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Polyurethane Sway Bark Link Bush Kit (8 Bushes)

Note: Please check specifications as some variations are known
Whichever road you choose, first choose PolyTuff Bushings for improved ride, control, handling and safety
Product Type:  PolyTuff - Sway Bar Link Bush
Reference: SB8092-8K, ZPN-03031
Bushes in Pack8
OD24.5 mm
ID9.5 mm
Length17 mm
Warranty: PolyTuff Automotive warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for a limited period of 5 year's / 100,000km (first occurrence). The warranty applies to passenger & 4WD vehicles where standard driving conditions related to the original vehicle specifications are adhered to. Manufacturer warranty applies only when part in question is used in designated/listed purpose and fitted in accordance with basic fitting instructions and original manufactures torque specifications. All claims are to be made through your local agent accompanied by original purchase invoice. Warranty extends to PolyTuff manufactured parts only; labour claims, time loss, consequent damage or freight charges will not be honoured. Product finish or damage caused from aged/damaged housings/mounting points are not warranted. Listed warranty period only applies to Australian roads.
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Sway Bar Link Bush (Front) PolyTuff
Polyurethane Sway Bark Link Bush Kit (8 Bushes)

Note: Please check specifications as some variations are known
Whichever road you choose, first choose PolyTuff Bushings for improved ride, control, handling and safety
Product Type:  PolyTuff - Sway Bar Link Bush
Reference: SB8092-8K, ZPN-03031
Suits Chrysler Lancer LA
Suits Chrysler Lancer LB
Suits Chrysler Lancer LC
Suits Chrysler Valiant AP5
Suits Chrysler Valiant AP6
Suits Chrysler Valiant CL
Suits Chrysler Valiant CM
Suits Chrysler Valiant VC
Suits Chrysler Valiant VE
Suits Chrysler Valiant VF
Suits Chrysler Valiant VG
Suits Chrysler Valiant VH
Suits Chrysler Valiant VJ
Suits Chrysler Valiant VK
Suits Chrysler Valiant Charger CL
Suits Chrysler Valiant Charger VH
Suits Chrysler Valiant Charger VJ
Suits Chrysler Valiant Charger VK
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F70
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F75
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F77
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F80
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F85
Suits Daihatsu Rocky F87
Suits Datsun 1600 510
Suits Datsun 260Z C30
Suits Ford Corsair UA
Suits Ford Courier PA
Suits Ford Courier PB
Suits Ford Courier PC
Suits Ford Courier PD
Suits Ford Maverick DA
Suits Ford Raider UV
Suits Ford Trader 0509
Suits Hillman Hunter
Suits Holden 1 Tonne HJ
Suits Holden 1 Tonne HQ
Suits Holden 1 Tonne HX
Suits Holden 1 Tonne HZ
Suits Holden 1 Tonne WB
Suits Holden Barina MB
Suits Holden Barina ML
Suits Holden Belmont HG
Suits Holden Belmont HJ
Suits Holden Belmont HQ
Suits Holden Belmont HT
Suits Holden Belmont HX
Suits Holden Belmont HZ
Suits Holden Brock Commodore VC
Suits Holden Brock Commodore VK
Suits Holden Brock Commodore VL
Suits Holden Brougham HG
Suits Holden Brougham HK
Suits Holden Brougham HT
Suits Holden Calais VK
Suits Holden Calais VL
Suits Holden Caprice WB
Suits Holden Commodore VB
Suits Holden Commodore VC
Suits Holden Commodore VH
Suits Holden Commodore VK
Suits Holden Commodore VL
Suits Holden E Series EH
Suits Holden E Series EJ
Suits Holden Gemini TC
Suits Holden Gemini TD
Suits Holden Gemini TE
Suits Holden Gemini TF
Suits Holden Gemini TG
Suits Holden Gemini TX
Suits Holden H Series HD
Suits Holden H Series HG
Suits Holden H Series HJ
Suits Holden H Series HK
Suits Holden H Series HQ
Suits Holden H Series HR
Suits Holden H Series HT
Suits Holden H Series HX
Suits Holden H Series HZ
Suits Holden Kingswood HG
Suits Holden Kingswood HJ
Suits Holden Kingswood HQ
Suits Holden Kingswood HT
Suits Holden Kingswood HX
Suits Holden Kingswood HZ
Suits Holden Kingswood WB
Suits Holden Monaro HG
Suits Holden Monaro HJ
Suits Holden Monaro HQ
Suits Holden Monaro HT
Suits Holden Monaro HX
Suits Holden Monaro HZ
Suits Holden Premier HG
Suits Holden Premier HJ
Suits Holden Premier HQ
Suits Holden Premier HT
Suits Holden Premier HX
Suits Holden Premier HZ
Suits Holden Rodeo KB26
Suits Holden Rodeo KB27
Suits Holden Rodeo KB28
Suits Holden Rodeo KB29
Suits Holden Rodeo KB40
Suits Holden Rodeo KB41
Suits Holden Rodeo KB42
Suits Holden Rodeo KB43
Suits Holden Rodeo KB44
Suits Holden Rodeo KB48
Suits Holden Rodeo KB49
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD26
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD27
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD41
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD42
Suits Holden Sandman HJ
Suits Holden Sandman HX
Suits Holden Sandman HZ
Suits Holden Shuttle WFR
Suits Holden Statesman HJ
Suits Holden Statesman HQ
Suits Holden Statesman HX
Suits Holden Statesman HZ
Suits Holden Statesman WB
Suits Holden Sunbird LX
Suits Holden Sunbird UC
Suits Holden Torana HB
Suits Holden Torana LH
Suits Holden Torana LX
Suits Holden Torana UC
Suits Holden (HSV) Commodore VL
Suits Hyundai Sonata Y2 AF21S
Suits Hyundai Sonata Y2 AF31S
Suits Jaguar 420G
Suits Mazda 1300 STB
Suits Mazda 626 CB
Suits Mazda 929 HBES
Suits Mazda 929 HBSHE
Suits Mazda B1800 PE B Series
Suits Mazda B2000 UD B Series
Suits Mazda B2000 UF B Series
Suits Mazda B2200 B Series
Suits Mazda B2200 UD B Series
Suits Mazda B2200 UF B Series
Suits Mazda B2500 UF Bravo
Suits Mazda B2500 UN Bravo
Suits Mazda B2600 UF B Series
Suits Mazda B2600 UN B Series
Suits Mazda RX-5 CD23C
Suits Mazda RX7 Series 1
Suits Mazda RX7 Series 2
Suits Mazda RX7 Series 3
Suits Mitsubishi Cordia AA
Suits Mitsubishi Cordia AB
Suits Mitsubishi Cordia AC
Suits Mitsubishi Delica P25W
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SF
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SG
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SH
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Express SJ
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SF
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SG
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SH
Suits Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon SJ
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TM
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TN
Suits Mitsubishi Magna TP
Suits Mitsubishi Nimbus UA
Suits Mitsubishi Nimbus UB
Suits Mitsubishi Nimbus UC
Suits Mitsubishi Sigma GE
Suits Mitsubishi Sigma GH
Suits Mitsubishi Sigma GJ
Suits Mitsubishi Sigma GK
Suits Mitsubishi Sigma GN
Suits Mitsubishi Starion JA
Suits Mitsubishi Starion JB
Suits Mitsubishi Starion JD
Suits Mitsubishi Triton ME
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MF
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MG
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MH
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MJ
Suits Nissan 300ZX Z31
Suits Nissan 720
Suits Nissan Bluebird 910
Suits Nissan Bluebird 910 Series 3
Suits Nissan Gazelle S12
Suits Nissan Maxima J30
Suits Nissan Navara D21
Suits Nissan Patrol GQ Y60
Suits Nissan Patrol GU Y61
Suits Nissan Pintara R31
Suits Nissan Pintara U12
Suits Nissan Skyline HR31
Suits Nissan Skyline R30
Suits Nissan Skyline R31
Suits Nissan Skyline R32
Suits Nissan Urvan E23
Suits Nissan Urvan E24
Suits Proton Jumbuck
Suits Proton Wira
Suits Toyota Celica RA23
Suits Toyota Celica RA28
Suits Toyota Celica RA40
Suits Toyota Celica TA22
Suits Toyota Celica TA23
Suits Toyota Corolla AE86R
Suits Toyota Corolla AE92
Suits Toyota Corolla AE93
Suits Toyota Corolla AE94
Suits Toyota Corolla AE95R
Suits Toyota Corolla AE96
Suits Toyota Corolla Sprinter AE86R
Suits Toyota Corona RT104
Suits Toyota Corona RT118
Suits Toyota Corona RT132
Suits Toyota Corona RT133
Suits Toyota Corona RT40
Suits Toyota Corona XT130
Suits Toyota Crown MS111
Suits Toyota Crown MS112
Suits Toyota Crown MS123
Suits Toyota Crown MS65
Suits Toyota Crown MS83
Suits Toyota Crown MS85
Suits Toyota Dyna LH80R
Suits Toyota Dyna YH81R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH103R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH113R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH125R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH162R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH172R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH184R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH30
Suits Toyota Hiace LH50
Suits Toyota Hiace RH11
Suits Toyota Hiace RH16
Suits Toyota Hiace RH20
Suits Toyota Hiace RH22
Suits Toyota Hiace RH32
Suits Toyota Hiace RH42
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH103R
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH113R
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH125R
Suits Toyota Hiace YH50
Suits Toyota Hilux KZN165R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN107R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN111R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN147R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN167R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN172R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN85R
Suits Toyota Hilux LN86R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN106R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN110R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN20
Suits Toyota Hilux RN25
Suits Toyota Hilux RN85R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN90R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN147R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN149R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN154R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN169R
Suits Toyota Hilux RZN174R
Suits Toyota Hilux VZN167R
Suits Toyota Hilux VZN172R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN85R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner LN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner LN61
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner RN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner VZN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux 4Runner YN63
Suits Toyota Hilux Surf LN130R
Suits Toyota Hilux Surf LN61
Suits Toyota Hilux Surf VZN130R
Suits Toyota Landcruiser BJ42 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ45 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ45 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ47 40 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser HZJ75 75 Series
Suits Toyota Liteace CM35
Suits Toyota Liteace CM36V
Suits Toyota Liteace KM36
Suits Toyota Liteace YM30RG
Suits Toyota Liteace YM35
Suits Toyota Liteace YM40
Suits Toyota Liteace YM41
Suits Toyota MR2 AW11
Suits Toyota MR2 SW20R
Suits Toyota Tarago CR21
Suits Toyota Tarago YR20
Suits Toyota Tarago YR21
Suits Toyota Tarago YR22
Suits Toyota Tarago YR31
Suits Volvo 144 140
Suits Volvo 145 140

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All our products are brand new
5 year / 100,000km Warranty
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Bushes in Pack8
OD24.5 mm
ID9.5 mm
Length17 mm
About PolyTuff
PolyTuff Suspension bushings will improve your ride, control, handling and safety

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, oil and grease.
  • Design and manufactured in Australia for Aussie conditions.
  • Long lasting durability and performance.
  • Hardened steel tubes (where applicable) are treated for corrosion resistance.
PolyTuff is Made in Australia for 'Aussie condtions' using the Highest Quality Polyurethane and components.

Beware of the low quality "generic named" products that are available in the market.

To produce a truly long lasting PolyTuff polyurethane bushing (for Cars and 4wds) requires meticulous formulation and stringent manufacturing processes.

IMPORTANT: For Polyurethane Bushes use a Lithium or Silicon based grease only. DO NOT use Wheel bearing or Rubber grease.It is always Encouraged + recommended that a licenced workshop or tradesperson carry out the fitting procedure and that workshop manual, Factory Specifications and relevant safety procedures are followed.
Product Reviews
PolyTuff Automotive warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for a limited period of 5 year's / 100,000km (first occurrence). The warranty applies to passenger & 4WD vehicles where standard driving conditions related to the original vehicle specifications are adhered to. Manufacturer warranty applies only when part in question is used in designated/listed purpose and fitted in accordance with basic fitting instructions and original manufactures torque specifications. All claims are to be made through your local agent accompanied by original purchase invoice. Warranty extends to PolyTuff manufactured parts only; labour claims, time loss, consequent damage or freight charges will not be honoured. Product finish or damage caused from aged/damaged housings/mounting points are not warranted. Listed warranty period only applies to Australian roads.
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Vehicle Fitment
ChryslerLancerLA1974-1976incl.: GLRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerLancerLB1977-1979incl.: GLRWD3door HatchbackFront
ChryslerLancerLB1977-1979incl.: GLRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerLancerLC1979-1981incl.: GLRWD3door HatchbackFront
ChryslerValiantAP51963-1965incl.: RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantAP51963-1965incl.: RegalRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantAP61965-1966incl.: RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantAP61965-1966incl.: RegalRWD4door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantAP61965-1966incl.: RegalRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantCL1977-1979 RWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantCL1977-1979 RWD2door VanFront
ChryslerValiantCL1976-1978incl.: RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantCL1976-1978incl.: RegalRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantCM1978-1981incl.: GLX, RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantCM1978-1981incl.: RegalRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVC1966-1967incl.: RegalRWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantVC1966-1967incl.: RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantVC1966-1967incl.: SafariRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVE1967-1969incl.: WayfarerRWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantVE1967-1969incl.: RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantVE1967-1969incl.: SafariRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVF1969-1970incl.: Regal, Regal 770RWD2door HardtopFront
ChryslerValiantVF1969-1970incl.: WayfareRWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantVF1969-1970incl.: Pacer, Regal, Regal 770RWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantVF1969-1970incl.: SafariRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVG1970-1971incl.: Pacer, RegalRWD2door HardtopFront
ChryslerValiantVG1970-1972incl.: wayfareRWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantVG1970-1971incl.: PacerRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantVG1970-1971incl.: SafariRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVH1971-1973incl.: RegalRWD2door HardtopFront
ChryslerValiantVH1971-1973 RWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantVH1971-1973incl.: Regal SafariRWD2door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVH1971-1973incl.: Pacer, Ranger, Regal, Regal 770RWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantVH1971-1973incl.: Ranger XLRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVJ1973-1975incl.: RegalRWD2door HardtopFront
ChryslerValiantVJ1973-1975 RWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantVJ1973-1975incl.: Ranger, RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantVJ1973-1975incl.: RangerRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiantVK1975-1976incl.: XLRWD2door CoupeFront
ChryslerValiantVK1975-1976 RWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiantVK1975-1976incl.: Ranger, RegalRWD4door SedanFront
ChryslerValiantVK1975-1976incl.: Ranger, RegalRWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiant ChargerCL1976-1978incl.: 770RWD2door CoupeFront
ChryslerValiant ChargerVH1971-1973incl.: 770, 770 E55, RT, RT E37, RT E38, RT E49RWD2door CoupeFront
ChryslerValiant ChargerVH1971-1973 RWD2door UtilityFront
ChryslerValiant ChargerVH1971-1973 RWD4door WagonFront
ChryslerValiant ChargerVJ1973-1975incl.: 770, XLRWD2door CoupeFront
ChryslerValiant ChargerVK1975-1976incl.: 770, XLRWD2door CoupeFront
DaihatsuRockyF701984-1993 4X42door HardtopFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
DaihatsuRockyF701985-1986 4X42door SofttopFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
DaihatsuRockyF751984-1993 4X42door WagonFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
DaihatsuRockyF771986-1993 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
DaihatsuRockyF801984-1988incl.: Deluxe, EX4X42door HardtopFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
DaihatsuRockyF801984-1986incl.: Softtop4X42door SofttopFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
DaihatsuRockyF851984-1989incl.: DX4X42door WagonFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
DaihatsuRockyF871986-1989 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
 Note1:To Lower Control Arm
Datsun16005101970-1972incl.: GLRWD4door SedanFront
Datsun16005101971incl.: GLRWD4door WagonFront
Datsun260ZC301974-1978incl.: 2+2RWD2door CoupeFront
FordCorsairUA1989-1992incl.: Ghia, GLFWD4door SedanFront
FordCorsairUA1990-1992incl.: Ghia, GLFWD5door LiftbackFront
FordCourierPA1981-1982 RWD2door UtilityFront
FordCourierPB1981-1985 RWD2door UtilityFront
FordCourierPB1985incl.: XLTRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
FordCourierPB1985incl.: XLRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
FordCourierPC1988-1996incl.: XL4X42door Cab ChassisFront
FordCourierPC1987, 1989-1990, 1992-1996incl.: XL4X42door UtilityFront
FordCourierPC1987, 1989-1990, 1993-1996incl.: XL, XLT4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
FordCourierPC1988-1996incl.: XL4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
FordCourierPC1988-1996incl.: XLRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
FordCourierPC1985-1996incl.: XLRWD2door UtilityFront
FordCourierPC1985, 1987, 1993-1996incl.: XL, XLTRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
FordCourierPC1985, 1989-1996incl.: XLRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
FordCourierPD1996-1999incl.: XL4X42door Cab ChassisFront
FordCourierPD1996-1999incl.: XL4X42door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
FordCourierPD1996-1999incl.: XL4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
FordCourierPD1996-1999incl.: XL4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
FordCourierPD1996-1999incl.: XLRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
FordCourierPD1996-1999 RWD2door UtilityFront
FordCourierPD1996-1998 RWD2door Utility Dual CabFront
FordCourierPD1997-1999incl.: XLRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
FordCourierPD1997-1999incl.: XLRWD4door Cab Chassis Dual CabFront
FordCourierPD1996-1999incl.: XLRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
FordMaverickDA1989-1994 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
FordMaverickDA1988-1994incl.: XL, XLT4X42door HardtopFront
FordMaverickDA1988-1994 4X42door UtilityFront
FordMaverickDA1988-1994incl.: XL4X44door WagonFront
FordRaiderUV1991-1997 4X44door WagonFront
FordTrader05091979-1985 RWDCab ChassisFront
HillmanHunter 1969, 1971incl.: Royal 660RWD4door SedanFront
Holden1 TonneHJ1974-1976 RWD2door TraytopFront
Holden1 TonneHQ1972-1974 RWD2door TraytopFront
Holden1 TonneHX1976-1977 RWD2door TraytopFront
Holden1 TonneHZ1977-1979 RWD2door TraytopFront
Holden1 TonneWB1980-1985 RWD2door TraytopFront
HoldenBarinaMB1985 FWD2door HatchbackFront
HoldenBarinaMB1986 FWD5door HatchbackFront
HoldenBarinaML1986-1989 FWD5door HatchbackFront
HoldenBelmontHG1971 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenBelmontHG1971 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenBelmontHG1971 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBelmontHG1970-1971 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenBelmontHJ1974-1976 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBelmontHJ1974-1976 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenBelmontHQ1972-1974 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenBelmontHQ1974 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenBelmontHQ1972, 1974 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenBelmontHQ1972-1974 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBelmontHQ1973 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenBelmontHX1976-1977 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenBelmontHZ1977-1980 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenBelmontHZ1979 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenBrock CommodoreVC1981incl.: HDTRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBrock CommodoreVK1985incl.: SS, SS Group 3RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBrock CommodoreVL1986incl.: SSRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBroughamHG1970-1971 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBroughamHK1968-1969 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenBroughamHT1969-1970 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCalaisVK1984-1986incl.: DirectorRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCalaisVL1986-1988incl.: TurboRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCalaisVL1988incl.: TurboRWD4door WagonFront
HoldenCapriceWB1980-1984 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCommodoreVB1978-1980incl.: Dual Exhaust, L, SL, SL/E, SLERWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCommodoreVB1978-1980incl.: SLRWD4door WagonFront
HoldenCommodoreVC1980-1981incl.: L, SL, SLE, SLE Dual Exhaust, V8 Dual ExhaustRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCommodoreVC1980-1981incl.: L, SLRWD4door WagonFront
HoldenCommodoreVH1981-1983incl.: SL, SLE, SLE Dual Exhaust, SLX, SS, SS Dual Exhaust, VacationerRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCommodoreVH1981-1984incl.: SL, SLXRWD4door WagonFront
HoldenCommodoreVK1984-1986incl.: Berlina, Executive, SL, SS Group A, VacationerRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCommodoreVK1984-1986incl.: Berlina, EFi, Executive, SL, VacationerRWD4door WagonFront
HoldenCommodoreVL1986-1988incl.: 200, Berlina, Berlina Turbo, Executive, Executive Turbo, SL, SL Turbo, SS Group A, V8 HDT SS Group A, VacationerRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenCommodoreVL1986-1988incl.: Berlina, Berlina Turbo, Executive, Executive Turbo, SL, SL Turbo, Vacationer, Vacationer TurboRWD4door WagonFront
HoldenE SeriesEH1963-1965 RWD2door UteFront
HoldenE SeriesEH1963-1965 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenE SeriesEH1963-1965 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenE SeriesEH1963-1965 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenE SeriesEJ1962-1963 RWD2door UteFront
HoldenE SeriesEJ1962-1963 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenE SeriesEJ1962-1963 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenE SeriesEJ1962-1963 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenGeminiTC1977-1978incl.: SLRWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenGeminiTC1977-1978incl.: SLRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenGeminiTD1978-1979incl.: SL/ERWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenGeminiTD1978-1979 RWD2door WagonFront
HoldenGeminiTD1978-1979 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenGeminiTD1978-1979incl.: SL, SL/E, SL/XRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenGeminiTE1979-1982 RWD2door WagonFront
HoldenGeminiTE1979-1982 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenGeminiTE1979-1982incl.: SL, SL/X, SLXRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenGeminiTF1982-1983 RWD2door WagonFront
HoldenGeminiTF1982-1983 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenGeminiTF1982-1983incl.: SL, SL/XRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenGeminiTG1983-1984 RWD2door WagonFront
HoldenGeminiTG1983-1984 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenGeminiTG1983-1985incl.: SL, SL/X, ZZ/ZRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenGeminiTX1975-1977incl.: SLRWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenGeminiTX1975-1977incl.: SLRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHD1965-1966 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHD1965-1966 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHD1965-1966 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHD1965-1966 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenH SeriesHJ1974-1976 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHJ1974-1976 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHK1968-1969 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHK1968-1969 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHK1968-1969 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHK1968-1969 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenH SeriesHQ1971-1974 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHQ1971-1974 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHQ1971-1974 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHQ1971-1974 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenH SeriesHR1966-1968 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHR1966-1968 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHR1966-1968 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHR1966-1968 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenH SeriesHT1969-1970 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHX1976-1977 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHX1976-1977 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHX1976-1977 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHX1976-1977 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenH SeriesHZ1977-1980 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenH SeriesHZ1977-1980 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenH SeriesHZ1977-1980 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenH SeriesHZ1977-1980 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenKingswoodHG1971 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenKingswoodHG1970-1971 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenKingswoodHG1970-1971 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenKingswoodHJ1974-1976 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenKingswoodHJ1976 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenKingswoodHJ1974-1976incl.: VacationerRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenKingswoodHJ1974-1976 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenKingswoodHQ1972-1974 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenKingswoodHQ1971-1974incl.: VacationerRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenKingswoodHQ1971-1974 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenKingswoodHX1976-1977 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenKingswoodHX1976-1977 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenKingswoodHX1976-1977incl.: DeluxeRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenKingswoodHX1976-1977 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenKingswoodHZ1977-1980 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenKingswoodHZ1978-1980 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenKingswoodHZ1977-1980incl.: SLRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenKingswoodHZ1977-1980incl.: SL, Vacationer SLRWD4door WagonFront
HoldenKingswoodWB1980-1985incl.: V8RWD2door UteFront
HoldenKingswoodWB1980-1985 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenKingswoodWB1980-1985incl.: V8RWD2door VanFront
HoldenKingswoodWB1980-1985 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenMonaroHG1970-1971incl.: GTSRWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenMonaroHG1970-1971 RWDCoupeFront
HoldenMonaroHJ1974-1976incl.: GTSRWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenMonaroHJ1974-1976incl.: GTSRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenMonaroHQ1971-1974incl.: GTS, LSRWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenMonaroHQ1973-1974incl.: GTSRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenMonaroHT1968-1970incl.: GTSRWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenMonaroHX1976-1977incl.: LERWD2door CoupeFront
HoldenMonaroHX1976-1977incl.: GTSRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenMonaroHZ1977-1980incl.: GTSRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenPremierHG1970-1971 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenPremierHG1970-1971 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenPremierHJ1974-1976 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenPremierHJ1974-1976 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenPremierHQ1971-1974 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenPremierHQ1971-1974 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenPremierHT1969-1970 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenPremierHT1969-1970 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenPremierHX1976-1977 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenPremierHX1976-1977 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenPremierHZ1977-1979 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenPremierHZ1977-1979 RWD4door WagonFront
HoldenRodeoKB261982-1985 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB271982-1983 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB281983-1986incl.: Deluxe, LSRWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB281985-1986incl.: DLRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
HoldenRodeoKB291985-1988 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB401979-1980 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB411981-1984 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB421983 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB431983-1986 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB441987-1988 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKB481984-1987 4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
HoldenRodeoKB491985-1988 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKBD261981-1982 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKBD271983 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKBD411981-1982 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenRodeoKBD421983-1985 4X42door UtilityFront
HoldenSandmanHJ1974-1976 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenSandmanHJ1974-1975 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenSandmanHX1976 RWD2door VanFront
HoldenSandmanHX1976 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenSandmanHZ1978 RWD2door UtilityFront
HoldenSandmanHZ1978 RWD3door VanFront
HoldenShuttleWFR1982-1991incl.: D, WindowRWD3door VanFront
HoldenShuttleWFR1982-1987 RWD4door VanFront
HoldenStatesmanHJ1974-1976incl.: Caprice, De VilleRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenStatesmanHQ1971-1974incl.: Custom, De VilleRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenStatesmanHX1976-1977incl.: De VilleRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenStatesmanHZ1978-1979incl.: De Ville, SL/ERWD4door SedanFront
HoldenStatesmanWB1980-1985incl.: De VilleRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenSunbirdLX1977-1978 RWD2door LiftbackFront
HoldenSunbirdLX1976-1978 RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenSunbirdUC1976-1980incl.: SLRWD4door SedanFront
HoldenToranaHB1967-1969 RWDSedanFront
HoldenToranaLH1974-1976incl.: L34, S, SL, SL/R, V8RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenToranaLX1976-1978incl.: A9X, SL, SS, V8RWD3door HatchbackFront
HoldenToranaLX1976-1978incl.: A9X, S, SL, SL/R, V8RWD4door SedanFront
HoldenToranaUC1978-1979incl.: SLRWD3door HatchbackFront
HoldenToranaUC1978-1979incl.: S, SLRWD4door SedanFront
Holden (HSV)CommodoreVL1988-1989incl.: WalkinshawRWD4door SedanFront
HyundaiSonataY21989-1991incl.: GL, GLSFWD4door SedanFront
Jaguar420G 1970-1971 RWD4door SedanFront
Mazda1300STB1971 RWD2door CoupeFront
Mazda1300STB1971 RWD2door SedanFront
Mazda1300STB1971 RWD4door SedanFront
Mazda626CB1979-1982incl.: Super DeluxeRWD2door HardtopFront
Mazda626CB1978-1982incl.: Deluxe, Special, Super DeluxeRWD4door SedanFront
Mazda929HBES1984-1986incl.: Limited, LuxuryRWD2door HardtopFront
Mazda929HBES1984-1987incl.: Limited, Luxury, MXRWD4door HardtopFront
Mazda929HBES1984-1987incl.: Deluxe, i GLX, LimitedRWD4door SedanFront
Mazda929HBSHE1982-1983incl.: Limited, LuxuryRWD2door HardtopFront
Mazda929HBSHE1982-1983incl.: Deluxe, LimitedRWD4door SedanFront
MazdaB1800PE1977-1983incl.: SuperuteRWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2000UD1982-1985incl.: BravoRWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2000UF1985-1988incl.: BravoRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2000UF1985-1988incl.: Bravo, Deluxe, DL, Super DeluxeRWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2000UF1986incl.: DeluxeRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2200 1992 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2200UD1981-1985 RWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2200UF1985-1996incl.: DeluxeRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2200UF1985-1996incl.: DeluxeRWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2200UF1987, 1991incl.: DeluxeRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2200UF1988-1989, 1991 RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2200UF1988-1991 RWDUteFront
MazdaB2500UF1996-1999incl.: Boss, DX4X42door UtilityFront
MazdaB2500UF1996-1999incl.: Bravo Plus, Bravo Plus SDX, DX, SDX4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2500UF1996-1999incl.: DXRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2500UF1996-1999 RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2500UN1999-2006incl.: DX4X42door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2500UN1999-2002incl.: DX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
MazdaB2500UN1999-2002incl.: DX4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2500UN2002-2006incl.: Free Style DX4X44door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
MazdaB2500UN1999-2006incl.: Bravo Plus, Bravo Plus SDX, DX, DX Bravo Plus, SDX, SDX Bravo Plus4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2500UN2002-2006incl.: Free Style DX, Freestyle SDX4X44door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2500UN1999-2006incl.: DXRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2500UN1999incl.: DXRWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2500UN2005-2006incl.: Free Style DXRWD4door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
MazdaB2500UN2004-2006incl.: DXRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2500UN2004-2006incl.: Free Style DXRWD4door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2600UF1987-1999incl.: Bravo, Bravo DX, Deluxe, Deluxe Bravo, DX4X42door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2600UF1993, 1995-1996, 1999incl.: Bravo, Bravo DX, DX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
MazdaB2600UF1997-1998incl.: Boss, Boss Bravo4X42door TraytopFront
MazdaB2600UF1987-1999incl.: Bravo, Deluxe, Deluxe Bravo, DX, Super Deluxe4X42door UtilityFront
MazdaB2600UF1987-1988, 1990-1991, 1993-1996, 1998incl.: Bravo, Deluxe, DX, SDX, SDX Bravo, Super Deluxe4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2600UF1990-1999incl.: Bravo, Bravo DX, Bravo Plus, Bravo Plus SDX, Bravo SDX, DX, Plus Bravo, SDX, SDX Bravo4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2600UF1991-1999incl.: Bravo, Deluxe Bravo, DXRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2600UF1999incl.: BXRWD2door TraytopFront
MazdaB2600UF1991-1998incl.: Bravo, Deluxe Bravo, DXRWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2600UF1992, 1995-1998incl.: Bravo, DXRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2600UF1991-1999incl.: Bravo, Bravo Plus, Bravo Plus SDX, DX, Plus Bravo, SDXRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2600UF1999incl.: BravoRWDUtilityFront
MazdaB2600UN2000-2001incl.: Bravo DX4X42door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2600UN2000-2001incl.: Bravo DX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
MazdaB2600UN1999-2006incl.: Bravo4X42door UtilityFront
MazdaB2600UN1999-2001incl.: Bravo DX4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2600UN1999-2006incl.: Bravo DX, Bravo Plus, Bravo Plus SDX, DX, DX Bravo Plus, SDX, SDX Bravo Plus4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2600UN1999-2006incl.: Bravo DX, DXRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
MazdaB2600UN2000incl.: BXRWD2door TraytopFront
MazdaB2600UN1999-2006incl.: Bravo DX, DXRWD2door UtilityFront
MazdaB2600UN1999-2002incl.: Bravo DX, DXRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaB2600UN2000-2006incl.: Bravo DX, Bravo Plus, DX Bravo PlusRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
MazdaB2600UN2002-2006incl.: Free Style DXRWD4door Utility Extended CabFront
MazdaRX-5CD23C1976 RWD2door CoupeFront
MazdaRX7Series 11979-1981 RWD2door CoupeFront
MazdaRX7Series 21981-1983 RWD2door CoupeFront
MazdaRX7Series 31984-1985incl.: LimitedRWD2door CoupeFront
MitsubishiCordiaAA1983-1984incl.: GSL, GSRFWD3door HatchbackFront
 Note1:To Chassis
MitsubishiCordiaAB1984-1985incl.: GSL, GSRFWD3door HatchbackFront
 Note1:To Chassis
MitsubishiCordiaAC1985-1989incl.: GSL, GSRFWD3door HatchbackFront
 Note1:To Chassis
MitsubishiDelicaP25W1989-1994incl.: Chamonix, Exceed4X43door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSF1987-1990 4X43door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSF1986-1990 RWDVanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSG1990-1991 4X43door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSG1990-1992incl.: WindowRWDVanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSH1991-1994 4X43door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSH1991-1994incl.: WindowRWDVanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSJ1994-2000 4X4VanFront
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSJ1994-2014incl.: i, WindowRWDVanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSF1986-1990 4X43door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSF1986-1990incl.: GL, GLX, SERWD3door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSG1990-1991 4X43door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSG1990-1992incl.: GL, GLX, SERWD3door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSH1991-1994 4X44door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSH1991-1994incl.: GL, GLX, SERWD3door VanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSJ2000-2003 4X4VanFront
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSJ1994-2003incl.: SatelliteRWD3door VanFront
MitsubishiMagnaTM1985-1987incl.: Elite, Executive, GLX, SEFWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiMagnaTN1987-1989incl.: Elite, Executive, GLX, SEFWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiMagnaTN1987-1989incl.: Elite, GLX, SEFWD4door WagonFront
MitsubishiMagnaTP1989-1991incl.: Elante, Elite, Executive, GLX, SEFWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiMagnaTP1989-1991incl.: Elite, Executive, GLX, Grand Tourer, SEFWD4door WagonFront
MitsubishiNimbusUA1984-1985incl.: GLXFWD4door WagonFront
 Note1:To Chassis
MitsubishiNimbusUB1985-1987incl.: GLXFWD4door WagonFront
 Note1:To Chassis
MitsubishiNimbusUC1988-1992incl.: GLXFWD4door WagonFront
 Note1:To Chassis
MitsubishiSigmaGE1977-1980 RWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiSigmaGE1978-1980 RWD4door WagonFront
MitsubishiSigmaGH1980-1982incl.: Turbo, XLRWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiSigmaGH1980-1982 RWD4door WagonFront
MitsubishiSigmaGJ1982-1984incl.: XLRWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiSigmaGJ1982-1984 RWD4door WagonFront
MitsubishiSigmaGK1984-1985incl.: GL, GSR, SE, SE Super, XLRWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiSigmaGK1984-1985incl.: GL, SERWD4door WagonFront
MitsubishiSigmaGN1985-1987incl.: GLRWD4door SedanFront
MitsubishiSigmaGN1985-1986incl.: GLRWD4door WagonFront
MitsubishiStarionJA1982-1984 RWD3door HatchbackFront
MitsubishiStarionJB1985 RWD3door HatchbackFront
MitsubishiStarionJD1985-1987 RWD3door HatchbackFront
MitsubishiTritonME1986-1988 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonME1986-1988incl.: DeluxeRWD2door UtilityFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonME1986-1988incl.: DeluxeRWD4door UtilityFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMF1988-1989 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMF1988-1989 RWD2door UtilityFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMF1988-1989 RWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMF1988-1989 RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMG1989-1990 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMG1989-1990 RWD2door UtilityFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMG1989-1990 RWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMG1989-1990 RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMH1990-1992incl.: MX, StandardRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMH1990-1992incl.: MX, StandardRWD2door UtilityFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMH1991-1992 RWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMH1990-1992incl.: StandardRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMJ1992-1996incl.: MX, StandardRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMJ1992-1996incl.: TDRWD2door UteFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMJ1992-1995incl.: MX, StandardRWD2door UtilityFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMJ1992-1996 RWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMJ1992-1996incl.: TDRWD4door UteFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
MitsubishiTritonMJ1992-1996 RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
 Note1:only suits 2WD models
Nissan300ZXZ311984-1989incl.: Limited Edition, TurboRWD2door CoupeFront
Nissan720 1982-1987 4X42door UtilityFront
Nissan720 1982-1987 4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
Nissan720 1979-1986 RWD2door UtilityFront
Nissan720 1982-1985 RWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
Nissan720 1985 RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
NissanBluebird9101981-1986incl.: GL, GX, GXE, LX, TRXRWD4door SedanFront
NissanBluebird9101981-1986incl.: GL, UltraRWD4door WagonFront
NissanGazelleS121984-1986 RWD2door CoupeFront
NissanGazelleS121984-1985, 1987-1988 RWD3door LiftbackFront
NissanMaximaJ301990-1994incl.: Executive, LE, M, TiFWD4door SedanFront
NissanNavaraD211990-1997incl.: DX, Nugget4X42door Cab ChassisFront
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX4X42door UtilityFront
NissanNavaraD211986-1987, 1989, 1991incl.: DX, ST4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
NissanNavaraD211986-1997incl.: DX, ST4X44door Utility Dual CabFront
NissanNavaraD211985-1997incl.: DX, NuggetRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
NissanNavaraD211986-1997incl.: DX, NuggetRWD2door UtilityFront
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, STRWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
NissanNavaraD211986-1997incl.: DX, ST, TiRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
NissanPatrolGQ1988-1999incl.: DX, ST, Town and Country4X42door Cab ChassisFront
NissanPatrolGQ1988-1995incl.: DX, ST, Ti4X42door HardtopFront
NissanPatrolGQ1988-1997incl.: DX, ST4X42door UtilityFront
NissanPatrolGQ1988-1997incl.: DX, GLi, LE, RX, RX3, ST, ST-3, Ti4X44door WagonFront
NissanPatrolGU1999-2016incl.: DX, DX Plus, ST, ST Plus4X42door Cab ChassisFront
NissanPatrolGU1997-2016incl.: DX, DX5, ST, ST Plus, ST-L, ST-S, Ti, Walkabout4X44door WagonFront
NissanPintaraR311986-1989incl.: GLi, GX, GXERWD4door SedanFront
NissanPintaraR311986-1990incl.: Executive, GLi, GX, GXERWD4door WagonFront
NissanPintaraU121990-1992incl.: Executive, GLi, T, TiFWD4door HatchbackFront
NissanPintaraU121989-1992incl.: Executive, GLi, T, Ti, TRXFWD4door SedanFront
NissanPintaraU121989incl.: Executive, GLiRWD4door SedanFront
NissanSkylineHR311989incl.: GTS-TRWD2door CoupeFront
NissanSkylineHR311987-1988incl.: GTS-TRWD4door SedanFront
NissanSkylineR301982-1986incl.: TiRWD4door SedanFront
NissanSkylineR301981-1986 RWD4door WagonFront
NissanSkylineR311987-1989incl.: GTS, GTS-TRWD2door CoupeFront
NissanSkylineR311986-1990incl.: Executive, GTS-T, GX, GXE, Silhouette, TiRWD4door SedanFront
NissanSkylineR311986-1990incl.: Executive, GX, GXERWD4door WagonFront
NissanSkylineR321990-1993incl.: GTR, GT-R, GTS-4AWD2door CoupeFront
NissanSkylineR321990-1993incl.: GTS, GTS-TRWD2door CoupeFront
NissanSkylineR321989-1993incl.: GTS-TRWD4door SedanFront
NissanUrvanE231980-1986incl.: D, MicrobusRWDVanFront
NissanUrvanE241987-1993incl.: Cargo, Microbus, Stubbie, WindowRWDVanFront
ProtonJumbuck 2003-2013incl.: GLi, GLSiFWD2door UtilityFront
ProtonWira 1995-1996incl.: GL, GLi, XLiFWD4door SedanFront
ProtonWira 1995-1996incl.: GLi, XLi AerobackFWD5door HatchbackFront
ToyotaCelicaRA231976-1977incl.: LTRWD2door CoupeFront
ToyotaCelicaRA281975-1977incl.: LTRWD3door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCelicaRA401978-1981incl.: LTRWD2door CoupeFront
ToyotaCelicaRA401980-1981incl.: LTRWD2door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCelicaRA401978-1979incl.: LTRWD3door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCelicaTA221971-1976incl.: LTRWD2door CoupeFront
ToyotaCelicaTA231975-1977 RWD2door CoupeFront
ToyotaCorollaAE86R1983-1987incl.: GT, SRRWD3door CoupeFront
ToyotaCorollaAE921989-1994incl.: CS, CSX, SEFWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCorollaAE921989-1994incl.: CS, CS Seca, CSX, CSX Seca, EFI, SE, Spirit, Spirit SecaFWD5door HatchbackFront
ToyotaCorollaAE921989incl.: CS SecaFWD5door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCorollaAE931989-1994incl.: GTi, SXFWD5door HatchbackFront
ToyotaCorollaAE931989-1994incl.: EFi, RV Seca, SX SecaFWD5door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCorollaAE941991-1994incl.: CSi, CSi Limited, UltimaFWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCorollaAE941991-1993incl.: CSi, CSi Limited Seca, CSi Seca, Ultima SecaFWD5door HatchbackFront
ToyotaCorollaAE941992-1994incl.: CSi, CSi Limited, CSi Limited Seca, CSi SecaFWD5door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCorollaAE95R1988-1995incl.: CSi, Olympic Spirit, SR5, XL4X44door WagonFront
ToyotaCorollaAE961992-1994incl.: RV Seca, Ultima SecaFWD5door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCorolla SprinterAE86R1983-1985incl.: SRRWD3door CoupeFront
ToyotaCoronaRT1041974 RWD2door SedanFront
ToyotaCoronaRT1041974-1979 RWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCoronaRT1181974-1979 RWD4door WagonFront
ToyotaCoronaRT1321979-1980 RWD5door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCoronaRT1331982-1983incl.: XXRWD4door LiftbackFront
ToyotaCoronaRT1331982-1984incl.: XXRWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCoronaRT401967-1970 RWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCoronaXT1301979-1983 RWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCoronaXT1301979-1983 RWD4door WagonFront
ToyotaCrownMS1111979-1980incl.: SuperRWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCrownMS1121979-1983incl.: RoyalRWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCrownMS1231983-1985incl.: RoyalRWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCrownMS651971-1975incl.: Custom, SERWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaCrownMS831975-1976 RWD4door WagonFront
ToyotaCrownMS851974-1979 RWD4door SedanFront
ToyotaDynaLH80R1985-1991incl.: 100 3.0mRWD2door TraytopFront
ToyotaDynaYH81R1985-1995incl.: 100 3.0mRWD2door TraytopFront
ToyotaDynaYH81R1985-1992incl.: 100RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiaceLH103R1989-2000 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceLH113R1989-2000 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceLH125R1989-2000incl.: CommuterRWD4door BusFront
ToyotaHiaceLH162R2000-2004 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceLH172R2000-2004 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceLH184R2000-2004incl.: CommuterRWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceLH301981-1982 RWDBusFront
ToyotaHiaceLH301981-1982 RWDVanFront
ToyotaHiaceLH501982-1983 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceRH111977-1982 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiaceRH111977-1982 RWD3door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceRH161972-1977 RWDVanFront
ToyotaHiaceRH201977-1982 RWD3door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceRH221980-1982 RWDVanFront
ToyotaHiaceRH321979-1982 RWDVanFront
ToyotaHiaceRH421977-1982 RWDBusFront
ToyotaHiaceRZH103R1989-2004incl.: WindowRWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceRZH113R1989-2004 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceRZH125R1989-2005incl.: CommuterRWD4door VanFront
ToyotaHiaceYH501982-1986 RWD3door VanFront
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR54X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR54X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R2002-2005 4X44door Cab Chassis Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN107R1991-1997incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN111R1989-1997 4X42door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN111R1988-1997incl.: SR54X42door Utility Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN147R1997-2005 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxLN147R1997-2000 RWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxLN147R1997-2005 RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2005 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2001 4X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxLN167R2001-2005 4X44door Cab Chassis Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2005incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1998-2005 4X42door Cab Chassis Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1998-2001 4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN85R1988-1994 RWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxLN85R1988-1994incl.: DXRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxLN86R1991-1997 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxLN86R1991-1997 RWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxLN86R1991-1997incl.: DX, TamworthRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRN106R1991-1997incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRN110R1988-1997incl.: SR54X42door Utility Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRN201972-1978 RWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxRN251975-1978 RWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997 RWD2door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997 RWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5, TamworthRWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRN90R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5RWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN147R1997-2002incl.: WorkmateRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN147R1997-2002incl.: WorkmateRWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R1997-2005incl.: WorkmateRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R1997-2005 RWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R1997-2005incl.: SR5RWD4door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN154R1998-2005 RWD2door Utility Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002 4X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxRZN174R1998-2002 4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005 4X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual CabFront
ToyotaHiluxVZN172R2002-2005 4X42door Utility Extended CabFront
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1988-1997incl.: GrinnerRWD2door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1988-1997incl.: GrinnerRWD2door UtilityFront
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN130R1989-1990incl.: SR54X42door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN130R1989-1996incl.: DX, SR54X44door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN611985-1989incl.: DX, SR54X42door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerRN130R1989-1996incl.: DX, Sports, SR54X44door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerVZN130R1990-1991incl.: SR54X42door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerVZN130R1990-1996incl.: Advantage Limited Edition RV6, Getaway, Olympic Spirit, RV6, SR5, SR5 Limited4X44door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN631985-1989incl.: DX, SR54X42door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux SurfLN130R1989-1993incl.: SSR4X42door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux SurfLN130R1989-1993incl.: SSR4X44door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux SurfLN611985-1989incl.: SR5 Turbo4X42door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux SurfVZN130R1990-1993incl.: SSR, SSR Widebody4X42door WagonFront
ToyotaHilux SurfVZN130R1990-1995incl.: SSR, SSR Widebody4X44door WagonFront
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ421980-1984 4X42door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ451982-1984 4X42door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ451969-1984 4X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ751984-1992 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ751984-1992incl.: 11seat, 3 Seat, 6 Seat, Troopcarrier4X42door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ751992-1999 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ751992-1998incl.: RV4X42door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ751992-1999incl.: Troopcarrier4X44door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ451975-1976 4X42doorFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ451977-1980 4X42door TraytopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ451977-1980 4X42door WagonFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ471980-1984 4X42door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ471980-1984 4X42door TraytopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ471980-1984 4X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ751987-1990 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ751984-1987incl.: 3 Seat4X42door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ751984-1990 4X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ751984-1990incl.: 11 Seat, 3 Seat, 6 Seat4X43door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ751990-1999 4X42door Cab ChassisFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ751990-1999incl.: 11seat, 3 Seat, 6 Seat, RV4X42door HardtopFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ751990-1999 4X42door UtilityFront
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ751993-1999incl.: Troopcarrier4X44door HardtopFront
ToyotaLiteaceCM351985-1988 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaLiteaceCM36V1988-1991 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaLiteaceKM361985-1992 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaLiteaceYM30RG1985-1991incl.: 8 SeatRWD4door WagonFront
ToyotaLiteaceYM351985-1991 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaLiteaceYM401986-1988incl.: Xtra Trak4X44door WagonFront
ToyotaLiteaceYM411986-1987 RWD4door VanFront
ToyotaMR2AW111987-1990 RWD2door CoupeFront
ToyotaMR2SW20R1990-1999incl.: Bathurst, GTRWD2door CoupeFront
ToyotaTaragoCR211985-1988incl.: DXRWD4door VanFront
ToyotaTaragoYR201983-1984incl.: DX, GL, GLSRWD4door VanFront
ToyotaTaragoYR211985-1986incl.: DX, GXRWD3door VanFront
ToyotaTaragoYR211984-1990incl.: DX, GL, GLS, GXRWD4door VanFront
ToyotaTaragoYR221985-1986incl.: GLiRWD3door VanFront
ToyotaTaragoYR221986-1990incl.: GLi, GLS, GXi, RVRWD4door VanFront
ToyotaTaragoYR311986-1990incl.: GLi Xtra Track4X44door VanFront
Volvo1441401972-1974incl.: Deluxe, GLRWD4door SedanFront
Volvo1451401970 RWD4door WagonFront
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