. Because of their Japanese heritage if you look after them they will look after you. General maintenance and the occasional drive belt tensioner will be required to keep her purring however we have made the job easy for you by listing below common maintenance parts along with cheap improvements that can be done to your ZD30 Patrol.

ZD30 Patrol 2000 - 2007

Maintenance Parts

This is a great checklist if you have just purchased a Patrol or if you haven’t shown your Patrol any love lately. This list goes over four common maintenance jobs &  parts required to complete the jobs.

Cheap Improvement Parts

As the ZD30 Patrol is now 20 years old their original suspension & braking components will be well and truly passed their expected use by date. This list of four jobs will bring your Patrol back to feeling new.  

Browse All Parts Patrol ZD30

All parts listed for the Nissan Patrol ZD30 2000-2007 on our website for you to scroll through.

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