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Y929U B067 0100226250 Etecno Glow Plug

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Set of 5 to suit 5 cylinder Diesel 2.9L Engine
Models - 2.9L Engine 212D 412D 512D 612D 812D OM602.980 DE LA, OM602.986 OM602.984 OM602.985
Years covered - 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000

High Quality - Italian Made Double-Coil Glow Plug.

Product Type:  Etecno - Glow Plug

Reference: Y929U, B067, 0100226250, ZPN-02472


Overall Length87.5 mm
Tip Length27 mm
Plug Voltage11 volt
Battery Voltage12 volt
Plug Thread SizeM12x1.25
Fuel TypeDiesel

Made in Italy - Etecno - ET1 Glow Plugs

Etecno have been designing and manufacturing glow plugs in Italy for over 30 years. Their history of innovation and ongoing commitment to product development will ensure they continue to be an industry leader both now and in the future.

GENESIS is a new generation Double-Coil glow plug that can be substituted for all older STANDARD models.

  • 2 year unlimited klm warranty
  • Designed and Manufactured in Italy

How do you test a glow plug?
The best way to test your glow plugs is with an ohm meter. Place one lead on the terminal and the other on the heating element. If it registers 0.00 then the plug is bad. When a glow plug wears out, it is important to replaced ALL of the glow plugs.

Common causes of Glow Plug failure
You may not notice when just one plug goes bad, but if two, three or more start to fail, the engine will become very difficult to start.Over-voltage is the most common cause of glow plug failure as well as excessive oil consumption, Injectors not functioning correctly can also cause plug failure. For vehicles that use a Glow Plug Relay it is harder to tell when your plugs are failing.When fitting new glow plugs always test the timer is operating correctly. Older engines used a glow period of up to 21 seconds where as more modern engines only use around a 6 to 8 second heat period and provide after glow at a reduced voltage. Glow plug damage can also occur with the increased vibration and heat from incorrect pump timing or if the engine is over fueled. When a glow plug wears out, it is important to replaced ALL of the glow plugs.

General Installation Instructions
  1. Ensure engine glow plug holes are clean to allow for easier insertion.
  2. Apply anti seize compound then finger tighten the glow plug up to plug seat, then re tighten to 1.5 - 2.0 kg-m.
  3. Follow heating conditions as specified by the engine manufacturer.

 Y929U B067 0100226250 Etecno Glow Plug


2 Year - Unlimited KMs


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeFuelEngine Details
Mercedes-BenzSprinter 1999-2000incl.: 312DDiesel MPI 10v SOHC5cyl 9033622P 2.9L 2874cc
Mercedes-BenzSprinter 1998-2000incl.: 312D, 412DDiesel MPI 10v SOHC5cyl OM 602LA 2.9L 2874cc
1999 2000 1998
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