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Set 3 Universal Uni Joints Civillian Bus W40 W41 TD42 4.2L Diesel Front Mid Rear

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Set of 3 Suits -
Front, Middle and Rear Drive-Shaft Universal Joints

Highest Quality Japanese Made Toyo (not to be confused with the Chinese TOYO - aka Japan Spec)

Product Type:  Toyo Japan - Universal Joint

Reference: ZPN-01882


Cap Diameter28 mm
Grooves Inside Yoke56 mm
Cap TypeGroove

TOYO - High Quality Japanese Made Precision Joints

Warning -
You may see other Toyo - (Japan Spec) Joints advertised. These are NOT Made in Japan but made in ROC Republic of China. Whenever you see JAPAN SPEC this will always mean NOT made in Japan. These are not even close to the quality of the True Toyo Japanese Made Joints and it is not the same company. They are cheap copies and they will not last and can even have movement in the caps from new (I have first hand experience with these Copies in the past). The Universal Joint is a hard working componant of the vehicles driveline. Replacing Uni Joints is not a 2 minute job so do yourself a favour and choose quality wisely.


Warranty - 2 year - 40,000km (whichever comes first)


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine DetailsDriveGearingPosition
NissanCabstarF221986-1993incl.: 3.0m4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663ccRWD5speed ManualFront or
Mid Shaft or
NissanCivilianW401991-1999 6cyl TD42 4.2L 4169ccRWD5speed ManualFront or
Mid Shaft or
NissanCivilianW411999-2002 6cyl TD42 4.2L 4169ccRWD5speed ManualFront or
Mid Shaft or
NissanNavaraD222000-2005incl.: DX, STV6 VG30E 3.0L 2960ccRWD4speed AutomaticFront or
Mid Shaft or
NissanNavaraD222000-2005incl.: DX, STV6 VG30E 3.0L 2960ccRWD5speed ManualFront or
Mid Shaft or
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