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Set of 4 Bosch Spark Plugs
Exclusive Bosch Platinum technology with an enhanced design for 25% longer life compared to standard platinum plugs.
Product Type:  Bosch - Spark Plug
Reference: P6-4, FR7DP, ZPN-19607
GTIN: 4047024059900
Centre ElectrodePlatinum
Warranty: 1 year / 20,000km Warranty
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Spark Plug Set of 4 Bosch
Set of 4 Bosch Spark Plugs
Exclusive Bosch Platinum technology with an enhanced design for 25% longer life compared to standard platinum plugs.
Product Type:  Bosch - Spark Plug
Reference: P6-4, FR7DP, ZPN-19607
GTIN: 4047024059900
Suits Alfa Romeo 156
Suits Alfa Romeo Alfa 33
Suits Alfa Romeo GT
Suits Alfa Romeo GTV
Suits Chrysler Neon JA
Suits Chrysler Neon JB
Suits Daewoo Nubira J100
Suits Daewoo Nubira J150
Suits Eunos 800
Suits Holden Calibra YE
Suits Jaguar Sovereign X308
Suits Jaguar S-Type X200
Suits Jaguar XJ6 X300
Suits Jaguar XJ6 XJ40
Suits Jaguar XJ8 X308
Suits Kia Carens
Suits Kia Mentor FB
Suits Kia Shuma S2
Suits Kia Spectra FB
Suits Mitsubishi Lancer CC
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero Io QA
Suits Morgan Plus 4
Suits Nissan Pulsar N16
Suits Nissan Pulsar N16 S2
Suits Peugeot 205
Suits Peugeot 206 T1
Suits Peugeot 207 A7
Suits Peugeot 306 N3
Suits Peugeot 306 N5
Suits Peugeot 405
Suits Peugeot 405 D70
Suits Peugeot 406
Suits Peugeot 406 D9
Suits Proton M21
Suits Proton Satria
Suits Renault Clio X65
Suits Renault Grand scenic J84
Suits Renault Laguna
Suits Renault Laguna II
Suits Renault Megane X32
Suits Renault Megane X64
Suits Renault Megane X84
Suits Renault Megane X95
Suits Renault Scenic
Suits Renault Scenic J84
Suits Renault Scenic RX4
Suits Suzuki Apv GD
Suits Suzuki APV GD
Suits Suzuki Baleno SY416
Suits Suzuki Carry GA413 DA32T
Suits Suzuki Carry GA413 DA32V
Suits Suzuki Jimny SN413 JB
Suits Suzuki Jimny SN413 JB33C
Suits Suzuki Jimny SN413 JB33V
Suits Suzuki Swift SF416
Suits Suzuki Vitara SE416
Suits Suzuki Vitara SV620
Suits Suzuki X-90 SZ416 LB11S
Suits Volvo 960

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1 year / 20,000km Warranty
Centre ElectrodePlatinum
About Bosch
Premium value over standard platinum plugs
Exclusive Bosch Platinum technology with an enhanced design for 25% longer life compared to standard platinum plugs.

The Platinum Plus advantages at a glance:
  • Platinum technology with yttrium-enhanced ground electrode for 25% longer life compared to standard platinum plugs
  • Pure platinum centre electrode enabling the self-cleaning temperature to be reached seconds after starting. This significantly reduces the risk of misfire and subsequent engine damage.
  • Heavy duty tapered ground electrode to reduce electrode temperature and improve access to the air-fuel mixture. This increases efficiency and provides smoother idling and acceleration
  • Lower ignition voltage requirement compared with many other plug designs for reliable starting in all conditions.
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Vehicle Fitment
MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
Alfa Romeo156 2002-2006incl.: JTS, JTS Selespeed, Ti, Ti Selespeed4cyl 937A1.000 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa Romeo156 2002incl.: Monza Selespeed, Selespeed Twin Spark, Twin Spark4cyl AR32310 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa RomeoAlfa 33 1990-1992incl.: Boxer4cyl 1.7L 1712cc
Alfa RomeoGT 2005-2010incl.: JTS, JTS Monza, Selespeed JTS4cyl 2.0L 1970cc
Alfa RomeoGTV 2003-2004incl.: JTS4cyl JTS 2.0L 1970cc
ChryslerNeonJA1996-1998incl.: LX, SE4cyl S4RE 2.0L 1995cc
ChryslerNeonJB2000-2002incl.: LE, SE4cyl S4RE 2.0L 1995cc
DaewooNubiraJ10010/1998-1999incl.: CDX4cyl X20SED 2.0L 1998cc
DaewooNubiraJ15010/1999-6/2003incl.: CDX, Limited CDX, Sports CDX, X Series CDX4cyl X20SED 2.0L 1998cc
Eunos800 1994-1996incl.: MV6 KJ-ZE 2.3L 2254cc
HoldenCalibraYE1994-1996incl.: Turbo4cyl C20LET 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenCalibraYE1991-1995, 1997 4cyl C20XE 2.0L 1998cc
JaguarSovereignX3081999 8cyl 3.2L 3248cc
JaguarSovereignX3081999 8cyl AJ-V8 3.2L 3248cc
JaguarS-TypeX2001999-2002incl.: SE8cyl 4.0L 3996cc
JaguarXJ6X3001994-1997incl.: Heritage, Sport6cyl AJ16 3.2L 3239cc
JaguarXJ6X3001995-1997incl.: Sovereign6cyl AJ6 4.0L 3980cc
JaguarXJ6XJ401994incl.: Sport6cyl 3.2L 3239cc
JaguarXJ6XJ401989-1994incl.: Sovereign, Sovereign Sport6cyl 4.0L 3980cc
JaguarXJ6XJ401987-1989incl.: Sovereign6cyl AJ6 3.6 3.6L 3590cc
JaguarXJ8X3081997-2000incl.: Sport8cyl AJ 4.0L 3996cc
JaguarXJ8X3082001-2003incl.: Sport8cyl AJ-V8 4.0L 3996cc
KiaCarens 2000-2002 4cyl TB 1.8L 1793cc
KiaMentorFB1998-2000incl.: GLX, Shuma FX Limited Edition, Shuma Limited Edition, SLX4cyl TE 1.8L 1793cc
KiaShumaS22000-2001 4cyl TE 1.8L 1793cc
KiaSpectraFB2001-2004 4cyl TE 1.8L 1793cc
MitsubishiLancerCC1992-1996incl.: GSR4cyl 4G93-DT 1.8L 1834cc
MitsubishiPajero IoQA1999-2001 4cyl 4G18 1.6L 1584cc
MorganPlus 4 2011 4cyl Duratec 2.0L 1999cc
NissanPulsarN162000-5/2003incl.: LX, LX Plus4cyl QG16DE 1.6L 1597cc
NissanPulsarN162001-2002incl.: Q, ST4cyl QG18DE 1.8L 1769cc
NissanPulsarN16 S22002-5/2003incl.: Q, ST4cyl QG18DE 1.8L 1769cc
Peugeot205 1990-1998incl.: Si4cyl XU5M3Z (BDY) 1.6L 1580cc
Peugeot205 1987-1993incl.: GTi4cyl XU9JA (DKZ) 1.9L 1905cc
Peugeot206T11999-2001incl.: XR, XT4cyl TU5JP 1.6L 1587cc
Peugeot206T12002-2007incl.: XR4cyl TU5JP4 1.6L 1387cc
Peugeot207A72007-2009incl.: XR4cyl TU3A(L5) 1.4L 1360cc
Peugeot306N31994-1997incl.: XR, XT4cyl 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N31996-1997incl.: SR4cyl 1.8L 1762cc
Peugeot306N31994incl.: S164cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N31995-1996incl.: XSi4cyl XU10J2 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N31997incl.: XSi4cyl XU10J4R 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N31994incl.: XR4cyl XU7 JP-Z 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N51997-1999incl.: Style, XR, XT4cyl 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N51997-1999incl.: XSi4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N51999-2002incl.: Limited, Rallye, XSi, XT4cyl XU10J4R 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot306N52000incl.: Style4cyl XU7JP4/L3 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot306N51999incl.: Style4cyl XU7JP4\L3 1.8L 1761cc
Peugeot405 1989-1993incl.: Mi16, S, SRI4cyl 1.9L 1905cc
Peugeot405D701993-1995incl.: Mi16, SRI, STi4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot406 1996-1998incl.: ST4cyl 2.0L 1998cc
Peugeot406D92000incl.: ST4cyl XU10J4R 2.0L 1998cc
ProtonM21 1997-1999 4cyl 4G93 1.8L 1834cc
ProtonSatria 2000incl.: XLS4cyl 4G15 1.5L 1468cc
ProtonSatria 2000incl.: Son of a Gun XLi, XLi4cyl 4G92 1.6L 1597cc
ProtonSatria 1999-2004incl.: GTi, GTi EL TIGRE, GTi Limited Edition4cyl 4G93P 1.8L 1834cc
RenaultClioX652001-2007incl.: Authentique, Campus, Expression, Expression Verve, Privilege, Verve Expression4cyl K4JC710 1.4L 1390cc
RenaultClioX652001-2006incl.: Dynamique, Privilege4cyl K4MA744 1.6L 1598cc
RenaultGrand scenicJ842007-2010incl.: Dynamique4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultLaguna 1995-1996incl.: V66cyl 3.0L 2963cc
RenaultLagunaII2002-2004incl.: Expression4cyl F4R 713 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultMeganeX322010incl.: Dynamique, Privilege4cyl M4RJ714 C 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultMeganeX642001-2004incl.: Expression, Privilege4cyl K4MA 1.6L 1598cc
RenaultMeganeX842003-2010incl.: Dynamique, Dynamique LX, Dynamique Sport, Estival, Exception, Expression, LX Limited Edition, Privilege4cyl F4RZ770 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultMeganeX952010incl.: Dynamique4cyl M4RJ714 C 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultScenic 2001-2004incl.: Dynamique, Expression, Privilege4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultScenicJ842005-2009incl.: Authentique, Dynamique, Expression, Latitude4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
RenaultScenicJ842004-2005incl.: Expression4cyl K4M 1.6L 1598cc
RenaultScenicRX42001-2003incl.: Expression, Expression Verve, Privilege, Privilege Verve4cyl F4R 2.0L 1998cc
SuzukiApvGD2005-2016 4cyl G16AID 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiBalenoSY4161995-2001incl.: GA, GL, GLX, GLXII, Special Edition GLX4cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiCarryGA4131999-2005 4cyl G13BB 1.3L 1298cc
SuzukiJimnySN4131998-2002incl.: JLX, JX4cyl G13BB 1.3L 1298cc
SuzukiSwiftSF4161990-1996incl.: GLX4cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiVitaraSE4161988incl.: JLX4cyl G16A 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiVitaraSE4161991-1998incl.: JLX, JLX Estate, JX, JX Estate, Summer Edition4cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
SuzukiVitaraSV6201995-1998incl.: V6V6 H20A 2.0L 1998cc
SuzukiX-90SZ4161996-1998incl.: X904cyl G16B 1.6L 1590cc
Volvo960 1995-1996incl.: SE6cyl 2.9L 2922cc
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