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Sakura In Line Plastic Fuel Filter alt Z14 Suits 5/16" 8mm Fuel Hose Line - FS1004

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Sakura - Fuel Filter

5/16" (8mm) Hose Fittings
Universal Inline Plastic Clear View Fuel Filter

Product Type:  Sakura - Fuel Filter

Reference: FS1004, ZPN-00887
GTIN: 9318049020509


Height97/61 mm
Outside Diameter50mm
Thread8mm IN/OUT ID Hose


Quality and Warranty
SAKURA's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect. The warranty covers replacement if the product is found to be defective, and the restoration of the engine to its condition before failure in the event of engine failure due to the filter.


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
FordCortinaMk II1970incl.: 440, 440L, GT, GTL4cyl 1.6L (1600) 1598cc
FordCourierPA11/1978-2/1982 4cyl VC 1.8L 1769cc
FordEconovanSGMB6/1979-4/1984incl.: 804cyl NA 1.6L 1586cc
FordEscort 1976incl.: L, XL4cyl 1.3L (1300) 1298cc
FordEscort 1976-1979incl.: Ghia, GL, L, XL4cyl 1.6L (1600) 1598cc
FordEscort 1976incl.: L4cyl 1.6L 1588cc
FordEscort 1980-1981incl.: GL, L4cyl 1.6L 1598cc
FordEscort 1976-1981incl.: Ghia, GL, RS4cyl Pinto 2.0L 1993cc
FordFalconXB11/1973-7/1976 6cyl 200ci Non X-Flow (Cast) 3.3L 200ci
FordFalconXC8/1976-10/1979 6cyl 200ci Non X-Flow (Cast) 3.3L 200ci
FordFalconXC8/1976-10/1979incl.: 250ci, 5006cyl 250ci 1V 4.1L 250ci
FordFalconXC8/1976-10/1979incl.: 250ci, 5006cyl 250ci 2V 4.1L 250ci
FordFalconXW1969incl.: 188ci3.1L 3069cc
FordFalconXW1970 6cyl 3.1L 3080cc
FordFalconXY1970-1971incl.: 250ci, 5006cyl 250ci 1V 4.1L 250ci
FordFalcon VanXC8/1976-10/1979 6cyl 250ci 1V 4.1L 250ci
FordLaserKA3/1981-1983incl.: GL, L4cyl E3 1.3L 1296cc
FordLaserKB1983-3/1985incl.: GL, L4cyl E3 1.3L 1296cc
FordSpectron 1983-1984 4cyl NA 1.6L 1586cc
HoldenRodeoKB291985-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
HoldenRodeoKB441987-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
HoldenRodeoKB491985-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
HoldenRodeoTFR163/1991-8/1993incl.: Deluxe4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
HondaAccord 1981-1983 4cyl EL 1.6L 1602cc
HondaPreludeSN1980-1982 4cyl EL 1.6L 1602cc
Mazda1300FA3TS1974-1976incl.: Deluxe4cyl 1.3L (1300) 1272cc
Mazda1300STB1971, 1973incl.: Deluxe4cyl 1.3L (1300) 1272cc
Mazda1300STBV1974-1976 4cyl 1.3L (1300) 1272cc
Mazda323FA3/1977-1980 4cyl TC 1.3L 1272cc
Mazda626CB6/1978-1982incl.: Deluxe, Special, Super Deluxe4cyl MA 2.0L 1970cc
MazdaB1600PE1977-1978 4cyl NA 1.6L 1586cc
MazdaB1800PE1977-1983incl.: Superute4cyl VC 1.8L 1769cc
MazdaE1300FA5/1978-1980 4cyl TC 1.3L 1272cc
MazdaE1600 5/1978-1983 4cyl NA 1.6L 1586cc
MazdaRX-3S102A1972-1973incl.: Deluxe, Super Deluxe2cyl 10A 1.0L 982cc
MazdaRX-3S124A1974incl.: Deluxe, Super Deluxe2cyl 12A REAPS 1.1L (12A) 1146cc
MazdaRX-4LA23S1974-1975 2cyl 13B REAPS 1.3L (13B) 1308cc
MazdaRX7Series 13/1979-1981 Rotary 12A 1.1L 1146cc
MazdaRX7Series 21981-12/1983 Rotary 12A 1.1L 1146cc
1970 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1976 1977 1973 1974 1975 1969 1971 1985 1986 1987 1988 1991 1992 1993 1972
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