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Sakura Fuel Filter

Note: Inlet Thread M14x1.5, Outlet Thread M12x1.5
Product Type:  Sakura - Fuel Filter
Reference: FS7903, ZPN-07364
GTIN: 8997879500897
Height88.5 mm
Outside Diameter55.5
Warranty: Quality and Warranty
SAKURA's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect. The warranty covers replacement if the product is found to be defective, and the restoration of the engine to its condition before failure in the event of engine failure due to the filter.
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Fuel Filter Sakura
Sakura Fuel Filter

Note: Inlet Thread M14x1.5, Outlet Thread M12x1.5
Product Type:  Sakura - Fuel Filter
Reference: FS7903, ZPN-07364
GTIN: 8997879500897
Suits Daihatsu Charade G102
Suits Daihatsu Charade G200
Suits Daihatsu Charade G200RS
Suits Holden Apollo JK
Suits Holden Apollo JL
Suits Holden Apollo JM
Suits Holden Apollo JP
Suits Hyundai Lantra J1 KF
Suits Lexus ES300 VCV10R
Suits Mitsubishi FTO
Suits Mitsubishi Galant HG
Suits Mitsubishi Galant HH
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SJ
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express WA
Suits Mitsubishi Lancer CB
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TR
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TS
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NJ
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NK
Suits Mitsubishi Pajero NL
Suits Mitsubishi RVR N23W
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KR
Suits Mitsubishi Verada KS
Suits Proton Jumbuck
Suits Proton M21
Suits Proton Persona
Suits Proton Satria
Suits Proton Wira
Suits Toyota Camry MCV20R
Suits Toyota Camry SV11
Suits Toyota Camry SV20
Suits Toyota Camry SV21
Suits Toyota Camry SXV10R
Suits Toyota Camry SXV20R
Suits Toyota Camry VZV21
Suits Toyota Camry Vienta VDV10
Suits Toyota Celica RA65
Suits Toyota Celica ST184R
Suits Toyota Celica ST185R
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-EHMQFQ
Suits Toyota Corolla AE82R AE82R-ELMQFQ
Suits Toyota Corona RT142
Suits Toyota Corona ST170
Suits Toyota Corona ST190
Suits Toyota Corona ST191

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Height88.5 mm
Outside Diameter55.5
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Quality and Warranty
SAKURA's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect. The warranty covers replacement if the product is found to be defective, and the restoration of the engine to its condition before failure in the event of engine failure due to the filter.
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Vehicle Fitment
MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
DaihatsuCharadeG10210/1988-7/1993incl.: Bianco, CR, CS, CX, CXA, SG, SGA, Volare4cyl HC-E 1.3L 1295cc
DaihatsuCharadeG2001996-1998incl.: TS4cyl HC-E 1.3L 1295cc
DaihatsuCharadeG200RS6/1993-1996incl.: CS, CX, Suntop, Toscana, TS4cyl HC-E 1.3L 1295cc
HoldenApolloJK8/1989-1991incl.: SLE4cyl 3S-FE 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenApolloJL1991-1992incl.: GS, SL, SLE, SLX4cyl 3S-FE 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenApolloJM3/1993-1995incl.: GS, SLX4cyl 5S-FE 2.2L 2164cc
HoldenApolloJM3/1993-8/1995incl.: GS, SLXV6 3VZ-FE 3.0L 2959cc
HoldenApolloJP1995-5/1997incl.: GS, SLX4cyl 5S-FE 2.2L 2164cc
HoldenApolloJP1995-1996incl.: GS, SLXV6 3VZ-FE 3.0L 2959cc
HyundaiLantraJ111/1992-8/1995incl.: GL, GLS, Levant4cyl G4CN 1.8L 1836cc
HyundaiLantraJ15/1991-10/1992incl.: GL, GLS4cyl G4CR 1.6L 1596cc
LexusES300VCV10R6/1992-10/1996 V6 3VZ-FE 3.0L 2959cc
MitsubishiFTO 10/1994-1997incl.: GPX, GR6cyl 6A12 2.0L 1998cc
MitsubishiGalantHG1989-6/1990incl.: GSR Turbo4cyl 4G63-DT 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiGalantHG1989-6/1990incl.: SE4cyl 4G63-S2 (EFI) 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiGalantHG1989-6/1990incl.: GTI4cyl 4G63-S4 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiGalantHH6/1990-11/1992incl.: GSR4cyl 4G63-D4 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiGalantHH6/1990-11/1993incl.: VR44cyl 4G63-DT 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiGalantHH6/1990-11/1993incl.: SE4cyl 4G63-S2 (EFI) 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSJ6/1994-10/2003 4cyl 4G64-S4 2.4L 2350cc
MitsubishiL300 ExpressWA6/1994-2005incl.: Walk-Thru4cyl 4G64-S4 2.4L 2350cc
MitsubishiLancerCB6/1990-6/1992incl.: GSR4cyl 4G61 1.6L 1596cc
MitsubishiMagnaTR4/1991-3/1994incl.: Elite, Executive, Profile, SE4cyl 4G54B 2.6L 2555cc
 Note1:only suits models with EFI Models
MitsubishiMagnaTR4/1991-3/1994incl.: ExecutiveV6 6G72-S2 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiMagnaTS3/1994-1996incl.: Executive, Safari, SE4cyl 4G54B 2.6L 2555cc
 Note1:Does NOT Fit Carby Models
MitsubishiMagnaTS3/1994-1996incl.: Advance, Executive, SE, V6 SiV6 6G72-S2 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiPajeroNJ7/1993-5/1996incl.: GL, GLS, GLXV6 6G72-S2 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiPajeroNJ7/1993-1996incl.: Escape, Exceed, GLS, GLXV6 6G74-D4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiPajeroNK1996-5/1997incl.: GL, GLS, GLXV6 6G72-S2 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiPajeroNK1996-5/1997incl.: GLS, GLXV6 6G74-D4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiPajeroNL6/1997-6/2000incl.: Escape, Exceed, GL, GLS, GLXV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiRVRN23W10/1992-1996incl.: Sportsgear4cyl 4G63-D4 2.0L 1997cc
MitsubishiVeradaKR7/1991-3/1994incl.: Ei, XiV6 6G72-S2 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiVeradaKS3/1994-9/1996incl.: Ei, XiV6 6G72-S2 3.0L 2972cc
ProtonJumbuck 2/2003-4/2013incl.: GLi, GLSi4cyl 4G15 1.5L 1468cc
ProtonM21 10/1997-1999 4cyl 4G93 1.8L 1834cc
ProtonPersona 9/1999-6/2002incl.: GLi4cyl 4G13 1.3L 1298cc
ProtonPersona 1996-10/2004incl.: GLi, Limited Edition GLi, XLi, XLi S4cyl 4G15 1.5L 1468cc
ProtonPersona 1997-11/2000incl.: XLi4cyl 4G92 1.6L 1597cc
ProtonSatria 9/1999-6/2002incl.: GL4cyl 4G13 1.3L 1298cc
ProtonSatria 2/1997-1/2005incl.: GL, GLi, XLi, XLS4cyl 4G15 1.5L 1468cc
ProtonSatria 2/1997-11/2000incl.: Son of a Gun XLi, XLi4cyl 4G92 1.6L 1597cc
ProtonSatria 10/1999-2004incl.: GTi, GTi EL TIGRE, GTi Limited Edition4cyl 4G93P 1.8L 1834cc
ProtonWira 1995-1996incl.: GL, GLi4cyl 4G15 1.5L 1468cc
ProtonWira 1995-1996incl.: XLi, XLi Aeroback4cyl 4G92 1.6L 1597cc
ToyotaCamryMCV20R8/1997-9/2000incl.: Azura, Conquest, CSi, TouringV6 1MZ-FE 3.0L 2995cc
ToyotaCamrySV111983-7/1986incl.: GLi4cyl 2S-EL 2.0L 1995cc
ToyotaCamrySV201987-8/1989incl.: CS, SE4cyl 1S-E 1.8L 1832cc
ToyotaCamrySV215/1987-1992incl.: CS, CSi, CSX, Executive, Olympic Spirit, SE, Ultima4cyl 3S-FE 2.0L 1998cc
ToyotaCamrySXV10R3/1993-1997incl.: CSi, CSX, Executive, Getaway, Intrigue, Ultima4cyl 5S-FE 2.2L 2164cc
ToyotaCamrySXV20R8/1997-8/2002incl.: Advantage Limited Edition CSi, Conquest, CSi, CSX, Intrigue Conquest4cyl 5S-FE 2.2L 2164cc
ToyotaCamryVZV216/1988-3/1993incl.: V6V6 2VZ-FE 2.5L 2507cc
ToyotaCamry VientaVDV103/1993-9/1995incl.: CSi, CSX, Touring, UltimaV6 3VZ-FE 3.0L 2958cc
ToyotaCelicaRA651984-1985incl.: ST, XT4cyl 22R-E 2.4L 2366cc
ToyotaCelicaST184R11/1989-3/1994incl.: SX, WRC Trophy4cyl 5S-FE 2.2L 2164cc
ToyotaCelicaST185R1990-1992incl.: GT4, GT4 Rallye4cyl 3S-GTE 2.0L 1998cc
ToyotaCorollaAE82R1/1986-5/1989incl.: Twin Cam GT, Twin Cam Seca GT4cyl 4A-GELC 1.6L 1587cc
ToyotaCoronaRT1421984-1987incl.: CSi, CXi4cyl 22R-E 2.4L 2366cc
ToyotaCoronaST1701987-1992incl.: EX, Select, SF4cyl 4S-FE 1.8L 1838cc
ToyotaCoronaST1901992incl.: EX, Select4cyl 4S-FE 1.8L 1838cc
ToyotaCoronaST1911992-1996incl.: SF4cyl 3S-FE 2.0L 1998cc
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