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Rust-Stop Electronic Rust Protection System for 4x4 Trucks 12volt - 6 Electrodes - RS5.3HD

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Brand New RustStop RS5 - 5.3 Heavy Duty - 6 Anodes Electronic Rust Protection
6 Anodes to suit 12 volt 4x4, bus, truck
  • 24 Hour Protection for your 4WD, ute, truck, bus, SUV.
  • 100% of Metal Protected inside and out, where sprays cannot reach.
  • Separate Two-Channel Output gives intelligent protection where you need it most.
  • Combines two proven technologies making it effective in wet and dry conditions.
  • Designed by certified engineers with over 30 years experience in electronic rust protection.
  • RustStop RS-5 uses a dual technology to be effective in both wet and dry conditions.
  • The Rust Magnets give customers visual proof that the system is working.
  • Suitable for New and Used vehicles.
  • It helps protect the entire car, inside and out, which sprays cannot do.
  • Independent test results that show RustStop RS-5 inhibits approximately 76% of rust (i.e. increase life by over 400%).
  • RustStop RS-5 even helps control formed rust from spreading.
  • Will compliment any other undercoating or spray-on type rust proofing, increasing your protection.
  • Transferrable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Simple 5-Step installation, no special tools needed
  • RustStop RS-5 has four indicator lights i.e Operate Light, Fault Light, Inspection Light and Battery Low Light.
  • Uses less battery current than most vehicle alarm systems.
  • Will not interfere with other electrical installation
  • Ten (10) Year Warranty
How RustStop RS-5 Works
Brief Explanation: Rust needs free-electrons to form. The strong positive charge on the Rust Magnets attracts the negative free-electrons away from the vehicle and they now corrode rather than the vehicle.

  • The Electronic Components are contained in a high quality ABS approved enclosure, which can withstand very low temperatures as well as the very high temperatures in the engine compartment.
  • The Output Voltage on the anodes is stepped up to between 40 - 47 Volts DC, in comparison to the usual 12 Volts output from all other units on the market.
  • The unit has reverse polarity protection against incorrect connection to the battery.
  • A Metal Oxide Varistor is used to protect the unit from damage against lightening and transient spikes from the alternator and starter motor.
  • Components from companies such as Phillips and Hewlett Packard are used to ensure a quality product, hence we offer a limited 10 YEAR WARRANTY on the electronics.
  • The current drawn is between 10 - 35mA.
Technical Specifications
  • Input voltage: 12 Volt DC (6V/24V avail.)
  • Current drawn: Approx. 10 - 35mA
  • Ground: (-) Negative
  • Housing: Flame Retardent ABS
  • Control Module Weight: 160g (12V), 180g (24V)
  • Control Unit Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 3cm
  • Output Voltage: (+) 40 - 47 Volts
RUSTSTOP HAS NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS: RustStop will not drain your battery or reduce its life span. In fact it acts as a dual-purpose medium by warning you by an indicate facility that your battery requires charging or replacement. The unit when operational draws less current than most alarm systems; RustStop will compliment any anti-rusting method already carried out on the vehicle such as rubberizing although it does entirely eliminate the necessity for this messy process. RustStop is safe and will not cause electrical shocks if a person touches the vehicle. RustStop is environmentally friendly. Even when fitted incorrectly, RustStop could never accelerate rusting.

Product Type:  RustStop - Exterior Accessory

Reference: RS5.3HD, ZPN-12668
GTIN: 9350849016917

RustStop has come a long way since those early days, the ERP systems are more effective, efficient and professional, but it still uses the same basic technology developed over 20 years ago, which has yet to be duplicated successfully. One of the key principles that has made RustStop so successful is the fact that they have remained realistic and honest about the expected results from their products. The fact is that nothing will stop rust 100%, not even RustStop, and there are too many companies claiming to do so, but RustStop will provide one of the best forms of overall rust protection available on the market.


Warranty:10 Years

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