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Sakura Engine Oil Filter Mazda 626 GE GW 1992-2002 4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc - C1711

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Sakura - Oil Filter

Product Type:  Sakura - Oil Filter

Reference: C1711, C-1711, ZPN-07958


Height85 mm
OD68 mm


Quality and Warranty
SAKURA's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect. The warranty covers replacement if the product is found to be defective, and the restoration of the engine to its condition before failure in the event of engine failure due to the filter.


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
FordEconovanJG1997-1999incl.: Maxi4cyl FE 2.0L 1998cc
FordEconovanJH1999-2002incl.: Maxi4cyl FE 2.0L 1998cc
FordEconovanJH2003-2005 4cyl FE-12V 2.0L 1998cc
FordEconovanSGME1985-1997incl.: Maxi, XL Maxi4cyl FE 2.0L 1998cc
FordEconovanSGMW1986-1988 4cyl FE 2.0L 1998cc
FordLaserKQ2001-2002incl.: GLXi, SR4cyl FP 1.8L 1839cc
FordLaserKQ2001-2002incl.: SR24cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
FordLaserKQ2001-2002incl.: LXi4cyl ZM 1.6L 1597cc
FordTelstarAT1987-1989incl.: GL4cyl FE 2.0L 1998cc
FordTelstarAX1992-1994incl.: Ghia, GLX4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
FordTelstarAY1994-1996incl.: Ghia, GLX4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
FordTelstar TX5AT1988-1989incl.: GL4cyl FE 2.0L 1998cc
FordTelstar TX5AX1992-1994incl.: Ghia4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
FordTelstar TX5AY1994-1996incl.: Ghia4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
KiaCredos 1998-2000incl.: GLX4cyl FE-DOHC 2.0L 1998cc
KiaSportageJA1996-2004incl.: FX, GSE, SE4cyl FE-DOHC 2.0L 1998cc
Mazda626GE1992-1997incl.: Deluxe, SDX4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
Mazda626GW1998-2002incl.: Classic, Classic Extra4cyl FS 2.0L 1991cc
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