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ZPN-19805 Spark Plug Bosch suits Suzuki X-90 SZ416 LB11S

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Bosch spark plugs are the first choice for vehicle manufacturers, engine technicians and motoring enthusiasts throughout the world. Bosch designs every spark plug to meet the specific requirements of each engine, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Product Type:  Bosch - Spark Plug

Reference: ZPN-19805

Bosch spark plugs are the first choice for vehicle manufacturers, engine technicians and motoring enthusiasts throughout the world. Bosch designs every spark plug to meet the specific requirements of each engine, ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability.


Warranty:1yr / 25,000km


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
Alfa Romeo147 2001incl.: Selespeed Twin Spark, Twin Spark4cyl AR32310 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa Romeo156 2002-2006incl.: JTS, JTS Selespeed, Ti, Ti Selespeed4cyl 937A1.000 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa Romeo156 1999-2000, 2002incl.: Monza Selespeed, Monza Twin Spark, Selespeed, Selespeed Limited Edition, Selespeed Twin Spark, Twin Spark, Twin Spark Limited Edition4cyl AR32310 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa RomeoAlfa 33 1990-1992incl.: Boxer4cyl 1.7L 1712cc
Alfa RomeoGT 2005-2010incl.: JTS, JTS Monza, Selespeed JTS4cyl 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa RomeoGTV 2003-2004incl.: JTS4cyl JTS 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa RomeoGTV 2000-2002incl.: Twin Spark4cyl Twin Spark 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa RomeoSpider 2000-2002incl.: Twin Spark, Twin Spark Luxury, Twin Spark Veloce4cyl Twin Spark 2.0L 1970cc
AudiA4B62001-2005 4cyl ALT 2.0L 1984cc
AudiA4B72005-2008incl.: SE, Sports Edition4cyl ALT 2.0L 1984cc
ChryslerNeon 1996-1998incl.: LX, SE4cyl S4RE 2.0L 1995cc
ChryslerNeonPL20002000-2002incl.: LE, SE4cyl S4RE 2.0L 1995cc
CitroenAX 1991incl.: GT4cyl 1.4L 1360cc
CitroenC3 2002-2009incl.: Exclusive, Exclusive Special Edition, Panoramique, SX4cyl TU3JP 1.4L 1360cc
CitroenC3A52010incl.: VT4cyl TU3A 1.4L 1360cc
CitroenXantia 1994, 1996-1997incl.: Image, SX, VSX Exclusive4cyl XU10J2C 2.0L 1998cc
CitroenXantia 1998-2001incl.: ExclusiveV6 ES9J4 (XFZ) 2.9L 2946cc
CitroenXsara 2000 4cyl TU5JP 1.6L 1587cc
CitroenXsara 1998-2000 4cyl XU10 J/R 2.0L 1998cc
CitroenXsara 1998-2000 4cyl XU7JP (LFZ) 1.8L 1761cc
CitroenXsara 2000 4cyl XU7JP4 (LFY) 1.8L 1761cc
DaewooKorando 2000 6cyl M162.993 3.2L 3199cc
DaewooLacettiJ2002003-2004incl.: Limited Edition4cyl T18SED 1.8L 1799cc
DaewooLanos 1997-2002incl.: Sports, SX4cyl A16DMS 1.6L 1598cc
DaewooLeganza 1997-1999incl.: SX4cyl C20SED 2.0L 1998cc
DaewooLeganza 1999-2004 4cyl T22SED 2.2L 2198cc
DaewooMusso 1998-2002 6cyl IL6 3200 3.2L 3199cc
DaewooNubiraJ1001997-1999incl.: EuroSunHatch SE, SE, SX, X Series, X Series SE4cyl A16DMS 1.6L 1598cc
DaewooNubiraJ1001998-1999incl.: CDX4cyl X20SED 2.0L 1998cc
DaewooNubiraJ1501999-2003incl.: CDX, Limited CDX, Sports CDX, X Series CDX4cyl X20SED 2.0L 1998cc
DaewooTacumaU1002000-2004incl.: Limited4cyl T20SED 2.0L 1998cc
DaihatsuCuoreL7012000-2002 3cyl EJ-DE 1.0L 989cc
DaihatsuMiraL7011998-2003 3cyl EJ-DE 1.0L 989cc
DaihatsuSirionM1001998-1999 3cyl EJDE 1.0L 989cc
DaihatsuSirionM100RS2000 3cyl EJDE 1.0L 989cc
Eunos800 1994-1996incl.: MV6 KJ-ZE 2.3L 2254cc
FordProbeST1994-1995 V6 KL 2.5L 2497cc
FordProbeSU1996 V6 KL 2.5L 2497cc
FordProbeSV1997-1998 V6 KL 2.5L 2497cc
FordTelstarAY1994-1996incl.: Ghia, GLX4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
HoldenApolloJK1989-1991incl.: Executive, SL, SLX4cyl 3S-FC 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenApolloJK1989-1991incl.: SLE4cyl 3S-FE 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenApolloJL1991-1992incl.: GS, SL, SLE, SLX4cyl 3S-FE 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenAstraAH2007-2009incl.: CD, CDX, SRI4cyl Z18XER 1.8L 1796CC
HoldenAstraAH2006incl.: Twin Top4cyl Z22YH 2.2L 2198cc
HoldenAstraTR1995-1998incl.: City4cyl C16SE 1.6L 1598cc
HoldenAstraTR1996-1998incl.: GL4cyl C18SEL 1.8L 1799cc
HoldenAstraTR1995-1998incl.: GSi4cyl X20XEV 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenAstraTS1998-2000incl.: CD, City, Olympic CD, Olympic City4cyl X18XE1 1.8L 1796cc
HoldenAstraTS2000-2005incl.: CD, CD Classic, CDX, City, Classic, Classic Equipe, Equipe City, SXi4cyl Z18XE 1.8L 1796cc
HoldenAstraTS2003-2004incl.: SRi Turbo, Turbo4cyl Z20LET 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenAstraTS2001-2006incl.: Limited Edition, Linea Rossa4cyl Z22SE 2.2L 2198cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1997incl.: City4cyl C12NZ 1.2L 1196cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1997incl.: City, Joy, Lambada, Swing4cyl C14NZ 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenBarinaSB1997-2000incl.: Cabrio4cyl C14SE 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1998incl.: GSi4cyl C16XE 1.6L 1598cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1999incl.: GSi4cyl X16XE 1.6L 1598cc
HoldenBarinaXC2004-2005 4cyl Twinport 1.4L 1364cc
HoldenBarinaXC2004-2005incl.: CD, SXi4cyl Twinport 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenBarinaXC2001-2005incl.: CD, Equipe, SXi4cyl Z14XE 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenBarinaXC2001-2005incl.: SRi4cyl Z18XE 1.8L 1796cc
HoldenCalaisVL1986-1988 6cyl RB30E 3.0L 2962cc
HoldenCalaisVL1986-1988incl.: Turbo6cyl RB30ET 3.0L 2962cc
HoldenCalibraYE1994-1996incl.: Turbo4cyl C20LET 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenCalibraYE1991-1997 4cyl C20XE 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenCalibraYE1995-1997 V6 C25XE 2.5L 2498cc
HoldenComboSB1996-2002 4cyl C14NZ 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenComboXC2004-2010 4cyl Z14XEP 1.4L 1364cc
HoldenComboXC2002-2004 4cyl Z16SE 1.6L 1598cc
HoldenCommodoreVL1986-1988incl.: 200, Berlina, Executive, SL, Vacationer6cyl RB30E 3.0L 2962cc
HoldenCommodoreVL1986-1988incl.: Berlina Turbo, Executive Turbo, SL Turbo6cyl RB30ET 3.0L 2962cc
HoldenCruzeYG2002-2006 4cyl M15A 1.5L 1490cc
HoldenFronteraMB1995-1999 4cyl X20SE 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenFronteraMX1999-2002 4cyl X22SE 2.2L 2198cc
HoldenNovaLF1991-1994incl.: GS, SLE, SLX, SLX Limited4cyl 4A-FE 1.6L 1587cc
HoldenNovaLF1992-1994incl.: GS4cyl 7A-FE 1.8L 1762cc
HoldenNovaLG1994-1996incl.: SLX4cyl 4A-FE 1.6L 1587cc
HoldenNovaLG1994-1996incl.: GS4cyl 7A-FE 1.8L 1762cc
HoldenTigraXC2005-2007 4cyl Z18XE 1.8L 1796cc
HoldenVectraJR1997-1998incl.: CD, GL4cyl C20SEL 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenVectraJR1997-1998incl.: CDV6 X25XE 2.5L 2498cc
HoldenVectraJS1998-2003incl.: CD, GL, Olympic GL4cyl C22SEL 2.2L 2198cc
HoldenVectraJS1998-2000incl.: CDV6 X25XE 2.5L 2498cc
HoldenVectraJS2000-2003incl.: CD, International CDV6 Y26SE 2.6L 2597cc
HoldenVectraZC2003-2005incl.: CD, CDX, CDXiV6 Z32SE 3.2L 3175cc
HondaAccordCB1989-1990incl.: EXi4cyl F22A5 2.2L 2156cc
HondaAccordCB1991-1994incl.: Aerodeck, EXi, EXi 4WS4cyl F22A6 2.2L 2156cc
HondaAccordCB1993-1994incl.: VTi4cyl F22B1 2.2L 2156cc
HondaAccordCD1993, 1995-1997incl.: VTi, VTi-S4cyl F22B1 2.2L 2156cc
HondaPreludeBB1991-1995incl.: Si, SRS4cyl 2.3L 2258cc
HondaPreludeBB1996incl.: Si4cyl H23A1 2.3L 2258cc
HyundaiAccentLC2000-2003incl.: GL, GL Lifestyle, GL Sprint, GLS, GLS Lifestyle, GLS Sprint, GS, GS Lifestyle4cyl G4EC 1.5L 1495cc
HyundaiAccentLC2003-2006incl.: GL4cyl G4ED2 1.6L 1599cc
HyundaiAccentMC2006-2009incl.: A-League, FX Limited Edition, S, SLX4cyl G4ED 1.6L 1599cc
HyundaiCoupeRD1996-2002incl.: FX, SFX4cyl G4GF 2.0L 1975cc
HyundaiCoupeRD1996-2002incl.: SX4cyl G4GM 1.8L 1795cc
HyundaiElantraHD2006-2011incl.: Elite, SLX, SX4cyl G4GC - VVT 2.0L 1975cc
HyundaiElantraXD2003-2006incl.: Elite, FX4cyl G4GC 2.0L 1975cc
HyundaiElantra LaVitaXD2000-2003 4cyl G4GB 1.8L 1795cc
HyundaiExcelX31994-1998incl.: GLX, GX, LX, Sprint4cyl G4EK 1.5L 1495cc
HyundaiExcelX31998-2000incl.: GLX, GLX Sportz, GX, GX Sportz, Sprint Sportz, Sprint Twin Cam4cyl G4FKV 1.5L 1495cc
HyundaiGetzTB2003-2005incl.: XL4cyl G4EA1 1.3L 1341cc
HyundaiGetzTB2005-2011incl.: Click, SX, SXi4cyl G4ED5 1.6L 1599cc
HyundaiGetzTB2005-2010incl.: Click, S4cyl G4EE5 1.4L 1399cc
Hyundaii20PB2010-2015incl.: Active, Elite4cyl G4FA 1.4L 1399cc
Hyundaii20PB2010-2012incl.: Elite, Premium4cyl G4FC 1.6L 1591cc
Hyundaii30FD2007-2012incl.: SLX, Sportswagon, SR, SX4cyl G4GC 2.0L 1975cc
HyundaiLantraJ21995-1998incl.: GL, GLS, SE, Sportz SE4cyl G4GM 1.8L 1795cc
HyundaiLantraJ31999-2000incl.: GLS4cyl G4GF 2.0L 1975cc
HyundaiLantraJ31999-2000incl.: SE4cyl G4GM 1.8L 1795cc
HyundaiS Coupe 1990-1992incl.: GLS, LS4cyl G4DJ 1.5L 1468cc
HyundaiS Coupe 1992-1996incl.: GLS, LS4cyl G4EK 1.5L 1495cc
HyundaiS Coupe 1992-1996incl.: Turbo4cyl G4EKT 1.5L 1495cc
HyundaiSonataNF2005-2008incl.: Elite, SLX4cyl G4KC 2.4L 2359cc
HyundaiSonataNF2005-2008incl.: SLX4cyl G4KC4 2.4L 2359cc
HyundaiTiburonGK2002-2009 4cyl G4GC Beta 2.0L 1975cc
HyundaiTucsonJM2005-2010incl.: City, City Elite, City SX4cyl G4GC - VVT 2.0L 1975cc
JaguarSovereignX3081999 8cyl 3.2L 3248cc
JaguarSovereignX3081999 8cyl AJ-V8 3.2L 3248cc
JaguarS-TypeX2001999-2002incl.: SE8cyl 4.0L 3996cc
JaguarXJ6X3001994-1997incl.: Heritage, Sport6cyl AJ16 3.2L 3239cc
JaguarXJ6X3001995-1997incl.: Sovereign6cyl AJ6 4.0L 3980cc
JaguarXJ6XJ401994incl.: Sport6cyl 3.2L 3239cc
JaguarXJ6XJ401987-1989incl.: Sovereign6cyl 3.6L 3590cc
JaguarXJ6XJ401989-1994incl.: Sovereign, Sovereign Sport6cyl 4.0L 3980cc
JaguarXJ8X3081997-2000incl.: Sport8cyl AJ 4.0L 3996cc
JaguarXJ8X3082001-2003incl.: Sport8cyl AJ-V8 4.0L 3996cc
JeepGrand CherokeeWG2000-2005incl.: Laredo, Limited, Limited 60th Anniversary, Overland, Vision Series Limited8cyl 4.7L (V8) 4701cc
JeepGrand CherokeeWH2005-2010incl.: 65th Anniversary, Laredo, Laredo Navigator, Lerado, Limited, Limited Navigator8cyl 4.7L (V8) 4701cc
JeepGrand CherokeeWJ1999-2003incl.: Laredo, Limited8cyl 4.7L (V8) 4701cc
KiaCarens 2000-2002 4cyl TB 1.8L 1793cc
KiaCeratoLD2004-2005incl.: Sport Edition4cyl 2.0L 1975cc
KiaCeratoLD2005-2009incl.: EX4cyl G4GC-CVVT 2.0L 1975cc
KiaCeratoTD2010-2013incl.: Si, SLi4cyl G4KD 2.0L 1998cc
KiaMentorFB1998-2000incl.: GLX, Shuma FX Limited Edition, Shuma Limited Edition, SLX4cyl TE 1.8L 1793cc
KiaRioJB2005-2010incl.: EX, EX-L, Si, Sports4cyl G4ED 1.6L 1599cc
KiaRioJB2007-2010incl.: LX, S, Sports Special Edition4cyl G4EE 1.4L 1399cc
KiaRondoUN2008-2013incl.: EX, EX-L, LX, Si, SLi4cyl G4KA8-CVVT 2.0L 1998cc
KiaShumaS22000-2001 4cyl TE 1.8L 1793cc
KiaSpectraFB2001-2004 4cyl TE 1.8L 1793cc
KiaSportageKM2007-2010incl.: EX, LX4cyl G4GC 2.0L 1975cc
Mazda121DW1996-2002incl.: Metro, Shades Metro4cyl B3-S4 1.3L 1323cc
Mazda121DW1996-2002incl.: 40th Anniversary Metro, Limited Edition Metro, Metro, Platinum Edition Metro, Shades Metro4cyl B5 1.5L 1498cc
Mazda2DE Series 12007-2010incl.: Genki, Maxx, Neo4cyl ZY MZR 1.5L 1498cc
Mazda2DY Series 12002-2005incl.: Genki, Maxx, Neo4cyl ZY MZR 1.5L 1498cc
Mazda2DY Series 22005-2007incl.: Genki, Maxx, Neo4cyl ZY MZR 1.5L 1498cc
Mazda323BJ1998-2002incl.: Astina, Astina Shades, Shades Astina4cyl ZM 1.6L 1597cc
Mazda626GE1992-1997incl.: Deluxe, SDX4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
Mercedes-Benz320CEW1241993 6cyl 3.2L 3199cc
Mercedes-Benz320EW1241993 6cyl 3.2L 3199cc
Mercedes-Benz500SECW1401991-1993 V8 M119.970 5.0L 4973cc
Mercedes-Benz500SLR1291993 8cyl 5.0L 4973cc
Mercedes-Benz600SELW1261993 12cyl M120 6.0L 5987cc
Mercedes-Benz600SLR1261993 12cyl 6.0L 5987cc
Mercedes-BenzA140W1682000-2001incl.: Avantgarde, Classic4cyl 166960 30 1.4L 1397cc
Mercedes-BenzA150W1692005-2007incl.: Classic4cyl 266920 30 1.5L 1498cc
Mercedes-BenzA160W1681998-2004incl.: Avantgarde, Classic, Elegance, Exclusive, Piccadilly Classic4cyl 166960 30 1.6L 1598cc
Mercedes-BenzA170W1692006-2009incl.: Avantgarde, Classic, Elegance4cyl 266940 30 (1.7) 1699cc
Mercedes-BenzA170W1692005-2009incl.: Avantgarde, Classic, Elegance4cyl 266940 30 1.7L 1699cc
Mercedes-BenzA190W1681999-2004incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance4cyl 166990 30 1.9L 1898cc
Mercedes-BenzA200W1692007-2009incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance4cyl 266960 30 (2) 2034cc
Mercedes-BenzA200W1692005-2009incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance4cyl 266960 30 2.0L 2034cc
Mercedes-BenzB200W2452008-2010 4cyl (2) 2034cc
Mercedes-BenzB200W2452005-2010 4cyl 2.0L 2034cc
Mercedes-BenzC180W2021995incl.: Classic4cyl (1.8) 1799cc
Mercedes-BenzC180W2021994-2000incl.: Classic, Elegance, Esprit, Sport4cyl 1.8L 1799cc
Mercedes-BenzC200W2021997-2000incl.: Classic, Elegance, Esprit, Sport4cyl 111940 22 2.0L 1998cc
Mercedes-BenzC200W2021996incl.: Classic, Elegance, Esprit, Sport4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Mercedes-BenzC220W2021994-1996incl.: Classic, Elegance, Sport4cyl 2.2L 2199cc
Mercedes-BenzC230W2021996-1997incl.: Classic, Elegance4cyl 2.3L 2295cc
Mercedes-BenzC280W2021994-1997incl.: Elegance, Sport6cyl 2.8L 2799cc
Mercedes-BenzCL500C1401996-1998 8cyl 5.0L 4973cc
Mercedes-BenzE220W1241993-1996incl.: Special Edition4cyl 2.2L 2199cc
Mercedes-BenzE230W2101996-1997incl.: Classic, Elegance4cyl 2.3L 2295cc
Mercedes-BenzE320W1241993-1996 6cyl 3.2L 3199cc
Mercedes-BenzE320W2101996-1997incl.: Avantgarde, Classic, Elegance6cyl M104 3.2L 3199cc
Mercedes-BenzS280W1401995-1998 6cyl 2.8L 2799cc
Mercedes-BenzS320W1401994-1997 6cyl 3.2L 3199cc
Mercedes-BenzS420W1401995-1998 8cyl 4.2L 4156cc
Mercedes-BenzS500W1401993-1998incl.: L8cyl 5.0L 4973cc
Mercedes-BenzS600W1401993-1996, 1998incl.: L12cyl 6.0L 5987cc
Mercedes-BenzSl280R1291995-1998 6cyl 2.8L 2799cc
Mercedes-BenzSL500R1291993-1998, 2000-2001 8cyl 5.0L 4973cc
Mercedes-BenzSL600R1291993-1998, 2000 12cyl 6.0L 5987cc
Mercedes-BenzSLK200R1701997-2000 4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Mercedes-BenzVito6381998-2003incl.: 113, Flexivan 1134cyl M 111 E20 2.0L 1998cc
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonWA1994-2003incl.: GLX4cyl 4G63-S4 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiLancerCC1992-1996incl.: GLXi4cyl 4G92 1.6L 1597cc
MitsubishiLancerCC1992-1996incl.: ELi, Executive, GLi4cyl 4G93-S4 1.8L 1834cc
MitsubishiLancerCE1996-2003incl.: GLi, LRX-1 GLi, VR-X GLi4cyl 4G15-S3 1.5L 1468cc
MitsubishiLancerCE1998-2003incl.: GLXi4cyl 4G64-S4 2.4L 2350cc
MitsubishiLancerCE1996-2004incl.: GLXi4cyl 4G93-S4 1.8L 1834cc
MitsubishiMagnaTW2004-2005incl.: ES, LSV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiOutlanderZE2003-2004incl.: LS, XLS4cyl 4G64 2.4L 2351cc
MitsubishiPajero IoQA1999-2001 4cyl 4G18 1.6L 1584cc
MitsubishiTritonML2007-2009incl.: GL, GLX4cyl 4G64-S4 2.4L 2350cc
MitsubishiTritonMN2009-2015incl.: GLX4cyl 4G64-S4 2.4L 2350cc
MitsubishiVeradaKE1996-1997incl.: EiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiVeradaKF1997-1999incl.: EiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MorganPlus 4 2011 4cyl Duratec 2.0L 1999cc
NissanPathfinderR501995-2005incl.: RX, ST, ST Plus, Ti, Ti PlusV6 VG33E 3.3L 3274cc
NissanPulsarN162000-2003incl.: LX, LX Plus4cyl QG16DE 1.6L 1597cc
NissanPulsarN162001-2002incl.: Q, ST4cyl QG18DE 1.8L 1769cc
NissanPulsarN16 S22002-2005incl.: Q, ST4cyl QG18DE 1.8L 1769cc
Peugeot205 1990-1998incl.: Si4cyl XU5M3Z (BDY) 1.6L 1580cc
Peugeot205 1987-1993incl.: GTi4cyl XU9JA (DKZ) 1.9L 1905cc
Peugeot206T11999-2001incl.: XR, XT4cyl TU5JP 1.6L 1587cc
Peugeot206T12002-2007incl.: XR4cyl TU5JP4 1.6L 1387cc
Peugeot207A72007-2009incl.: XR4cyl TU3A(L5) 1.4L 1360cc
Peugeot306N31994-1997incl.: XR, XT4cyl 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N31996-1997incl.: SR4cyl 1.8L 1762cc
Peugeot306N31994incl.: S164cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N31995-1996incl.: XSi4cyl XU10J2 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N31997incl.: XSi4cyl XU10J4R 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N31994incl.: XR4cyl XU7 JP-Z 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N51997-1999incl.: Style, XR, XT4cyl 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N51997-1999incl.: XSi4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N51999-2002incl.: Limited, Rallye, XSi, XT4cyl XU10J4R 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N52000incl.: Style4cyl XU7JP4/L3 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N51999incl.: Style4cyl XU7JP4\L3 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot405 1989-1993incl.: Mi16, S, SRI4cyl 1.9L 1905cc
Peugeot405D701993-1995incl.: Mi16, SRI, STi4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot406 1996-1998incl.: ST4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot406 1997-1998incl.: SV6cyl 3.0L 2946cc
Peugeot406 1998 6cyl ES9 J4 3.0L 2946cc
Peugeot406D81999incl.: SV6cyl ES9 J4 3.0L 2946cc
Peugeot406D92000incl.: ST4cyl XU10J4R 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot406D91999-2000incl.: SV6cyl ES9 J4 3.0L 2946cc
ProtonM21 1997-1999 4cyl 4G93 1.8L 1834cc
ProtonSatria 2000incl.: XLS4cyl 4G15 1.5L 1468cc
ProtonSatria 2000incl.: Son of a Gun XLi, XLi4cyl 4G92 1.6L 1597cc
ProtonSatria 1999-2004incl.: GTi, GTi EL TIGRE, GTi Limited Edition4cyl 4G93P 1.8L 1834cc
RenaultClioX652001-2007incl.: Authentique, Campus, Expression, Expression Verve, Privilege, Verve Expression4cyl K4JC710 1.4L 1390cc
RenaultClioX652001-2006incl.: Dynamique, Privilege4cyl K4MA744 1.6L 1598cc
RenaultGrand scenicJ842007incl.: Dynamique4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultLaguna 1995-1996incl.: V66cyl 3.0L 2963cc
RenaultLagunaII2002-2004incl.: Expression4cyl F4R 713 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultMeganeX322010incl.: Dynamique, Privilege4cyl M4RJ714 C 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultMeganeX642001-2004incl.: Expression, Privilege4cyl K4MA 1.6L 1598cc
RenaultMeganeX842003-2010incl.: Dynamique, Dynamique LX, Dynamique Sport, Estival, Exception, Expression, LX Limited Edition, Privilege4cyl F4RZ770 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultMeganeX952010incl.: Dynamique4cyl M4RJ714 C 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultScenic 2001-2004incl.: Dynamique, Expression, Privilege4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultScenicJ842005-2009incl.: Authentique, Dynamique, Expression, Latitude4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultScenicJ842004-2005incl.: Expression4cyl K4M 1.6L 1598cc
RenaultScenicRX42001-2003incl.: Expression, Expression Verve, Privilege, Privilege Verve4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
Saab900 1994-1997incl.: S, SEV6 B258i 2.5L 2498cc
Saab9000 1995-1997incl.: CDE, GriffinV6 B308i 3.0L 2962cc
SsangyongKorando 1998 4cyl M161.973 2.3L 2295cc
SsangyongMussoVER 11997-1998 4cyl 2300 DOHC 2.3L 2295cc
SsangyongMussoVER 21997-1998 4cyl 2300 DOHC 2.3L 2295cc
SsangyongMussoVER 31997-1998 4cyl 2300 DOHC 2.3L 2295cc
SsangyongMussoVERS 11997-1998 6cyl IL6 3200 3.2L 3199cc
SsangyongMussoVERS 21997-1998 6cyl IL6 3200 3.2L 3199cc
SsangyongMussoVERS 31997-1998 6cyl IL6 3200 3.2L 3199cc
SsangyongMussoVERS 51996-1998 6cyl IL6 3200 3.2L 3199cc
SsangyongRextonY2002003-2004incl.: Limited6cyl RX320 3.2L 3199cc
SsangyongRextonY2202004-2006incl.: Limited, Sports Plus6cyl RX320 3.2L 3199cc
SubaruForesterSF1998-2002incl.: GX, GX Special Edition, Limited, Limited Special Edition, Special Edition GX, Special Edition Limited4cyl EJ202 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruForesterSF1997-1998incl.: GX, Limited4cyl EJ20J 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruForesterSG92002-2005incl.: X, X Special Edition, X Weekender, XS, XS Luxury4cyl EJ251 (112kw) 2.5L 2457cc
SubaruImprezaGDE2002-2005incl.: RS, RS-X4cyl EJ251 (112kw) 2.5L 2457cc
SubaruImprezaS2002-2007incl.: GX, GX Luxury, Luxury, RX4cyl EJ20 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruLibertyBD91999incl.: Heritage, RX4cyl EJ25D 2.5L 2457cc
SubaruLibertyBE1999-2003incl.: GX, GX Special Edition, Special Edition GX4cyl EJ201 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruLibertyBE91999-2003incl.: Heritage, RX, RX Special Edition4cyl EJ251 (115kw) 2.5L 2457cc
SubaruLibertyBH1998-2003incl.: GX, GX Special Edition, Special Edition GX4cyl EJ201 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruLibertyBH91998-2003incl.: Heritage, RX, RX Special Edition4cyl EJ251 (115kw) 2.5L 2457cc
SubaruLibertyBL2003-2005incl.: Luxury Series4cyl EJ202 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruLibertyBL2006-2007incl.: 2.0R, 2.0R Limited4cyl EJ204 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruLibertyBP2003-2005incl.: Luxury Series4cyl EJ202 2.0L 1994cc
SubaruOutbackBH92000-2003incl.: Limited, Luxury, Special Edition4cyl EJ251 (115kw) 2.5L 2457cc
SubaruSportswagonN1998-2000incl.: Limited Edition4cyl EJ20 2.0L 1994cc
SuzukiApvGD2005-2016 4cyl G16AID 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiBalenoSY4161995-2001incl.: GA, GL, GLX, GLXII, Special Edition GLX4cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiCarryGA4131999-2005 4cyl G13BB 1.3L 1298cc
SuzukiJimnySN4131998-2002incl.: JLX, JX4cyl G13BB 1.3L 1298cc
SuzukiSwiftSF4161990-1996incl.: GLX4cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiVitaraSE4161988incl.: JLX4cyl G16A 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiVitaraSE4161991-1998incl.: JLX, JLX Estate, JX, JX Estate, Summer Edition4cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiVitaraSV6201995-1998incl.: V6V6 H20A 2.0L 1998cc
SuzukiX-90SZ4161996-1998incl.: X904cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
ToyotaCorollaAE101R1994-1999incl.: Advantage Limited Edition, CSi, CSi Seca, CSX Seca, Spirit Seca, World Cup4cyl 4A-FE 1.6L 1587cc
ToyotaCorollaAE901989-1992incl.: CS, SE4cyl 6A-FC 1.4L 1397cc
ToyotaCorollaAE921989-1994incl.: CS, CS Seca, CSX, CSX Seca, SE, Spirit Seca4cyl 4A-FC 1.6L 1587cc
ToyotaCorollaZZE122R2001-2007incl.: Ascent, Ascent Sport, Conquest, Levin, TTR Ascent, Ultima4cyl 1ZZ-FE 1.8L 1794cc
ToyotaEchoNCP10R1999-2005incl.: Rush4cyl 2NZ-FE 1.3L 1299cc
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoRZJ120R2003-2004incl.: GX4cyl 3RZ-FE 2.7L 2694cc
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoRZJ125W2003-2004incl.: RX4cyl 3RZ-FE 2.7L 2694cc
ToyotaMR2ZZW30R2000-2005incl.: Spyder, TTR Spyder4cyl 1ZZ-FE 1.8L 1794cc
ToyotaPaseoEL441991-1995incl.: Alpha, Olympic Spirit4cyl 5E-FE 1.5L 1497cc
ToyotaYarisNCP90R2005-2010incl.: Edge, Rush, YR4cyl 2NZ-FE 1.3L 1299cc
ToyotaYarisNCP91R2005-2010incl.: YRS, YRX4cyl 1NZ-FE 1.5L 1497cc
VolkswagenBora1J1999-2001incl.: V55cyl AGZ 2.3L 2324cc
VolkswagenGolfMK31994-1998incl.: VR6V6 AAA 2.8L 2792cc
Volvo960 1995-1996incl.: SE6cyl 2.9L 2922cc
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