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ZPN-00208 Headlight Autopal suits Mazda B2600 UF B Series

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Autopal - Headlight

Product Type:  Autopal - Headlight

Reference: ZPN-00208


Lens Type + MaterialClear Glass
Rear Body MaterialMetal
Size200mm x 142mm (7" x 5") Rectangle
Suits Bulb TypeH4 (Hi/Low)
ReflectorMulti Surface Prism
Suits Countries withRight Hand Drive


Warranty:1yr / 20,000km


Vehicle Fitment

FordCourierPB1985 2door Utility
FordCourierPB1985incl.: XLT2door Utility Extended Cab
FordCourierPB1985incl.: XL4door Utility Dual Cab
FordCourierPC1988-1996incl.: XL2door Cab Chassis
FordCourierPC1985-1996incl.: XL2door Utility
FordCourierPC1985, 1987, 1989-1990, 1993-1996incl.: XL, XLT2door Utility Extended Cab
FordCourierPC1985, 1988-1996incl.: XL4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoKB271982-1983 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB281983-1987incl.: Deluxe, LS2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB281985-1986incl.: DL2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoKB291985-1988 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB411983-1985 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB421983 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB431983-1986 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB441987-1988 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB481984-1987 2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoKB491985-1988 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKBD271983 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKBD421983-1988 2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR161991-1993incl.: Deluxe2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR161991-1993incl.: Deluxe2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR171988-1992incl.: Deluxe2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR171988-1992incl.: Deluxe, LS2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR171989-1992incl.: LS2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR171988-1992incl.: Deluxe, LT4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR541988-1992incl.: Deluxe2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR541988-1992incl.: Deluxe2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFS171988-1992incl.: Deluxe2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFS171989-1992incl.: Deluxe, LS2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFS171989-1992incl.: LS2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS171989-1992incl.: Deluxe4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS541988-1992 2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFS541988-1989incl.: Deluxe4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS551990-1992incl.: Deluxe2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFS551991-1992incl.: Deluxe2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFS551990-1992incl.: Deluxe4door Utility Dual Cab
MazdaB2000UF1985-1988incl.: Bravo2door Cab Chassis
MazdaB2000UF1985-1988incl.: Bravo, Deluxe, DL, Super Deluxe2door Utility
MazdaB2000UF1986incl.: Deluxe4door Utility Dual Cab
MazdaB2200UF1985-1996incl.: Deluxe2door Cab Chassis
MazdaB2200UF1985-1996incl.: Deluxe2door Utility
MazdaB2200UF1987, 1991incl.: Deluxe2door Utility Extended Cab
MazdaB2200UF1988-1989, 1991 4door Utility Dual Cab
MazdaB2200UF1988-1991 Ute
MazdaB2600UF1987-1999incl.: Bravo, Bravo DX, Deluxe, Deluxe Bravo, DX2door Cab Chassis
MazdaB2600UF1993, 1995-1996, 1999incl.: Bravo, Bravo DX, DX2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
MazdaB2600UF1997-1999incl.: Boss, Boss Bravo, BX2door Traytop
MazdaB2600UF1987-1999incl.: Bravo, Deluxe, Deluxe Bravo, DX, Super Deluxe2door Utility
MazdaB2600UF1987-1988, 1990-1998incl.: Bravo, Deluxe, DX, SDX, SDX Bravo, Super Deluxe2door Utility Extended Cab
MazdaB2600UF1990-1999incl.: Bravo, Bravo DX, Bravo Plus, Bravo Plus SDX, Bravo SDX, DX, Plus Bravo, SDX, SDX Bravo4door Utility Dual Cab
MazdaB2600UF1999incl.: BravoUtility
NissanNavaraD211985-1997incl.: DX, Nugget2door Cab Chassis
NissanNavaraD211986-1997incl.: DX, Nugget2door Utility
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, ST2door Utility Extended Cab
NissanNavaraD211986-1997incl.: DX, ST, Ti4door Utility Dual Cab
NissanUrvanE241987-1993incl.: Cargo, Microbus, Stubbie, WindowVan
SuzukiMighty BoySS40T1985-1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiaceLH103R1989-2000 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceRZH103R1989-2004 4door Van
ToyotaHiluxII VZN12003-2005 Ute
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR52door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR52door Utility
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R2002-2005 4door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1988-1997 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1989-1999 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1988 2door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1988-1999incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN107R1991-1998incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN111R1989-1997 2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN111R1988-1997incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN147R1997-2005 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN147R1997-2000 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN147R1997-2005 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN152R2001-2004 2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN152R2001-2004 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2005 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2001 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN167R2001-2005 4door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1997-2005 2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1997-2001 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN401979-1984 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN461979-1985 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN501983-1984 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN551983-1984 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN56R1983-1988 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN56R1983-1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN56R1983-1988incl.: DX4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN65R1983-1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN65R1986-1988 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN65R1983-1988 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN85R1988-1994 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN85R1988-1994incl.: DX4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN86R1991-1997 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN86R1991-1997 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN86R1991-1997incl.: DX, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN105R1988-1997 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRN105R1989-1997 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN105R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN106L1989-1991incl.: LHD4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN106R1991-1997incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN110R1988-1997incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN401978-1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN411978-1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN461979-1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN90R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN147R1997-2002incl.: Workmate2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRZN147R1997-2002incl.: Workmate2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R1997-2005incl.: Workmate2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R1997-2005 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R1997-2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN154R1998-2005 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxVZN172R2002-2005 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN56R1987-1988incl.: Grinner2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxYN56R1987-1988incl.: Grinner2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN57R1983-1986incl.: SR52door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN57R1984-1987incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN57R1983-1986 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN58R1987-1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN58R1987-1988incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN58R1987-1988 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN62L1985-1986incl.: LHD2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN65R1983-1985 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN65R1983-1985incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN65R1984-1985 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN67R1985-1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN67R1985-1988incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN67R1985-1988 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1988-1997incl.: Grinner2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1988-1997incl.: Grinner2door Utility
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN130R1989-1990incl.: SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN130R1989-1990incl.: DX, SR54door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN601984-1985incl.: SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN611985-1989incl.: DX, SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerRN130R1989-1990incl.: DX, Sports, SR54door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerVZN130R1990incl.: SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerVZN130R1990incl.: RV6, SR5 Limited4door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN1301989-1990incl.: Sports, SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN1301989incl.: SR54door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN601984-1985incl.: SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN631985-1989incl.: DX, SR52door Wagon
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