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Set of 8 Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs Mercedes Benz S430 8cyl 113.941 4.3L 1999 to 2004

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Set of 8 Bosch Spark Plugs

Exclusive Bosch Platinum technology with an enhanced design for 25% longer life compared to standard platinum plugs.

Product Type:  Bosch - Spark Plug

Reference: FR8DPX, ZPN-20433


Centre ElectrodePlatinum

Premium value over standard platinum plugs
Exclusive Bosch Platinum technology with an enhanced design for 25% longer life compared to standard platinum plugs.

The Platinum Plus advantages at a glance:

  • Platinum technology with yttrium-enhanced ground electrode for 25% longer life compared to standard platinum plugs
  • Pure platinum centre electrode enabling the self-cleaning temperature to be reached seconds after starting. This significantly reduces the risk of misfire and subsequent engine damage.
  • Heavy duty tapered ground electrode to reduce electrode temperature and improve access to the air-fuel mixture. This increases efficiency and provides smoother idling and acceleration
  • Lower ignition voltage requirement compared with many other plug designs for reliable starting in all conditions.


Warranty:1yr / 20,000km


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
Mercedes-Benz400SEW1401993 8cyl 4.2L 4156cc
Mercedes-Benz400SEW1401992 8cyl 4.2L 4196cc
Mercedes-Benz400SELW1401993 8cyl 4.2L 4156cc
Mercedes-Benz400SELW1401992 8cyl 4.2L 4196cc
Mercedes-BenzC43W2021998-2000incl.: AMG8cyl 4.3L 4266cc
Mercedes-BenzCL500C2152000-2006 8cyl M137 E58 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzCL55C2152001-2002incl.: AMG8cyl 5.4L 5439cc
Mercedes-BenzCLK430A2082000-2002incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance8cyl 4.3L 4266cc
Mercedes-BenzCLK430C2081999-2002incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance8cyl 4.3L 4266cc
Mercedes-BenzCLK500A2092003-2004incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzCLK500C2092002-8/2006incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzCLK55C2082000-2002incl.: AMG8cyl 5.4L 5439cc
Mercedes-BenzCLS500C2192006 8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzE430W2101998-2001incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance8cyl 4.3L 4266cc
Mercedes-BenzE500W2112002-9/2006incl.: Avantgarde, Elegance8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzE55W2101998-2002incl.: AMG8cyl 5.4L 5439cc
Mercedes-BenzML430W1631999-2001incl.: Luxury8cyl 4.3L 4266cc
Mercedes-BenzML500W1632001-2005incl.: Luxury, Special Edition8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzML500W1642005-10/2007incl.: Luxury8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzR5002512006-2007incl.: L8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzS420W1401993-1998incl.: L8cyl 4.2L 4156cc
Mercedes-BenzS430V2201999-2002incl.: L8cyl 113.941 4.3L 4266cc
Mercedes-BenzS430W2201999-2005incl.: L8cyl 113.941 4.3L 4266cc
Mercedes-BenzS500V2202002-2003incl.: L8cyl 113.96 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzS500W2202003-2006incl.: L8cyl 113.96 5.0L 4966cc
Mercedes-BenzSL500R2302003-2006 8cyl 5.0L 4966cc
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