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Wiper Blade Assembly
AFTERMARKET OEM REPLACEMENT - These parts fall into the Aftermarket industry though are said to be an equivalent fit to OEM or Genuine parts. Warranties may vary between products based on each manufacturer.
Product Type:  Aftermarket OEM Replacement - Wiper Blade Assembly
Reference: ZPN-30434
Warranty: Standard Warranty
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Wiper Blade Assembly Aftermarket OEM Replacement
Wiper Blade Assembly
AFTERMARKET OEM REPLACEMENT - These parts fall into the Aftermarket industry though are said to be an equivalent fit to OEM or Genuine parts. Warranties may vary between products based on each manufacturer.
Product Type:  Aftermarket OEM Replacement - Wiper Blade Assembly
Reference: ZPN-30434
Suits Alfa Romeo 147
Suits Alfa Romeo Alfasud
Suits Alfa Romeo Alfasud 901
Suits Alfa Romeo Alfetta
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Suits Daihatsu Feroza F310
Suits Daihatsu Handivan L500
Suits Daihatsu Handivan L55V
Suits Daihatsu Handivan L60V
Suits Daihatsu Handivan L701
Suits Daihatsu Handivan L80VK
Suits Daihatsu Mira L200
Suits Daihatsu Mira L201
Suits Daihatsu Move L601
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F70
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F73
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F75
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F78
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F85
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F87
Suits Daihatsu Sirion M301RS
Suits Datsun 1600 510
Suits Datsun 180B 610
Suits Datsun 200B N810
Suits Datsun 200B NJ810
Suits Datsun 200B WNJ810
Suits Datsun 240K C110
Suits Datsun 260C 230
Suits Datsun 260C 330
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Suits Fiat Regata
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Suits Ford Cortina TC
Suits Ford Cortina TD
Suits Ford Cortina TE
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Suits Ford Econovan JG
Suits Ford Econovan JH
Suits Ford Econovan SGMD
Suits Ford Econovan SGME
Suits Ford Econovan SGMW
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Suits Ford Fairlane ZA
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Suits Ford Fairlane ZD
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Suits Ford Falcon EA II
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Suits Ford Falcon EF
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Suits Ford Falcon XB
Suits Ford Falcon XC
Suits Ford Falcon XD
Suits Ford Falcon XE
Suits Ford Falcon XF
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Suits Ford Falcon XT
Suits Ford Falcon XW
Suits Ford Falcon XY
Suits Ford Falcon Ute AU I
Suits Ford Falcon Ute AU II
Suits Ford Falcon Ute AU III
Suits Ford Falcon Van XB
Suits Ford Falcon Van XC
Suits Ford Falcon Van XD
Suits Ford Falcon Van XE
Suits Ford Falcon Van XF
Suits Ford Festiva WA
Suits Ford Festiva WB
Suits Ford Festiva WD
Suits Ford Festiva WF
Suits Ford Fiesta WP
Suits Ford Fiesta WQ
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Suits Ford Laser KB
Suits Ford Laser KC
Suits Ford Laser KE
Suits Ford Laser KF
Suits Ford Laser KH
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Suits Ford Ranger PX
Suits Ford Spectron
Suits Ford TE50 T1
Suits Ford TE50 T2
Suits Ford (FPV) F6 Typhoon BA
Suits Holden Adventra VY Series II
Suits Holden Adventra VY Series II Update
Suits Holden Adventra VZ
Suits Holden Apollo JK
Suits Holden Apollo JL
Suits Holden Belmont HT
Suits Holden Brougham HT
Suits Holden Calais VL
Suits Holden Calais VR Series I
Suits Holden Calais VR Series II
Suits Holden Calais VS Series I
Suits Holden Calais VS Series II
Suits Holden Camira JB
Suits Holden Camira JD
Suits Holden Camira JE
Suits Holden Caprice VR
Suits Holden Caprice VS
Suits Holden Caprice VS Series I
Suits Holden Caprice VS Series II
Suits Holden Caprice VS Series III
Suits Holden Captiva CG
Suits Holden Commodore VB
Suits Holden Commodore VC
Suits Holden Commodore VH
Suits Holden Commodore VK
Suits Holden Commodore VL
Suits Holden Commodore VN
Suits Holden Commodore VP Series I
Suits Holden Commodore VP Series II
Suits Holden Commodore VR Series I
Suits Holden Commodore VR Series II
Suits Holden Commodore VS Series I
Suits Holden Commodore VS Series II
Suits Holden Commodore VS Series III
Suits Holden Commodore VT Series I
Suits Holden Commodore VT Series II
Suits Holden Commodore VY Series I
Suits Holden Commodore VY Series II
Suits Holden Commodore VZ
Suits Holden Gemini TC
Suits Holden Gemini TD
Suits Holden Gemini TE
Suits Holden Gemini TF
Suits Holden Gemini TG
Suits Holden Gemini TX
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS13
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS16
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS17
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS52
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS55
Suits Holden Kingswood HT
Suits Holden Monaro HT
Suits Holden Nova LE
Suits Holden Nova LF
Suits Holden Premier HT
Suits Holden Shuttle WFR
Suits Holden Sunbird LX
Suits Holden Sunbird UC
Suits Holden Torana LH
Suits Holden Torana LX
Suits Holden Torana UC
Suits Holden (HSV) Avalanche VY Series II
Suits Holden (HSV) Avalanche VZ
Suits Holden (HSV) Clubsport VR Series I
Suits Holden (HSV) Coupe V2
Suits Holden (HSV) Coupe V2 Series II
Suits Holden (HSV) Coupe V2 Series III
Suits Holden (HSV) Maloo VS Series I
Suits Holden (HSV) Maloo VS Series II
Suits Holden (HSV) Maloo VS Series III
Suits Holden (HSV) Senator VT Series I
Suits Holden (HSV) Senator VT Series II
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Suits Honda Civic SL
Suits Honda HR-V GH
Suits Honda Insight ZE1
Suits Honda Jazz GD
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Suits Hummer H3
Suits Hyundai Accent MC
Suits Hyundai Accent RB CT51U
Suits Hyundai Coupe RD
Suits Hyundai Excel X2
Suits Hyundai Getz TB
Suits Hyundai ix35 LM
Suits Hyundai Tucson JM
Suits Isuzu MU UCS55
Suits Isuzu MU UCS69
Suits Isuzu MU-X UC
Suits Jaguar XJ6 Series III
Suits Jaguar XJ6 XJ40
Suits Jaguar XJS
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Suits Lexus LS400 UCF20R
Suits Lexus LS430 UCF30R
Suits Lexus LX470 UZJ100R
Suits Leyland P76
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Suits Mazda 323 FA
Suits Mazda 929 LA2VS
Suits Mazda BT50 UP
Suits Mazda BT50 UP B22
Suits Mazda E1800 E
Suits Mazda E2000
Suits Mazda E2200 E
Suits Mazda MPV LV Series 1
Suits Mazda MPV LV Series 2
Suits Mazda MPV LW Series 1
Suits Mazda MPV LW Series 2
Suits Mazda MPV LW Series 3
Suits Mazda RX-4 LA23S
Suits Mazda T3000
Suits Mazda T3000 T
Suits Mazda T4100 T
Suits Mercedes-Benz 230 W114
Suits Mercedes-Benz 230 W123
Suits Mercedes-Benz 230E W123
Suits Mercedes-Benz 240D W123
Suits Mercedes-Benz 250 W114
Suits Mercedes-Benz 250C W114
Suits Mercedes-Benz 250CE W114
Suits Mercedes-Benz 280 W114
Suits Mercedes-Benz 280CE W114
Suits Mercedes-Benz 280S W108
Suits Mercedes-Benz 280S W116
Suits Mercedes-Benz 280SE W108
Suits Mercedes-Benz 280SEL W108
Suits Mercedes-Benz C200 W202
Suits Mercedes-Benz C43 W202
Suits Mercedes-Benz G55 W463
Suits Mitsubishi Colt RA
Suits Mitsubishi Colt RB
Suits Mitsubishi Colt RC
Suits Mitsubishi Colt RD
Suits Mitsubishi Colt RE
Suits Mitsubishi GTO Z16A
Suits Mitsubishi L200 Express MA
Suits Mitsubishi L200 Express MB
Suits Mitsubishi L200 Express MC
Suits Mitsubishi L200 Express MD
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SA
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SB
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SC
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SD
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SE
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SF
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SG
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SH
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SJ
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express WA
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SC
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SD
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SE
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SH
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SJ
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon WA
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TE
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TF
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TH
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TJ
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TJ Series 2
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TL
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TW
Suits Mitsubishi Nimbus UF
Suits Mitsubishi Nimbus UG N84W
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NA
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NB
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NC
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero ND
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NE
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NF
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NG
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NH
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NM
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NP
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero Io QA
Suits Mitsubishi Sigma GE
Suits Mitsubishi Sigma GH
Suits Mitsubishi Triton ME
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MF
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MG
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MH
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MJ
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KF
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KH
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KJ
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KJ Series 2
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KL
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KW
Suits Nissan 200B NJ810
Suits Nissan 720
Suits Nissan Bluebird 910
Suits Nissan Bluebird 910 Series 3
Suits Nissan Micra K12
Suits Nissan Patrol G60
Suits Nissan Prairie M10
Suits Nissan Pulsar N10
Suits Nissan Pulsar N16
Suits Nissan Pulsar N16 S2
Suits Nissan Serena C23
Suits Nissan Stanza A10
Suits Nissan Sunny B310
Suits Nissan Tiida C11
Suits Nissan Tiida C11 S3
Suits Nissan Urvan E20
Suits Nissan Vanette C120
Suits Nissan Vanette C20
Suits Nissan X-Trail T31
Suits Peugeot 504
Suits Peugeot 505
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Suits Proton Persona
Suits Proton Persona CM
Suits Proton Satria
Suits Proton Wira
Suits Renault 12
Suits Renault 18
Suits Renault Scenic J84
Suits Renault Scenic RX4
Suits Saab 900
Suits Subaru Brumby AU5
Suits Subaru Leone AB2
Suits Subaru Leone AB3
Suits Subaru Leone L
Suits Subaru Sherpa
Suits Suzuki Alto SB308
Suits Suzuki Alto SH410
Suits Suzuki Carry GA413 DA32T
Suits Suzuki Carry GA413 DA32V
Suits Suzuki Jimny SN413 JB
Suits Suzuki Jimny SN413 JB33C
Suits Suzuki Jimny SN413 JB33V
Suits Suzuki Mighty Boy SS40T
Suits Suzuki Swift SA310
Suits Suzuki Swift SA413
Suits Suzuki Swift SF413
Suits Suzuki Vitara SE416
Suits Suzuki Vitara SV620
Suits Suzuki Wagon R+ SR410
Suits Toyota 4Runner Hilux Surf KZN185
Suits Toyota 4Runner Hilux Surf RZN185
Suits Toyota 4Runner Hilux Surf VZN185
Suits Toyota Avensis Verso ACM20R
Suits Toyota Avensis Verso ACM21R
Suits Toyota Blizzard LD10
Suits Toyota Celica RA23
Suits Toyota Celica RA28
Suits Toyota Celica RA40
Suits Toyota Celica RA60
Suits Toyota Celica RA65
Suits Toyota Celica SA63
Suits Toyota Celica ST162
Suits Toyota Celica TA22
Suits Toyota Celica TA23
Suits Toyota Corolla AE71
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHHDCQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHHNCQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHHRCQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHMDCQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHMNCQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHMQFQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHPNCQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE86R
Suits Toyota Corolla AE90
Suits Toyota Corolla AE93
Suits Toyota Corolla AE94
Suits Toyota Corolla AE95R
Suits Toyota Corolla KE38
Suits Toyota Corolla KE50
Suits Toyota Corolla KE55
Suits Toyota Corolla KE70
Suits Toyota Corolla Sprinter AE86R
Suits Toyota Corona RT104
Suits Toyota Corona RT118
Suits Toyota Corona RT133
Suits Toyota Corona RT142
Suits Toyota Corona ST141
Suits Toyota Cressida MX32
Suits Toyota Cressida MX36
Suits Toyota Crown MS111
Suits Toyota Crown MS83
Suits Toyota Crown MS85
Suits Toyota Dyna BU100R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU101R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU107
Suits Toyota Dyna BU110R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU142R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU202R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU20R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU212R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU222R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU232R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU300R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU32R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU340R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU36R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU60R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU61R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU62R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU63
Suits Toyota Dyna BU64R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU65R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU66R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU67R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU81R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU82R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU84R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU85R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU88R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU91R
Suits Toyota Dyna BU91R BU99
Suits Toyota Dyna BU94R
Suits Toyota Dyna HU30R
Suits Toyota Dyna HU40R
Suits Toyota Dyna HU50R
Suits Toyota Dyna LH80R
Suits Toyota Dyna LY211R
Suits Toyota Dyna LY220R
Suits Toyota Dyna LY230R
Suits Toyota Dyna LY60R
Suits Toyota Dyna LY61R
Suits Toyota Dyna RU20R
Suits Toyota Dyna XZU402
Suits Toyota Dyna XZU410
Suits Toyota Dyna XZU411
Suits Toyota Dyna XZU420
Suits Toyota Dyna XZU430
Suits Toyota Dyna YH81R
Suits Toyota Dyna YU60R
Suits Toyota Dyna YU62R
Suits Toyota Dyna YY100R
Suits Toyota Dyna YY50R
Suits Toyota Dyna YY51R
Suits Toyota Dyna YY52R
Suits Toyota Estima TCR10R
Suits Toyota Estima TCR11R
Suits Toyota Estima TCR20R
Suits Toyota Estima TCR21R
Suits Toyota FJ Cruiser GSJ15R
Suits Toyota Hiace KDH200R
Suits Toyota Hiace KDH201R
Suits Toyota Hiace KDH205R
Suits Toyota Hiace KDH206R
Suits Toyota Hiace KDH220R
Suits Toyota Hiace KDH221R
Suits Toyota Hiace KDH222R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH103R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH11
Suits Toyota Hiace LH113R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH125R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH162R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH172R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH184R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH20
Suits Toyota Hiace LH30
Suits Toyota Hiace LH50
Suits Toyota Hiace LH51
Suits Toyota Hiace LH60
Suits Toyota Hiace LH61
Suits Toyota Hiace LH70
Suits Toyota Hiace LH71
Suits Toyota Hiace RH11
Suits Toyota Hiace RH16
Suits Toyota Hiace RH20
Suits Toyota Hiace RH22
Suits Toyota Hiace RH32
Suits Toyota Hiace RH42
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH113R
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH125R
Suits Toyota Hiace TRH221R
Suits Toyota Hiace YH50
Suits Toyota Hiace YH51
Suits Toyota Hiace YH61
Suits Toyota Hiace YH71
Suits Toyota Hilux KZN165R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN106R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN107R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN111R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN147R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN167R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN172R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN40
Suits Toyota Hilux LN46
Suits Toyota Hilux LN55
Suits Toyota Hilux LN56R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN65R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN85R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN86R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN105R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN106R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN110R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN20
Suits Toyota Hilux RN25
Suits Toyota Hilux RN30
Suits Toyota Hilux RN31
Suits Toyota Hilux RN36
Suits Toyota Hilux RN39
Suits Toyota Hilux RN40
Suits Toyota Hilux RN41
Suits Toyota Hilux RN46
Suits Toyota Hilux RN85R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN90R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN147R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN149R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN154R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN169R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN174R
Suits Toyota Hilux VZN167R
Suits Toyota Hilux VZN172R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN55R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN56R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN57R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN58R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN65R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN67R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN85R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner LN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner LN60
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner LN61
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner RN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner VZN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner YN130
Suits Toyota Hilux Surf LN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux Surf LN61
Suits Toyota Hilux Surf VZN130R
Suits Toyota Landcruiser BJ40 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser BJ42 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser BJ60 60 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser BJ70 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser BJ73 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser BJ74 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ45 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ55 55 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 60 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 60 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ70 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ73 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ80R 80 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ105 105 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ78R 78 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ79R 79 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HDJ100R 100 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HDJ78R 78 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HDJ79R 79 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ45 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ47 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ60 60 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 60 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HZJ105R 105 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HZJ70 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HZJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HZJ78R 78 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HZJ79R 79 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser PZJ70 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser PZJ73 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser UZJ100R 100 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76R 76 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78R 78 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79R 79 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Bundera LJ70 70 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Bundera RJ70 70 Series
Suits Toyota Lexcen VN
Suits Toyota Lexcen VP
Suits Toyota Lexcen VR
Suits Toyota Lexcen VS
Suits Toyota Liteace CM20
Suits Toyota Liteace CM35
Suits Toyota Liteace CM36V
Suits Toyota Liteace KM20
Suits Toyota Liteace KM36
Suits Toyota Liteace YM21
Suits Toyota Liteace YM30RG
Suits Toyota Liteace YM35
Suits Toyota Liteace YM40
Suits Toyota Liteace YM41
Suits Toyota Masterace CR21
Suits Toyota Prius NHW11R
Suits Toyota Spacia SR40R
Suits Toyota Spacia YR22RG
Suits Toyota Starlet EP81
Suits Toyota Starlet EP82
Suits Toyota Starlet EP91
Suits Toyota Supra MA61
Suits Toyota Tarago CR21
Suits Toyota Tarago TCR10R
Suits Toyota Tarago TCR11R
Suits Toyota Tarago TCR20R
Suits Toyota Tarago TCR21R
Suits Toyota Tarago YR20
Suits Toyota Tarago YR21
Suits Toyota Tarago YR22
Suits Toyota Tarago YR31
Suits Toyota Tercel AL25
Suits Toyota Townace KR42R
Suits Toyota Townace YR39
Suits Triumph TR7
Suits Volkswagen Caravelle T3
Suits Volkswagen Caravelle T4
Suits Volkswagen Kombi T4
Suits Volkswagen Kombi Transporter T3
Suits Volkswagen Kombi Transporter Type 2
Suits Volkswagen Passat
Suits Volvo 142 140
Suits Volvo 144 140
Suits Volvo 164
Suits Volvo 240
Suits Volvo 240 B230F
Suits Volvo 242 242
Suits Volvo 244
Suits Volvo 245
Suits Volvo 264 260
Suits Volvo 264 B28E
Suits Volvo 265 260
Suits Volvo 265 B28E
Suits Volvo 850
Suits Volvo 850 LW
Suits Volvo S40 Phase 2
Suits Volvo S70
Suits Volvo V40
Suits Volvo V40 Phase 2
Suits Volvo V70

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Vehicle Fitment
Alfa Romeo147 9/2001-5/2009incl.: GTA, GTA Monza, GTA Selespeed, Selespeed, Selespeed Monza, Selespeed Ti, Selespeed Twin Spark, Ti, Ti Selespeed, Twin Spark, Twin Spark Monza3door Hatchback
Alfa Romeo147 9/2001-7/2009incl.: Selespeed, Selespeed Monza, Selespeed Twin Spark, Twin Spark, Twin Spark Monza5door Hatchback
Alfa RomeoAlfasud 1979-1984 4door Sedan
Alfa RomeoAlfasud9011974-1977incl.: Ti2door
Alfa RomeoAlfetta 1/1976-12/1976incl.: GT2door Coupe
Alfa RomeoAlfetta 1976 4door Sedan
Alfa RomeoMontreal 1974 2door Coupe
Alfa RomeoSprint 1984-1987incl.: Veloce, Veloce Clover leaf3door Coupe
AudiAllroadC51/2001-2005 4door Wagon
AudiFox 1977incl.: GLS4door Sedan
BMW3.0SE35/1971-1975 4door Sedan
BMW3.0SiE37/1971-4/1977incl.: Si4door Sedan
ChryslerCenturaKB1975-1976incl.: GL, XL4door Sedan
ChryslerCenturaKC1977-1978incl.: GL, GLX4door Sedan
ChryslerChryslerCJ1/1975-9/1975 4door Sedan
ChryslerGalantGB11/1972-6/1974incl.: Deluxe4door Sedan
ChryslerGalantGB11/1972-6/1974 4door Wagon
ChryslerGalantGC7/1974-3/1976incl.: GL2door Coupe
ChryslerGalantGC7/1974-3/1976incl.: Deluxe GL4door Sedan
ChryslerGalantGC7/1974-3/1976 4door Wagon
ChryslerGalantGD4/1976-9/1977 2door Coupe
ChryslerGalantGD4/1976-9/1977incl.: XL4door Sedan
ChryslerGalantGD4/1976-9/1977incl.: XL4door Wagon
ChryslerPT CruiserPG2006-2008incl.: Limited, Touring2door Convertible
ChryslerPT CruiserPG12/2002-11/2010incl.: Classic, Limited, Route 66, Special Edition, Touring, Touring GT4door Wagon
ChryslerSigmaGE10/1977-5/1980incl.: Galant4door Sedan
ChryslerSigmaGE9/1978-4/1980 4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantCL5/1977-4/1979 2door Utility
ChryslerValiantCL5/1977-10/1979 2door Van
ChryslerValiantCL11/1976-10/1978incl.: Regal4door Sedan
ChryslerValiantCL11/1976-10/1978incl.: Regal4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantCM11/1978-6/1981incl.: GLX, Regal4door Sedan
ChryslerValiantCM11/1978-6/1981incl.: Regal4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantVE10/1967-2/1969incl.: Wayfarer2door Utility
ChryslerValiantVE11/1967-4/1969incl.: Regal4door Sedan
ChryslerValiantVE11/1967-2/1969incl.: Safari4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantVF3/1969-5/1970incl.: Regal, Regal 7702door Hardtop
ChryslerValiantVF3/1969-7/1970incl.: Wayfare2door Utility
ChryslerValiantVF3/1969-4/1970incl.: Pacer, Regal, Regal 7704door Sedan
ChryslerValiantVF3/1969-4/1970incl.: Safari4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantVG5/1970-11/1971incl.: Pacer, Regal2door Hardtop
ChryslerValiantVG8/1970-9/1971incl.: wayfare2door Utility
ChryslerValiantVG5/1970-5/1971incl.: Pacer4door Sedan
ChryslerValiantVG5/1970-5/1971incl.: Safari4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantVH11/1971-3/1973incl.: Regal2door Hardtop
ChryslerValiantVH11/1971-3/1973 2door Utility
ChryslerValiantVH6/1972-3/1973incl.: Regal Safari2door Wagon
ChryslerValiantVH6/1971-4/1973incl.: Pacer, Ranger, Regal, Regal 7704door Sedan
ChryslerValiantVH6/1971-3/1973incl.: Ranger XL4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantVJ4/1973-10/1975incl.: Regal2door Hardtop
ChryslerValiantVJ4/1973-10/1975 2door Utility
ChryslerValiantVJ4/1973-10/1975incl.: Ranger, Regal4door Sedan
ChryslerValiantVJ4/1973-10/1975incl.: Ranger4door Wagon
ChryslerValiantVK10/1975-12/1976 2door Utility
ChryslerValiantVK10/1975-9/1976incl.: Ranger, Regal4door Sedan
ChryslerValiantVK10/1975-12/1976incl.: Ranger, Regal4door Wagon
ChryslerValiant ChargerCL10/1976-6/1978incl.: 7702door Coupe
ChryslerValiant ChargerVH8/1971-4/1973incl.: 770, 770 E55, RT, RT E492door Coupe
ChryslerValiant ChargerVJ10/1973-9/1975incl.: 770, XL2door Coupe
ChryslerValiant ChargerVK10/1975-12/1976incl.: 770, XL2door Coupe
CitroenGS 1974-1979 4door Hatchback
CitroenXantia 9/1994-10/1997incl.: SX, VSX5door Hatchback
CitroenXM 1991-2000incl.: Exclusive5door Hatchback
DaewooNubiraJ1005/1997-1999incl.: CDX, SE, SX, X Series SE4door Sedan
DaewooNubiraJ1006/1997-1999incl.: CDX, SE, SX, X Series4door Wagon
DaewooNubiraJ1005/1998-1999incl.: EuroSunHatch SE, SE, X Series SE5door Hatchback
DaewooNubiraJ1501999-5/2003incl.: CDX, Limited CDX, Sports CDX, X Series CDX4door Sedan
DaewooNubiraJ1501999-5/2003incl.: CDX, Limited CDX, Sports CDX, X Series CDX4door Wagon
DaihatsuApplauseA1011993-1997incl.: Executive, Li, Theta, Xi4door Sedan
DaihatsuApplauseA10110/1989-1992incl.: Executive, Li, Ri, Sports, Theta, Xi5door Sedan
DaihatsuApplauseA101B1997-11/1999 4door Sedan
DaihatsuCharadeG101980-1983incl.: XG, XO, XTE5door Hatchback
DaihatsuCopenL880RK2003-2005 2door Convertible
DaihatsuFerozaF30010/1991-12/1993incl.: CXi, DX, ELIII, HT, SE, SPV2door Hardtop
DaihatsuFerozaF30010/1988-12/1993incl.: DX, SPV2door Softtop
DaihatsuFerozaF3101/1994-1/1999incl.: SX2door Hardtop
DaihatsuHandivanL5001996 3door Van
DaihatsuHandivanL55V1981 3door Van
DaihatsuHandivanL60V1984-1985incl.: Deluxe3door Van
DaihatsuHandivanL7011999-2001 3door Van
DaihatsuHandivanL80VK1986-1990 3door Van
DaihatsuMiraL2001993-1994incl.: MS3door Hatchback
DaihatsuMiraL2001992-1993incl.: MX5door Hatchback
DaihatsuMiraL2011/1992-12/1992 3door Van
DaihatsuMoveL6011997-1999 4door Wagon
DaihatsuRockyF701984-1993 2door Hardtop
DaihatsuRockyF731994-1997 2door Hardtop
DaihatsuRockyF751984-1992 2door Wagon
DaihatsuRockyF781993-1999incl.: Sports, Sportswagon RV2door Wagon
DaihatsuRockyF851984-1989incl.: DX2door Wagon
DaihatsuRockyF871986-1989 2door Cab Chassis
DaihatsuSirionM301RS3/2005-4/2013incl.: Sports5door Hatchback
Datsun16005101970-10/1972incl.: GL4door Sedan
Datsun16005104/1971 to End 1971incl.: GL4door Wagon
Datsun180B6101974incl.: SSS2door Coupe
Datsun180B6101974-1977incl.: Deluxe, GL, GX4door Sedan
Datsun200BN8101977-1979 2door Coupe
Datsun200BNJ8101977-1982incl.: GL, GX, SX4door Sedan
Datsun200BWNJ8101977-1981 4door Wagon
Datsun240KC1101975-1978incl.: GL4door Sedan
Datsun260C2301973-1977 4door Sedan
Datsun260C3301976-1978 2door Coupe
Datsun260C3301976-1978 4door Sedan
Datsun260C3301976-1978 4door Wagon
Datsun620 1972-1979 2door Utility
FiatArgenta 1983-1984 4door Sedan
FiatRegata 1985incl.: 100S4door Sedan
FordCortinaMk II1970incl.: 440, 440L, GT, GTL4door Sedan
FordCortinaTC10/1972-1974incl.: L, XL4door Sedan
FordCortinaTC1972-1974 4door Wagon
FordCortinaTD1974-6/1976incl.: L, XL4door Sedan
FordCortinaTD1974-1976incl.: XL4door Wagon
FordCortinaTE5/1978-10/1980incl.: Ghia, GL4door Sedan
FordCortinaTE6/1977 to End 1977incl.: L4door Wagon
FordCortinaTF1980-1982incl.: Ghia, GL, L4door Sedan
FordCortinaTF1980-1981incl.: GL4door Wagon
FordEconovan 5/1984-1985 4door Van
FordEconovanJG1997-1999incl.: Maxi2door Cab Chassis
FordEconovanJG1997-1999incl.: Maxi4door Van
FordEconovanJH1999-2001, 3/2003-7/2006incl.: Maxi4door Van
FordEconovanSGMD4/1984-5/1997incl.: Maxi, XL4door Van
FordEconovanSGME1990-1996incl.: Maxi2door Cab Chassis
FordEconovanSGME1985-1986, 1988-1997incl.: Maxi, XL Maxi4door Van
FordEconovanSGMW1990-5/1997incl.: Maxi2door Cab Chassis
FordEconovanSGMW4/1984-5/1997incl.: Maxi4door Van
FordEscort 1970-1980incl.: GL, GT, L, RS, XL2door Sedan
FordEscort 1978-1981incl.: GL3door Van
FordEscort 1977-1980incl.: Ghia, GL, L, RS4door Sedan
FordExplorerUT11/2001-2003incl.: Limited, XLT4door Wagon
FordExplorerUX2003incl.: Limited, XLT4door Wagon
FordExplorerUZ2003-1/2008incl.: Limited, XLT4door Wagon
FordFairlaneZA3/1967-2/1968incl.: V8 289ci4door Sedan
FordFairlaneZB3/1968-6/1969incl.: V8 302ci4door Sedan
FordFairlaneZC7/1969-10/1970incl.: 500, Custom, V8 302ci4door Sedan
FordFairlaneZD11/1970-3/1972incl.: 250ci, 500, Custom4door Sedan
FordFairlaneZF4/1972-10/1973incl.: 250ci4door Sedan
FordFairlaneZG1975incl.: Custom4door Sedan
FordFairmontAU9/1998-10/2002 4door Sedan
FordFairmontAU9/1998-10/2002 4door Wagon
FordFairmontBA9/2002-9/2005incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontBF10/2005-4/2008incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontEA3/1988-6/1991incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontEA3/1988-6/1991incl.: Ghia4door Wagon
FordFairmontEB7/1991-8/1993incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontEB1991-8/1993incl.: Ghia4door Wagon
FordFairmontED8/1993-8/1994incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontED8/1993-8/1994 4door Wagon
FordFairmontEF8/1994-9/1996incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontEF8/1994-9/1996 4door Wagon
FordFairmontEL9/1996-8/1998incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontEL9/1996-8/1998 4door Wagon
FordFairmontXA8/1972 to End 1972 2door Hardtop
FordFairmontXA3/1972-11/1973incl.: V8 302ci4door Sedan
FordFairmontXA3/1972-11/1973incl.: V8 302ci4door Wagon
FordFairmontXB1974-7/1976 2door Hardtop
FordFairmontXB11/1973-7/1976incl.: V8 302ci4door Sedan
FordFairmontXB11/1973-7/1976incl.: 250ci, V8 302ci4door Wagon
FordFairmontXC8/1976 to End 1976, 1978 2door Hardtop
FordFairmontXC8/1976-2/1979incl.: 250ci, GXL, V8 302ci4door Sedan
FordFairmontXC8/1976-2/1979incl.: 250ci, V8 302ci4door Wagon
FordFairmontXD3/1979-1981incl.: Ghia, Ghia European Sports Pack4door Sedan
FordFairmontXD3/1979-5/1982incl.: 250ci, V8 351ci4door Wagon
FordFairmontXE3/1982-10/1984incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontXE3/1982-9/1984 4door Wagon
FordFairmontXF10/1984-1987incl.: Ghia4door Sedan
FordFairmontXF1987 4door Wagon
FordFairmontXW1/1970-11/1970 4door Sedan
FordFairmontXW1/1970-11/1970 4door Wagon
FordFairmontXY1971 4door Sedan
FordFairmontXY1971 4door Wagon
FordFalconAU3/1999-9/2002incl.: Marlin XLS, Pursuit XR8, Sports Edition XL, XL, XL Sports Edition, XLS, XR6, XR6 VCT, XR8, XR8 Pursuit 2502door Utility Extended Cab
FordFalconAU9/1998-9/2002incl.: Classic Forte, Forte, Futura, S, SR Forte, XR6, XR6 VCT, XR6 VCT Sprint, XR8, XR8 Rebel4door Sedan
FordFalconAU9/1998-9/2002incl.: Forte, Futura, SR Forte4door Wagon
FordFalconBA9/2002-9/2005incl.: Futura, XT4door Wagon
FordFalconBF10/2005-7/2011incl.: Futura, LPG, XT4door Wagon
FordFalconEA3/1988-12/1991incl.: GL, S4door Sedan
FordFalconEA3/1988-6/1991incl.: GL, S4door Wagon
FordFalconEB7/1991-8/1993incl.: GL, GLi, GT, S, SXR6, SXR84door Sedan
FordFalconEB7/1991-8/1993incl.: GL, GLi, S4door Wagon
FordFalconED8/1993-8/1994incl.: Futura, Futura Classic, GLi, GLi Classic, XR64door Wagon
FordFalconEF8/1994-10/1996incl.: Futura, Futura Classic, GLi, GLi Classic, XR64door Wagon
FordFalconEL9/1996-8/1998incl.: Futura, Futura Sapphire, Futura Sapphire II, GLi, GLi Sapphire, GLi Sapphire II4door Wagon
FordFalconXA8/1972-11/1973incl.: 500, GT, Superbird2door Hardtop
FordFalconXA7/1972-11/1973incl.: 5002door Utility
FordFalconXA7/1972-11/1973 2door Van
FordFalconXA3/1972-11/1973incl.: 250ci, 500, Futura, GT, V8 302ci, V8 351ci, V8 GT 351ci4door Sedan
FordFalconXA3/1972-11/1973incl.: 250ci, 5004door Wagon
FordFalconXB1974-1975incl.: 500, GT, John Goss Special2door Hardtop
FordFalconXB11/1973-7/1976incl.: 5002door Utility
FordFalconXB11/1973-7/1976 2door Van
FordFalconXB11/1973-7/1976incl.: 500, Futura, GT, V8 302ci, V8 351ci, V8 GT 351ci4door Sedan
FordFalconXB11/1973-7/1976incl.: 250ci, 5004door Wagon
FordFalconXC8/1976-1978incl.: 250ci2door Coupe
FordFalconXC1977-1978incl.: Cobra, Cobra GS, Cobra Special, GS2door Hardtop
FordFalconXC8/1976-8/1979incl.: 5002door Utility
FordFalconXC8/1976-9/1979incl.: 250ci, 500, V8 302ci, V8 351ci4door Sedan
FordFalconXC8/1976-9/1979incl.: 250ci, 500, V8 351ci4door Wagon
FordFalconXD8/1979-7/1981incl.: GL, V8 351ci2door Utility
FordFalconXD3/1979-5/1982incl.: GL4door Sedan
FordFalconXD3/1979-5/1982incl.: GL, V8 351ci4door Wagon
FordFalconXE4/1982-1983incl.: Standard2door Utility
FordFalconXE3/1982-12/1984incl.: GL4door Sedan
FordFalconXE3/1982-9/1984incl.: GL4door Wagon
FordFalconXF1985-12/1987incl.: Standard2door Utility
FordFalconXF10/1984-1987incl.: GL4door Sedan
FordFalconXF10/1984-1987incl.: GL4door Wagon
FordFalconXR9/1966-3/1968incl.: 170ci, V8 289ci4door Sedan
FordFalconXT3/1968-6/1969incl.: 188ci, 221ci, V8 302ci4door Sedan
FordFalconXW6/1969-1970incl.: 188ci, 221ci, 500, Futura, GT, GTHO Phase II, V8 302ci4door Sedan
FordFalconXW1/1970-11/1970incl.: 5004door Wagon
FordFalconXY1971-6/1972incl.: 5002door Utility
FordFalconXY11/1970-3/1972incl.: 250ci, 500, Futura, GT, GTHO Phase III, V8 302ci, V8 351ci4door Sedan
FordFalconXY1971incl.: 5004door Wagon
FordFalcon UteAU1999-4/2002incl.: XL, XLS2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
FordFalcon UteAU2/2000-9/2002incl.: Tradesman XL, XL Tradesman2door Traytop Extended Cab
FordFalcon VanXB1975 3door Van
FordFalcon VanXC8/1976-10/1979 3door Van
FordFalcon VanXD1980-1981incl.: GL3door Van
FordFalcon VanXE4/1982 to End 1982incl.: Standard3door Van
FordFalcon VanXF1985-12/1987incl.: Standard3door Van
FordFestivaWA1/1993-12/1993incl.: Trio3door Hatchback
FordFestivaWA10/1991-1994 5door Hatchback
FordFestivaWB4/1994-12/1996incl.: Trio3door Hatchback
FordFestivaWB4/1994-12/1996incl.: GLi5door Hatchback
FordFestivaWD1/1997-12/1997incl.: Trio, Trio S3door Hatchback
FordFestivaWD1/1997-12/1997incl.: GLi, GLXi5door Hatchback
FordFestivaWF1/1998-12/2000incl.: Trio, Trio S3door Hatchback
FordFestivaWF1/1998-12/2000incl.: GLXi5door Hatchback
FordFiestaWP2004-2005incl.: LX, Zetec3door Hatchback
FordFiestaWP2004-2005incl.: Ghia, LX5door Hatchback
FordFiestaWQ2006-12/2008incl.: LX, Zetec3door Hatchback
FordFiestaWQ2006-12/2008incl.: Ghia, LX, Zetec5door Hatchback
FordLandau 8/1973-1974 2door Coupe
FordLaserKA1983incl.: GL3door Hatchback
FordLaserKA3/1981-1983incl.: Ghia, GL, L5door Hatchback
FordLaserKB3/1983 to End 1983, 1/1985-9/1985incl.: Sport3door Hatchback
FordLaserKB1983-10/1985incl.: Ghia, GL, L, Turbo5door Hatchback
FordLaserKC1986-1987incl.: TX33door Hatchback
FordLaserKC10/1985-1987incl.: Ghia, GL, L5door Hatchback
FordLaserKE10/1987-2/1990incl.: TX3, TX3 Turbo3door Hatchback
FordLaserKE1987-2/1990incl.: GL4door Sedan
FordLaserKE1987-2/1990incl.: GL4door Wagon
FordLaserKE2/1987-2/1990incl.: Ghia, GL, L5door Hatchback
FordLaserKF3/1990-1991incl.: TX3, TX3 Turbo3door Hatchback
FordLaserKF3/1990-10/1991incl.: Ghia, GL, L, S5door Hatchback
FordLaserKH1991-10/1994incl.: TX3, TX3 Turbo3door Hatchback
FordLaserKH1991-10/1994incl.: Ghia, GL, GLi, S, XL5door Hatchback
FordLTDBF10/2005-12/2007 4door Sedan
FordMeteorGC3/1986-9/1987incl.: GL, L4door Wagon
FordRangerPX9/2011-7/2015incl.: XL, XL Highrider2door Cab Chassis
FordRangerPX9/2011-7/2015incl.: XL2door Utility
FordRangerPX9/2011-7/2015incl.: Super Cab XL Highrider, XL4door Cab Chassis
FordRangerPX2012-2019incl.: XL, XL PLUS4door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
FordRangerPX9/2011-7/2015incl.: XL, XLS4door Utility
FordRangerPX9/2011-7/2017incl.: SUPER CAB XL, XL, XL PLUS, XLS, XLT, XLT HI-RIDER4door Utility Dual Cab
FordSpectron 1985-1990incl.: XLT4door Wagon
FordTE50T110/1999-10/2000 4door Sedan
FordTE50T210/2000-11/2001 4door Sedan
Ford (FPV)F6 TyphoonBA10/2004-9/2005 4door Sedan
HoldenAdventraVY10/2003-10/2004incl.: CX8, LX84door Wagon
HoldenAdventraVZ11/2004-1/2006incl.: CX6, LX6, LX8, SX64door Wagon
HoldenApolloJK8/1989-7/1991incl.: Executive, SL, SLE, SLX4door Sedan
HoldenApolloJK8/1989-7/1991incl.: Executive, SL, SLE, SLX4door Wagon
HoldenApolloJK1990-7/1991incl.: Executive5door Wagon
HoldenApolloJL1991-1992incl.: GS, SL, SLE, SLX4door Sedan
HoldenApolloJL1991-1992incl.: GS, SL, SLX4door Wagon
HoldenBelmontHT5/1969-7/1970 2door Utility
HoldenBelmontHT5/1969-7/1970 2door Van
HoldenBelmontHT5/1969-7/1970 4door Sedan
HoldenBelmontHT5/1969-7/1970 4door Wagon
HoldenBroughamHT6/1969-7/1970 4door Sedan
HoldenCalaisVL3/1988-8/1988incl.: Turbo4door Wagon
HoldenCalaisVR7/1993-4/1995 4door Sedan
HoldenCalaisVS4/1995-8/1997 4door Sedan
HoldenCamiraJB4/1983-10/1984incl.: SL, SL/E4door Wagon
HoldenCamiraJD11/1984-5/1987incl.: SL, SL/X4door Wagon
HoldenCamiraJE4/1987-1988incl.: Executive, SL4door Wagon
HoldenCapriceVR3/1994-4/1995 4door Sedan
HoldenCapriceVS4/1995-6/1999 4door Sedan
HoldenCaptivaCG6/2006-1/2019incl.: 5, 7, CX, LX, LX 60th Anniversary, MaXX, SX, TD4door Wagon
HoldenCaptivaCG1/2011-1/2011incl.: SX5door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVB8/1979-2/1980incl.: SL4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVC6/1980-9/1981incl.: L, SL4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVH10/1981-11/1983incl.: SL, SLX4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVK3/1984-5/1985incl.: Berlina, Executive, SL, Vacationer4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVL3/1986-8/1988incl.: Berlina, Berlina Turbo, Executive, Executive Turbo, SL, SL Turbo, Vacationer, Vacationer Turbo4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVN8/1988-9/1991incl.: Berlina, Executive, LE, S, Vacationer4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVP10/1991-7/1993incl.: Berlina, Berlina LX, Executive4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVR7/1993-4/1995incl.: S2door Utility
HoldenCommodoreVR7/1993-4/1995incl.: Berlina, Executive, SS4door Sedan
HoldenCommodoreVR7/1993-4/1995incl.: Berlina, Executive4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVS4/1995-12/2000incl.: 50th Anniversary, Olympic S, S, SS, SS Limited Edition2door Utility
HoldenCommodoreVS4/1995-8/1997incl.: Acclaim, Acclaim Series II, Berlina, Berlina Series II, Equipe, Equipe Series II, Esteem, Executive, Executive Series II, S, S Series II, SLR5000 Executive, SS, SS Series II, Vacationer4door Sedan
HoldenCommodoreVS4/1995-8/1997incl.: Acclaim, Berlina, Equipe, Esteem, Executive, Vacationer4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVT9/1997-10/2000incl.: Berlina, Executive4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVY5/2003-8/2004incl.: SS4door Wagon
HoldenCommodoreVZ2/2004-8/2007incl.: Acclaim, Equipe, Executive, Lumina, SVZ4door Wagon
HoldenGeminiTC3/1977-4/1978incl.: SL2door Coupe
HoldenGeminiTC3/1977-3/1978incl.: SL4door Sedan
HoldenGeminiTD4/1978-9/1979incl.: SL/E2door Coupe
HoldenGeminiTD4/1978-9/1979 2door Wagon
HoldenGeminiTD5/1978-9/1979 3door Van
HoldenGeminiTD4/1978-9/1979incl.: SL, SL/E, SL/X4door Sedan
HoldenGeminiTE10/1979-2/1982 2door Wagon
HoldenGeminiTE12/1979-3/1982 3door Van
HoldenGeminiTE3/1979-2/1982incl.: SL, SL/X, SLX4door Sedan
HoldenGeminiTF3/1982-3/1983 2door Wagon
HoldenGeminiTF3/1982-2/1983 3door Van
HoldenGeminiTF3/1982-2/1983incl.: SL, SL/X4door Sedan
HoldenGeminiTG4/1983-12/1984 2door Wagon
HoldenGeminiTG4/1983-12/1984 3door Van
HoldenGeminiTG4/1983-12/1985incl.: SL, SL/X, ZZ/Z4door Sedan
HoldenGeminiTX3/1975-3/1977incl.: SL2door Coupe
HoldenGeminiTX3/1975-3/1977incl.: SL4door Sedan
HoldenJackarooUBS1311/1981-1985 2door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS168/1985-6/1988incl.: Deluxe, LS4door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS177/1988-3/1992incl.: Deluxe, LS4door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS527/1981-7/1985incl.: Deluxe, LS2door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS528/1985-1986, 1/1988-6/1988incl.: Deluxe, LS4door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS551989-3/1992incl.: Deluxe, LS4door Wagon
HoldenKingswoodHT5/1969-7/1970 2door Utility
HoldenKingswoodHT5/1969-7/1970 4door Sedan
HoldenKingswoodHT5/1969-7/1970 4door Wagon
HoldenMonaroHT5/1969-7/1970incl.: GTS2door Coupe
HoldenNovaLE8/1989-1991incl.: SL, SLE, SLX5door Hatchback
HoldenNovaLF1991-10/1994incl.: GS, SL, SLX, SLX Limited5door Hatchback
HoldenPremierHT5/1969-7/1970 4door Sedan
HoldenPremierHT5/1969-7/1970 4door Wagon
HoldenShuttleWFR3/1982-1991incl.: D, Window3door Van
HoldenShuttleWFR3/1982-3/1987 4door Van
HoldenSunbirdLX8/1977-8/1978 2door Liftback
HoldenSunbirdLX10/1976-8/1978 4door Sedan
HoldenSunbirdUC1978-8/1980incl.: SL4door Sedan
HoldenToranaLH3/1974-3/1976incl.: L34, S, SL, SL/R, V84door Sedan
HoldenToranaLX3/1976-3/1978incl.: A9X, SL, SS, V83door Hatchback
HoldenToranaLX3/1976-12/1978incl.: A9X, S, SL, SL/R, V84door Sedan
HoldenToranaUC3/1978-1979incl.: SL3door Hatchback
HoldenToranaUC3/1978-1979incl.: S, SL4door Sedan
Holden (HSV)AvalancheVY12/2003-9/2004incl.: XUV4door Utility Dual Cab
Holden (HSV)AvalancheVY12/2003-9/2004 4door Wagon
Holden (HSV)AvalancheVZ10/2004-2005incl.: XUV4door Utility Dual Cab
Holden (HSV)AvalancheVZ10/2004-2005 4door Wagon
Holden (HSV)ClubsportVR8/1993-1994 4door Wagon
Holden (HSV)CoupeV24/2003-9/2004incl.: GTO, GTO LE, GTS2door Coupe
Holden (HSV)MalooVS4/1995-10/2000incl.: 10th Anniversary, 185i, 195i2door Utility
Holden (HSV)SenatorVT9/1997-6/1999incl.: Signature 220i4door Sedan
Holden (HSV)SenatorVT7/1997-1999incl.: Signature, Signature 195i, Signature 220i4door Wagon
HondaCivicED11/1987-10/1993incl.: GL3door Hatchback
HondaCivicSL1980-1983 3door Hatchback
HondaHR-VGH9/1998-2000incl.: Indy Special, Sport2door Wagon
HondaHR-VGH2000-7/2002 3door Wagon
HondaHR-VGH5/2000-7/2002 5door Wagon
HondaInsightZE13/2001-6/2004 3door Hatchback
HondaJazzGD10/2002-7/2008incl.: GLi, GLi Vibe, VTi, VTi Vibe, VTi-S5door Hatchback
HondaS2000AP8/1999-2/2002, 2006-7/2009 2door Roadster
HummerH3 10/2007-2009incl.: Adventure, Luxury4door Wagon
HyundaiAccentMC5/2006-2009incl.: A-League, FX Limited Edition, S, SLX3door Hatchback
HyundaiAccentMC5/2006-2009incl.: S, SLX4door Sedan
HyundaiAccentRB1/2012-1/2013incl.: ACTIVE CRDi4door Hatchback
HyundaiAccentRB1/2012-1/2013incl.: ACTIVE CRDi4door Sedan
HyundaiCoupeRD7/1996-4/2002incl.: FX, SFX, SX2door Coupe
HyundaiExcelX21/1990-11/1994incl.: GS, GS Sprint, L, Sprint2door Hatchback
HyundaiExcelX210/1991-11/1994 2door Van
HyundaiExcelX21/1990-11/1994incl.: GL, GLS, L, LS4door Hatchback
HyundaiExcelX21/1990-11/1994incl.: Cabriolet, GLS, LS4door Sedan
HyundaiGetzTB9/2002-9/2005incl.: FX, GL, XL3door Hatchback
HyundaiGetzTB9/2002-5/2005incl.: GL5door Hatchback
Hyundaiix35LM2/2010-6/2015incl.: Active, Elite, Highlander4door Wagon
HyundaiTucsonJM8/2004-1/2010incl.: City, City Elite, City SX, Elite, SX4door Wagon
IsuzuMUUCS557/1990-11/1995 2door Wagon
IsuzuMUUCS691994-1996 2door Wagon
IsuzuMU-XUC11/2013-2020incl.: LS-M, LS-T, LS-U4door Wagon
JaguarXJ6Series III1981-1986incl.: Sovereign, Vanden Plas4door Sedan
JaguarXJ6XJ401987-1989incl.: Sovereign4door Sedan
JaguarXJS 3/1988-1991incl.: Cabriolet2door Convertible
JaguarXJS 11/1982-3/1992incl.: HE2door Coupe
JeepGrand CherokeeZG3/1996-7/1999incl.: Laredo, Laredo TSi, Limited4door Wagon
KiaCeratoLD2005-1/2009incl.: EX4door Sedan
KiaCeratoLD2005-1/2009incl.: EX5door Hatchback
KiaCeres 1998, 1/2000-5/2000 2door Cab Chassis
KiaCeres 1998 2door Tipper
KiaCeres 2/1992-1999incl.: Cargo2door Traytop
KiaPicantoTA5/2011-3/2017incl.: Si4door Hatchback
KiaRioUB1/2014-11/2014incl.: SLS3door Hatchback
KiaRioUB2/2012-6/2013incl.: Si4door Sedan
KiaRioUB9/2011-1/2017incl.: Si, SLi5door Hatchback
KiaRondoUN4/2008-9/2013incl.: EX, EX-L, LX, Si, SLi4door Wagon
KiaSportageJA8/1999-6/2004incl.: FX, GSE, SE5door Wagon
KiaSportageKM4/2005-7/2010incl.: EX, EX-L, LX5door Wagon
Land RoverRange Rover SportL32010/2009-2010incl.: TDV6, TDV6 Autobiography, TDV6 Luxury4door Wagon
LexusLS400UCF10R1990-10/1994 4door Sedan
LexusLS400UCF20R11/1994-11/2000 4door Sedan
LexusLS430UCF30R11/2000-2006 4door Sedan
LexusLX470UZJ100R5/1998-2007 4door Wagon
LeylandP76 1973-1976incl.: Executive, Targa, V84door Sedan
Mazda323BF10/1986-8/1989incl.: SS, SS Turbo, Turbo3door Hatchback
Mazda323BF10/1985-10/1989incl.: Deluxe, MX, Special, Special Edition, Super Deluxe5door Hatchback
Mazda323FA1/1980-9/1980incl.: Deluxe, Special3door Hatchback
Mazda323FA1983-1984 3door Van
Mazda323FA7/1978-12/1981incl.: Deluxe4door Wagon
Mazda323FA3/1977-9/1980incl.: CS, Deluxe5door Hatchback
Mazda929LA2VS8/1973 to End 1973, 1976 2door Hardtop
Mazda929LA2VS1973, 1976-1978 4door Sedan
MazdaBT50UP11/2011-8/2015incl.: XT, XT Hi-Rider2door Cab Chassis
MazdaBT50UP11/2011-8/2015 4door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
MazdaBT50UP11/2011-8/2015 4door Ute Dual Cab
MazdaE1800E11/1990-12/1996incl.: Compact4door Van
MazdaE2000 1991-10/2001 2door Cab Chassis
MazdaE2000 1985-1988 2door Utility
MazdaE2000 2/1984-1986, 1988-10/2002incl.: Compact, Deluxe, Window4door Van
MazdaE2200E1990-1992, 1994, 1996 2door Cab Chassis
MazdaE2200E2/1984-1988 2door Utility
MazdaE2200E1985-1986, 1989-8/1997incl.: Deluxe, Window4door Van
MazdaMPVLV Series 11994-1996 4door Wagon
MazdaMPVLV Series 210/1993 to End 1993, 1996-9/1999 4door Wagon
MazdaMPVLW8/1999-6/2002incl.: Traveller5door Wagon
MazdaMPVLW Series 26/2002-2003 5door Wagon
MazdaMPVLW Series 32003-9/2006 5door Wagon
MazdaRX-4LA23S1974-1975 4door Sedan
MazdaT3000 1982-1984incl.: 18sp3door Bus
MazdaT3000T1981-1988 2door Traytop
MazdaT4100T1984-1990incl.: ELWB2door Traytop
Mercedes-Benz230W1141970-1976incl.: 64door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz230W1231976-1981 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz230EW1231981-1985 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz240DW1231975-1976 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz250W1141970, 1972-3/1975 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz250CW1141973-1975 2door Coupe
Mercedes-Benz250CEW1141970-1972 2door Coupe
Mercedes-Benz280W1141972-1975 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz280CEW1141972-1976 2door Coupe
Mercedes-Benz280SW1081970-1973 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz280SW1161974-1976 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz280SEW1081970-1973 4door Sedan
Mercedes-Benz280SELW1081970-9/1972 4door Sedan
Mercedes-BenzC200W2021996-5/2000incl.: Classic, Elegance, Esprit, Sport4door Sedan
Mercedes-BenzC43W2021998-12/2000incl.: AMG4door Sedan
Mercedes-BenzG55W4632/2011 to End 2011incl.: AMG4door Wagon
MitsubishiColtRA1/1981-10/1982incl.: GLX5door Hatchback
MitsubishiColtRB10/1982-3/1984 5door Hatchback
MitsubishiColtRC4/1984-9/1986 4door Sedan
MitsubishiColtRC10/1983-9/1986 5door Hatchback
MitsubishiColtRD10/1986-8/1988 4door Sedan
MitsubishiColtRD10/1986-8/1988 5door Hatchback
MitsubishiColtRE9/1988-6/1990 4door Sedan
MitsubishiColtRE9/1988-6/1990 5door Hatchback
MitsubishiGTOZ16A1992-1996 2door Coupe
MitsubishiL200 ExpressMA3/1980-9/1981 2door Utility
MitsubishiL200 ExpressMB10/1981-9/1982 2door Utility
MitsubishiL200 ExpressMC10/1982-9/1984 2door Utility
MitsubishiL200 ExpressMD9/1984-10/1986 2door Utility
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSA4/1980-4/1981 Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSB11/1981-5/1983 Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSC5/1983-8/1984incl.: L3004door Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSC5/1983-8/1984incl.: L3004door Wagon
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSC10/1983-8/1984 Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSD8/1984-6/1985incl.: 4x4Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSE6/1985-10/1986incl.: Express, L300Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSF1987-5/1990 3door Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSF8/1986-5/1990 Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSG6/1990-6/1991 3door Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSG6/1990-6/1991incl.: WindowVan
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSH7/1991-5/1994 3door Van
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSH7/1991-5/1994incl.: WindowVan
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSJ2/1994-10/2014incl.: i, WindowVan
MitsubishiL300 ExpressWA6/1994-11/2005incl.: Walk-ThruVan
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSC10/1983-8/1984 3door Van
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSD8/1984-7/1985 3door Van
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSE7/1985-10/1986incl.: DL3door Van
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSE7/1985-10/1986incl.: StarwagonVan
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSH7/1991-5/1994incl.: GL, GLX, SE3door Van
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSH7/1991-5/1994 4door Van
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSJ1995-11/2001incl.: Satellite3door Van
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonWA6/1994-10/2003incl.: GL, GLS3door Van
MitsubishiMagnaTE11/1996-5/1997incl.: Advance, Altera, Altera LS, Executive4door Wagon
MitsubishiMagnaTF4/1997-1998incl.: Advance, Altera, Altera LS, Executive, Solara4door Wagon
MitsubishiMagnaTH2/1999-6/2000incl.: Advance, Altera LS, Executive, Solara Advance4door Wagon
MitsubishiMagnaTJ7/2000-5/2003incl.: Advance, Executive, Solara Advance, Sports4door Wagon
MitsubishiMagnaTL6/2003-10/2004incl.: ES, LS, VR4door Wagon
MitsubishiMagnaTW10/2004-7/2005incl.: ES, LS, VR4door Wagon
MitsubishiNimbusUF1992-7/1998incl.: GLX4door Wagon
MitsubishiNimbusUG7/1998-10/2003incl.: GLX4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNA1/1983-8/1984incl.: Sports2door Hardtop
MitsubishiPajeroNA1/1983 to End 1983incl.: Luxury2door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNA1/1984-8/1984incl.: Super4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNB1/1985-8/1985 2door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNB8/1984-8/1985incl.: Super4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNC1/1986-6/1986incl.: Sports2door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNC8/1985-6/1986incl.: Commercial, Super4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroND7/1986-6/1987 2door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroND7/1986-6/1987incl.: Standard, Super4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNE1/1988-7/1988incl.: Sports2door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNE7/1987-7/1988incl.: Standard, Super4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNF7/1988-7/1989incl.: Commercial, EXE, Superwagon4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNG7/1989-12/1990incl.: Commercial, EXE, Superwagon4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNH1/1991-6/1993incl.: GL, GLS2door Hardtop
MitsubishiPajeroNH1/1991-6/1993incl.: GL, GLS, GLX4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNM2/2000-2002incl.: Commonwealth Games Edition GLX, Dakar GLX, Exceed, GL, GLS, GLX, GLX Plus, Tanami GLS4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajeroNP2002-9/2006incl.: Exceed, GLS, GLS 21st Anniversary, GLX, VR-X4door Wagon
MitsubishiPajero IoQA1/1999-8/2002incl.: ZR3door Wagon
MitsubishiPajero IoQA1/1999-8/2001 5door Wagon
MitsubishiSigmaGE10/1977-4/1980 4door Sedan
MitsubishiSigmaGE9/1978-5/1980 4door Wagon
MitsubishiSigmaGH5/1980-12/1982incl.: Turbo, XL4door Sedan
MitsubishiSigmaGH5/1980-2/1982 4door Wagon
MitsubishiTritonME3/1986-5/1988 2door Cab Chassis
MitsubishiTritonME3/1986-5/1988incl.: Deluxe, Standard2door Utility
MitsubishiTritonME3/1986-5/1988incl.: Deluxe4door Utility
MitsubishiTritonME3/1986-5/1988 4door Utility Dual Cab
MitsubishiTritonMF6/1988-5/1989 2door Cab Chassis
MitsubishiTritonMF6/1988-5/1989incl.: Standard2door Utility
MitsubishiTritonMF6/1988-5/1989 2door Utility Extended Cab
MitsubishiTritonMF6/1988-5/1989 4door Utility Dual Cab
MitsubishiTritonMG6/1989-5/1990 2door Cab Chassis
MitsubishiTritonMG6/1989-5/1990 2door Utility
MitsubishiTritonMG6/1989-5/1990 2door Utility Extended Cab
MitsubishiTritonMG6/1989-5/1990 4door Utility Dual Cab
MitsubishiTritonMH6/1990-5/1992incl.: MX, Standard2door Cab Chassis
MitsubishiTritonMH6/1990-5/1992incl.: MX, Standard2door Utility
MitsubishiTritonMH6/1990-5/1992incl.: DL2door Utility Extended Cab
MitsubishiTritonMH6/1990-5/1992incl.: DL, Luxury, Standard4door Utility Dual Cab
MitsubishiTritonMJ6/1992-5/1996incl.: MX, Standard2door Cab Chassis
MitsubishiTritonMJ6/1992-5/1995incl.: TD2door Ute
MitsubishiTritonMJ6/1992-5/1995incl.: MX, Standard2door Utility
MitsubishiTritonMJ6/1992-5/1996 2door Utility Extended Cab
MitsubishiTritonMJ6/1992-5/1995incl.: TD4door Ute
MitsubishiTritonMJ6/1992-5/1996incl.: Luxury4door Utility Dual Cab
MitsubishiVeradaKF6/1997-1/1999incl.: Ei4door Wagon
MitsubishiVeradaKH2/1999-6/2000incl.: Ei4door Wagon
MitsubishiVeradaKJ7/2000-5/2003incl.: Ei4door Wagon
MitsubishiVeradaKL6/2003-10/2004incl.: Ei4door Wagon
MitsubishiVeradaKW10/2004-7/2005incl.: Ei4door Wagon
Nissan200BNJ8101980-1982incl.: GL4door Sedan
Nissan720 4/1980-1985 2door Utility
Nissan720 1982-1985 2door Utility Extended Cab
Nissan720 1982-1986 4door Utility Dual Cab
NissanBluebird9105/1981-6/1986incl.: GL, GX, GXE, LX, TRX4door Sedan
NissanBluebird9105/1981-6/1986incl.: GL, Ultra4door Wagon
NissanMicraK122007-9/2010 5door Hatchback
NissanPatrolG601973-1980 2door Hardtop
NissanPrairieM108/1982-1986incl.: 7 Seat4door Wagon
NissanPulsarN1010/1980-12/1983incl.: TL, TS5door Hatchback
NissanPulsarN167/2000-2005incl.: LX, LX Plus, Q, ST, ST Plus, ST-L, Ti4door Sedan
NissanPulsarN166/2001-2002incl.: Q, ST5door Hatchback
NissanPulsarN16 S22003-2004incl.: Q, ST, ST-L4door Sedan
NissanPulsarN16 S22002-2005incl.: Q, ST5door Hatchback
NissanSerenaC231992-1995incl.: ST, Ti4door Wagon
NissanStanzaA101978-1983incl.: GL, GX, SSS4door Sedan
NissanSunnyB3101982-1983 3door Van
NissanSunnyB3101979-1981 4door Wagon
NissanTiidaC112/2006-2010incl.: ST, ST Plus, ST-L, ST-L Plus, Ti4door Sedan
NissanTiidaC112/2006-2010incl.: Q, ST, ST Plus, ST-L, ST-L Plus5door Hatchback
NissanTiidaC11 S32010-1/2013incl.: ST, Ti4door Sedan
NissanTiidaC11 S32010-4/2013incl.: ST, Ti5door Hatchback
NissanUrvanE201974-1980 3door Van
NissanVanetteC1201980-1984 4door Van
NissanVanetteC1201982-1987 Van
NissanVanetteC201983-1986incl.: GL, SGL4door Van
NissanX-TrailT3110/2007-2/2014incl.: Adventure, ST, ST-L, Ti4door Wagon
Peugeot504 1979incl.: GLD4door Sedan
Peugeot505 10/1980-2/1986incl.: GR, SR4door Sedan
Peugeot505 1985-1988incl.: SLi4door Wagon
ProtonM21 10/1997-1999 2door Coupe
ProtonPersona 1997-1999incl.: GLi4door Sedan
ProtonPersona 9/1996-11/2004incl.: GLi, Limited Edition GLi, XLi, XLi S5door Hatchback
ProtonPersonaCM3/2008-11/2014incl.: G, GX4door Sedan
ProtonSatria 2/1997-6/2005incl.: GL, GLi, GTi, GTi EL TIGRE, GTi Limited Edition, Son of a Gun XLi, XLi, XLS3door Hatchback
ProtonWira 1995-1996incl.: GL, GLi, XLi4door Sedan
ProtonWira 1995-1996incl.: GLi, XLi Aeroback5door Hatchback
Renault12 1974-1976incl.: GL, XL4door Sedan
Renault18 1980-1982incl.: GTS4door Sedan
RenaultScenicJ842004-2005incl.: Expression5door Hatchback
RenaultScenicRX45/2001-2003incl.: Expression, Expression Verve, Privilege, Privilege Verve5door Hatchback
Saab900 1994-1996incl.: S, SE5door Hatchback
SubaruBrumbyAU51981-3/1994incl.: Special, Sports2door Utility
SubaruLeoneAB21979-1984incl.: Deluxe4door Sedan
SubaruLeoneAB31982-1984incl.: Deluxe4door Sedan
SubaruLeoneL1985-1988incl.: GL4door Sedan
SubaruSherpa 1982-1989 3door Van
SuzukiAltoSB3081987-2/1989 2door Van
SuzukiAltoSH4101995-1999incl.: GL5door Hatchback
SuzukiCarryGA4132000-2005 2door Traytop
SuzukiCarryGA4133/1999-9/2004 5door Van
SuzukiJimnySN41310/1998-10/2018incl.: Freestyle JLX, JLX, JX, Sierra, Sierra 100th Anniversary, Sierra Trekker, Special Edition, Special JLX, Sport, Z Series2door Hardtop
SuzukiJimnySN41312/2000-2001incl.: JLX2door Softtop
SuzukiMighty BoySS40T1985-1988 2door Utility
SuzukiSwiftSA3101/1985-3/1987incl.: GA3door Hatchback
SuzukiSwiftSA4131984-1989incl.: GL2door Van
SuzukiSwiftSA4131/1985-12/1988incl.: GC, GTi, GTi LS, GTi TC3door Hatchback
SuzukiSwiftSA4131985-1989incl.: GC5door Hatchback
SuzukiSwiftSF4135/1994-12/1999incl.: Cino, Cino Sportz, GP Celebration Cino, GP Encore Cino, X-Treme Cino3door Hatchback
SuzukiSwiftSF4135/1994-12/1999incl.: Cino, Cino Fiorelli, Cino FL, Cino Sport, Cino Sportz5door Hatchback
SuzukiVitaraSE4167/1988-11/1998incl.: Blaze, JLX, JX, Summer Edition2door Hardtop
SuzukiVitaraSE4167/1988-11/1998incl.: JLX, JU, JX, Summer Edition2door Softtop
SuzukiVitaraSE4168/1991-12/1998incl.: JLX, JLX Estate, JX, JX Estate4door Wagon
SuzukiVitaraSV6204/1995-9/1998incl.: V64door Wagon
SuzukiWagon R+SR4101997-1998incl.: GA, GL4door Wagon
Toyota4Runner Hilux SurfKZN18512/1995-6/2000incl.: SSR LTD, SSR-G, SSR-X Wide Body4door Wagon
Toyota4Runner Hilux SurfRZN18512/1995-9/2002 4door Wagon
Toyota4Runner Hilux SurfVZN18512/1995-9/2002incl.: SSR-G, SSR-X4door Wagon
ToyotaAvensis VersoACM20R12/2001-10/2003incl.: GLX, Ultima4door Wagon
ToyotaAvensis VersoACM21R11/2003-11/2010incl.: GLX, Ultima4door Wagon
ToyotaBlizzardLD101982-4/1984 2door Hardtop
ToyotaCelicaRA231976-1977incl.: LT2door Coupe
ToyotaCelicaRA281975-1977incl.: LT3door Liftback
ToyotaCelicaRA401978-1981incl.: LT2door Coupe
ToyotaCelicaRA601981-1983incl.: ST2door Coupe
ToyotaCelicaRA651984-1985incl.: ST2door Coupe
ToyotaCelicaSA631983-1984incl.: ST2door Coupe
ToyotaCelicaST1621985-1989incl.: ST, SX2door Liftback
ToyotaCelicaST1621989incl.: ST3door Liftback
ToyotaCelicaTA221971-1976incl.: LT2door Coupe
ToyotaCelicaTA231975-1977 2door Coupe
ToyotaCorollaAE711983-1985incl.: CS, CSX, Spirit4door Sedan
ToyotaCorollaAE711983-1984 4door Wagon
ToyotaCorollaAE82R9/1985-5/1989incl.: CS, CSX, S, SE, Twin Cam GT5door Hatchback
ToyotaCorollaAE86R1983-1987incl.: SR3door Coupe
ToyotaCorollaAE906/1989-11/1992incl.: CS, SE5door Hatchback
ToyotaCorollaAE9310/1989-7/1991incl.: SX5door Hatchback
ToyotaCorollaAE947/1991-1993incl.: CSi, CSi Limited Seca, CSi Seca, Ultima Seca5door Hatchback
ToyotaCorollaAE95R4/1988-7/1995incl.: CSi, Olympic Spirit, SR5, XL4door Wagon
ToyotaCorollaKE3811/1978-9/1981 4door Wagon
ToyotaCorollaKE503/1977-1978 2door Liftback
ToyotaCorollaKE5511/1978-11/1981incl.: CS, XX2door Coupe
ToyotaCorollaKE5511/1978-9/1981incl.: CS4door Sedan
ToyotaCorollaKE7010/1981-4/1985incl.: CS, L, S, SE, XX4door Sedan
ToyotaCorollaKE7010/1981-4/1985incl.: S4door Wagon
ToyotaCorolla SprinterAE86R5/1983-4/1985incl.: SR3door Coupe
ToyotaCoronaRT1041974-1979 4door Sedan
ToyotaCoronaRT1181974-1979 4door Wagon
ToyotaCoronaRT1331982-1983incl.: XX4door Liftback
ToyotaCoronaRT1331982-1984incl.: XX4door Sedan
ToyotaCoronaRT1421984-1986incl.: CSi, CXi4door Sedan
ToyotaCoronaRT1421985-1987incl.: CSi4door Wagon
ToyotaCoronaST1411984-1986incl.: CS, S4door Wagon
ToyotaCressidaMX321977-1981 4door Sedan
ToyotaCressidaMX361977-1981 4door Wagon
ToyotaCrownMS1111979-1980incl.: Super4door Sedan
ToyotaCrownMS831975-1976 4door Wagon
ToyotaCrownMS851974-1979 4door Sedan
ToyotaDynaBU100R7/1995-1997, 1/1999-12/1999incl.: 2002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU100R1998incl.: 2002door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
ToyotaDynaBU100R7/1995-12/1999incl.: 2004door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaDynaBU101R12/1999-4/2003incl.: 2002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU101R12/1999-4/2003incl.: 2002door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU101R12/1999-4/2003incl.: 2004door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU10710/1996-5/1999 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU110R7/1995-1999incl.: 2002door Tipper
ToyotaDynaBU142R7/1995-4/2003incl.: 2002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU202R5/1995-5/1999incl.: 200 Wide2door Truck
ToyotaDynaBU20R4/1979-10/1984incl.: 3.0m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU212R5/1995-4/2003incl.: 200 Wide2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU212R2000incl.: 200 Wide4door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU212R5/1995-1996, 1998-1999, 2002-4/2003incl.: 200 Wide4door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
ToyotaDynaBU222R5/1995-2003incl.: 4002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU232R1995-2000incl.: 4002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU300R5/2003-1/2004incl.: 2002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU32R4/1982-2/1983 2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU32R4/1982-2/1983 4door Traytop Dual Cab
ToyotaDynaBU340R5/2003 to End 2003incl.: 200 Long2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaBU36R9/1980-2/1983 2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU60R11/1984-6/1995incl.: 2004door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaDynaBU61R1/1985-1993incl.: 200 3.0m, 3.0m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU62R9/1984-8/1988 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaBU64R9/1984-1986 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaBU64R1987-8/1988 2door Truck Dual Cab
ToyotaDynaBU65R11/1986-6/1995incl.: 2002door Tipper
ToyotaDynaBU66R8/1988-5/1995incl.: 2002door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU67R8/1988-5/1995 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaBU81R1/1985-8/1988 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaBU82R9/1984-8/1988incl.: 2002door Truck
ToyotaDynaBU84R8/1988-5/1995 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaBU85R9/1984-8/1988incl.: 300, 4.0m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU88R8/1988-5/1995incl.: 3002door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU91R1988-1995 2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaBU94R8/1988-5/1995 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaHU30R8/1977-8/1980 2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaHU40R1/1983-4/1983 2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaHU50R4/1982-4/1983 2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaLH80R11/1985-7/1991incl.: 100 3.0m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaLY211R5/1995-8/2001incl.: 1502door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaLY220R7/2001-2004incl.: 1002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaLY230R7/2001-2004incl.: 1502door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaLY60R8/1985-8/1988incl.: 150 3.5m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaLY61R8/1988-5/1995incl.: 150 3.5m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaRU20R8/1977-10/1984 2door Utility
ToyotaDynaXZU4025/1999-6/2004incl.: 4500 4.6L2door Cab Chassis Wide Cab
ToyotaDynaXZU4102000-2003incl.: 8500 Wide2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaXZU4112000-10/2006incl.: 65002door Cab Chassis Wide Cab
ToyotaDynaXZU4202000-2003incl.: Wide2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaXZU4302000-2003incl.: Wide2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaYH81R11/1985-6/1995incl.: 100 3.0m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaYH81R11/1985-7/1991incl.: 1004door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaDynaYU60R9/1984-1986incl.: 3.0m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaYU62R11/1986-7/1991incl.: 200 3.0m, 3.0m2door Traytop
ToyotaDynaYY100R7/1995-8/2001incl.: 1002door Cab Chassis
ToyotaDynaYY50R8/1985-8/1987 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaYY51R8/1987-9/1993 2door Truck
ToyotaDynaYY52R8/1985-5/1995 2door Truck
ToyotaEstimaTCR10R1/1992-12/1999incl.: Emina, Lucida, V, X4door Van
ToyotaEstimaTCR11R5/1990-12/1999incl.: Emina, G, Lucida4door Van
ToyotaEstimaTCR20R1/1992-12/1999incl.: Emina, Lucida, V, X4door Van
ToyotaEstimaTCR21R5/1990-12/1999incl.: Emina, G, Lucida4door Van
ToyotaFJ CruiserGSJ15R3/2011-12/2016 4door Wagon
ToyotaHiaceKDH200R8/2004-9/2007incl.: D-4D3door Van
ToyotaHiaceKDH201R11/2006-2018 3door Van
ToyotaHiaceKDH205R8/2004-9/2007 3door Van
ToyotaHiaceKDH206R8/2007-2018 3door Van
ToyotaHiaceKDH220R3/2005-10/2006incl.: D-4D4door Bus
ToyotaHiaceKDH221R11/2006-2018 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceKDH222R3/2005-10/2006incl.: Commuter D-4D4door Bus
ToyotaHiaceLH103R10/1989-9/2000 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH111983-1985 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH113R10/1989-9/2000 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH125R10/1989-9/2000incl.: Commuter4door Bus
ToyotaHiaceLH162R2000-8/2004 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH172R10/2000-2004 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH184R10/2000-2004incl.: Commuter4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH201980-1982 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH301982 Bus
ToyotaHiaceLH301981-1982 Van
ToyotaHiaceLH501982-1983 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH511/1984-8/1989 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH6012/1982-1983 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH611/1984-8/1989 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceLH7012/1982-1983 Van
ToyotaHiaceLH711/1984-8/1989 Van
ToyotaHiaceRH111977-1982 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiaceRH161972-1977 Van
ToyotaHiaceRH201977-11/1982 3door Van
ToyotaHiaceRH221980-1982 Van
ToyotaHiaceRH321979-1982 Van
ToyotaHiaceRH421977-1982 Bus
ToyotaHiaceRZH113R9/1998-2004 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceRZH125R9/1989-2/2005incl.: Commuter4door Van
ToyotaHiaceTRH221R3/2005-2/2015 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceYH5012/1982-8/1986 3door Van
ToyotaHiaceYH511/1984-1986 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceYH6112/1982-1986 4door Van
ToyotaHiaceYH7112/1982-8/1989 Bus
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R12/1999-4/2005incl.: SR52door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R12/1999-4/2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1989-11/1997 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN106R10/1988 to End 1988 2door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN106R10/1988-11/1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN107R1991-11/1997incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN111R10/1988-12/1997incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN147R11/1997-12/2000 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN147R11/1997-12/2000 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN167R2001-9/2004 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN167R11/1997-12/2001 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN167R11/1997-12/2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1/1998-12/2001 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN401980-1984 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN4611/1981-10/1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN551983-1984 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN56R1983-1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN56R1983-1988incl.: DX4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN65R11/1983-9/1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN65R1986-9/1988 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN65R11/1983-9/1988 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN85R10/1988-1994 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN85R10/1988-1994incl.: DX4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN86R9/1991-11/1997 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN86R9/1991-11/1997incl.: DX, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN105R10/1988-11/1997 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRN105R1989-1993 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN105R10/1988-11/1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN106R1991-11/1997incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN110R10/1988-12/1997incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN201972-1978 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN251975-1978 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN301978-10/1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN311978-1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN361979-1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN361983incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN3910/1981-10/1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN401978-10/1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN411978-10/1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN411979-1980, 1982incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN464/1979-10/1983 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN85R10/1988-11/1997 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN85R10/1988-11/1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN90R10/1988-12/1997incl.: DX, SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN147R11/1997-10/2002incl.: Workmate2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R11/1997-4/2005 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R11/1997-4/2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN154R1/1998-4/2005 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R11/1997-10/2001 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R11/1997-10/2001 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R11/1997-10/2002incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN174R1/1998-10/2002 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R11/2002-4/2005 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R11/2002-4/2005incl.: SR54door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxVZN172R11/2002-4/2005 2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN55R11/1983-9/1987 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN56R1987-1988incl.: Grinner2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN57R11/1983-10/1987 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN57R11/1983-10/1987incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN57R1/1984-10/1987 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN58R10/1987-9/1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN58R10/1987-9/1988incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN58R10/1987-9/1988 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN65R11/1983-1985 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN65R11/1983-1985incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN65R1984-1985 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN67R11/1985-9/1988 2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN67R11/1985-9/1988incl.: SR52door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN67R11/1985-9/1988 4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN85R10/1988-11/1997incl.: Grinner2door Utility
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN130R10/1989-6/1996incl.: DX4door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN601984-1985incl.: SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN618/1985-1989incl.: DX, SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerRN130R10/1989-6/1996incl.: DX, Sports, SR54door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerVZN130R10/1990-6/1996incl.: RV64door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN13010/1989-1990incl.: SR52door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN13010/1989 to End 1989incl.: SR54door Wagon
ToyotaHilux SurfLN130R5/1989-1990incl.: SSR4door Wagon
ToyotaHilux SurfLN611985-3/1989incl.: SR5 Turbo2door Wagon
ToyotaHilux SurfVZN130R8/1990-11/1995incl.: SSR, SSR Widebody4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ4012/1977-2/1979 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ4210/1980-10/1984 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ601981-10/1982 4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ7011/1984-1989 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ7311/1984-1989incl.: Fibre Reinforced Plastic2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ731986-1989 2door Softtop
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ7410/1985-1/1990incl.: Fibre Reinforced Plastic2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ401/1965-11/1982 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ401/1965-11/1981 2door Softtop
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ451969-11/1984 2door Utility
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ551969-11/1980 4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ6011/1980-10/1982incl.: DX4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ623/1984-4/1990incl.: DX, GXL, Sahara, White Lightning4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ701985-9/1992 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ731985-1991incl.: DX, Fibre Reinforced Plastic, FRP LX DL2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ751985-10/1992 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ751985-10/1992incl.: 11seat, 3 Seat, 6 Seat, Troopcarrier2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ80R3/1990-10/1992incl.: GXL, Sahara, Standard4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ1051/1998-9/2002incl.: 40th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary GXL, GXL, GXL Advantage Limited Edition, RV, Sahara, Snowy GXL, Standard4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ7511/1992-1998incl.: RV2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ78R10/1999-7/2001incl.: Troopcarrier3door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ79R10/1999-2/2007 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaLandcruiserHDJ100R10/2000-10/2007incl.: GXL, GXL Advantage Limited Edition, GXV, Kakadu GXL, Sahara, VX4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserHDJ78R11/2001-2/2007incl.: RV Troopcarrier, Troopcarrier3door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserHDJ79R11/2001-2007incl.: Muster, RV2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ451977-1980 2door Traytop
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ4710/1980-1984 2door Utility
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ6011/1980-4/1990incl.: High Roof4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ612/1986-4/1990incl.: DX, GXL, Sahara, White Lightning4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ7511/1984-1987incl.: 3 Seat2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ7511/1984-3/1990 2door Utility
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ7511/1984-2/1990incl.: 11 Seat, 3 Seat, 6 Seat3door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ105R5/1998-10/2007incl.: 50th Anniversary GXL, GXL, GXL Advantage Limited Edition, RV, Snowy GXL, Standard4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ703/1991-9/1992 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ753/1990-8/1999incl.: 11seat, 3 Seat, 6 Seat, RV2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ78R10/1999-1/2007incl.: RV Troopcarrier, Troopcarrier3door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ79R10/1999-10/2007 2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaLandcruiserPZJ703/1990-1992 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserPZJ733/1990-2/1991 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiserUZJ100R3/1998-8/2007incl.: GXL, GXV, Kakadu GXL, Sahara, VX4door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserVDJ76R3/2007-2019incl.: GXL, Workmate5door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserVDJ78R3/2007-2019incl.: GXL Troopcarrier, Workmate Troopcarrier3door Wagon
ToyotaLandcruiserVDJ79R3/2007-2019incl.: GX, GXL, Workmate2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaLandcruiserVDJ79R2012-2019 4door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
ToyotaLandcruiser BunderaLJ701986-1991 2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiser BunderaRJ701985-1989, 1991incl.: Bundera LX, DX2door Hardtop
ToyotaLandcruiser BunderaRJ701985-1991incl.: Bundera, Bundera LX2door Softtop
ToyotaLexcenVN11/1990-11/1991incl.: GL4door Wagon
ToyotaLexcenVP11/1991-8/1993incl.: CSi4door Wagon
ToyotaLexcenVR8/1993-4/1995incl.: CSi, VXi4door Wagon
ToyotaLexcenVS5/1995-4/1997incl.: CSi T4, CSi T5, VXi T4, VXi T54door Wagon
ToyotaLiteaceCM2010/1982-9/1986 4door Van
ToyotaLiteaceCM359/1985-8/1988 4door Van
ToyotaLiteaceCM36V1988-1991 4door Van
ToyotaLiteaceKM2010/1979-8/1985 4door Van
ToyotaLiteaceKM369/1985-3/1992 4door Van
ToyotaLiteaceYM211983-8/1985 4door Van
ToyotaLiteaceYM30RG9/1985-1991incl.: 8 Seat4door Wagon
ToyotaLiteaceYM351985-1991 4door Van
ToyotaLiteaceYM401986-1988incl.: Xtra Trak4door Wagon
ToyotaLiteaceYM411986-1987 4door Van
ToyotaMasteraceCR214/1983-12/1991 4door Wagon
ToyotaPriusNHW11R10/2001-10/2003 4door Sedan
ToyotaSpaciaSR40R1/1998-2001incl.: Extra Value Pack4door Wagon
ToyotaSpaciaYR22RG10/1993-1996incl.: GXi3door Wagon
ToyotaStarletEP8112/1989-1995 2door Hatchback
ToyotaStarletEP8112/1989-1995 4door Hatchback
ToyotaStarletEP8212/1989-12/1995incl.: GT2door Hatchback
ToyotaStarletEP8212/1989-12/1995 4door Hatchback
ToyotaStarletEP914/1996-10/1999incl.: Group X, Life, MAX Life3door Hatchback
ToyotaStarletEP914/1996-10/1999incl.: Life, Style5door Hatchback
ToyotaSupraMA611983-12/1985incl.: Twin Cam2door Liftback
ToyotaTaragoCR211/1988-12/1988incl.: DX4door Van
ToyotaTaragoTCR10R9/1990-8/2000incl.: Advantage Limited Edition, Getaway, Getaway II, GLi, World Cup4door Van
ToyotaTaragoTCR11R9/1990-8/2000incl.: GLX, Ultima4door Van
ToyotaTaragoTCR20R9/1990-10/1991incl.: RV4door Van
ToyotaTaragoTCR21R9/1990-10/1993incl.: GLS4door Van
ToyotaTaragoYR202/1983-1984incl.: DX, GL, GLS4door Van
ToyotaTaragoYR211985-1986incl.: DX, GX3door Van
ToyotaTaragoYR213/1984-10/1990incl.: DX, GL, GLS, GX4door Van
ToyotaTaragoYR2210/1985-1986incl.: GLi3door Van
ToyotaTaragoYR221986-9/1990incl.: GLi, GLS, GXi, RV4door Van
ToyotaTaragoYR313/1986-10/1990incl.: GLi Xtra Track4door Van
ToyotaTercelAL258/1984-1988incl.: DX, SR54door Wagon
ToyotaTownaceKR42R2/1997-12/2003 4door Van
ToyotaTownaceYR394/1992-1996 4door Van
TriumphTR7 1978, 1980-10/1981 2door Coupe
VolkswagenCaravelleT31989-12/1992incl.: C, GL3door Bus
VolkswagenCaravelleT311/1986-1989incl.: CL, GL4door Bus
VolkswagenCaravelleT41993-12/1996 3door Bus
VolkswagenCaravelleT41/2003-4/2003incl.: V64door Bus
VolkswagenKombiT45/2003 to End 2003 4door Bus
VolkswagenKombi TransporterT31991 2door Utility
VolkswagenKombi TransporterT310/1982-1983, 11/1986-12/1992incl.: DL, Kombi, Window, Window DL4door Van
VolkswagenKombi TransporterType 21971-1972 2door Utility
VolkswagenKombi TransporterType 21971-1975incl.: Microbus4door Bus
VolkswagenKombi TransporterType 21972 4door Utility Dual Cab
VolkswagenKombi TransporterType 21970-1975incl.: Kombi4door Van
VolkswagenKombi TransporterType 21971incl.: Double Door5door Van
VolkswagenPassat 2/1974 to End 1974, 1976, 1980-1981incl.: LS4door Wagon
Volvo1421401974incl.: Deluxe2door Sedan
Volvo1441401973-1974incl.: Deluxe4door Sedan
Volvo164 1971, 1973-1974incl.: E4door Sedan
Volvo240 8/1980-1984, 1989incl.: Deluxe, GL, GLE4door Sedan
Volvo240 8/1984 to End 1984, 1989incl.: GL4door Wagon
Volvo240B230F8/1986-1988, 1990-7/1993incl.: GL, GLE4door Sedan
Volvo240B230F8/1986-1988, 1990-7/1993incl.: GL, GLE4door Wagon
Volvo2422421979-1981incl.: GT2door Sedan
Volvo244 1/1975-1982incl.: Deluxe, GL, GLE4door Sedan
Volvo245 1975-1985incl.: DL, GL4door Wagon
Volvo2642601979-1981incl.: GLE4door Sedan
Volvo264B28E1982-1983incl.: GLE4door Sedan
Volvo2652601981incl.: GLE4door Wagon
Volvo265B28E1982incl.: GLE4door Wagon
Volvo850 5/1993-12/1996incl.: CD, GLE, R, S, SE, T-54door Wagon
Volvo850LW1/1996-12/1996incl.: T5 R4door Wagon
VolvoS40Phase 28/2000-5/2003incl.: T SE, T4, T4 SE4door Sedan
VolvoS70 1997-7/1999incl.: 20V, Bi-Fuel, T, T-54door Sedan
VolvoV40 2/1997-9/2000incl.: SE, T4, T4 SE4door Wagon
VolvoV40Phase 22000-5/2004incl.: SE, T SE4door Wagon
VolvoV70 2/1997-10/2000incl.: 20V, AWD, T, T-5, XC4door Wagon
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