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Rear Engine Gearbox Mount Transmission Mount Cozza - EM3534

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Application -
Rear Engine - Manual Gearbox Mount - This is for 1 mount

High Quality - Long Lasting Rubber Mounts

COZZA is engineered for reliability, durability and great value. Wherever you go you'll get there with COZZA.

Product Type:  Cozza - Transmission Mount

Reference: EM3534, ZPN-00890
GTIN: 9350849013534

Wherever you go you'll get there with COZZA

COZZA automotive parts are engineered for fit and reliability, and offer exceptional value for money without sacrificing part performance or product lifespan.

Keep your Car on the road for less with COZZA, both you and your wallet will be glad you did.

  • Wide range of Driveline, Suspension and Steering
  • 2 year / 50,000km* limited warranty
  • Manufactured in OEM facilities to specified standards


Warranty:2yr / 50,000km


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeGearingDriveEngine Details
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 1KZ-TE 3.0L 2982cc
ToyotaHiluxLN107R1991-1998incl.: SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaHiluxLN111R8/1991-1997incl.: SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2000 5speed Manual4X44cyl 5L 3.0L 2955cc
ToyotaHiluxLN167R2000-2005incl.: SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 5L-E 3.0L 2986cc
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1997-2000 5speed Manual4X44cyl 5L 3.0L 2955cc
ToyotaHiluxLN172R2000-2005 5speed Manual4X44cyl 5L-E 3.0L 2986cc
ToyotaHiluxRN106R1991-1997incl.: SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 22R 2.4L 2366cc
ToyotaHiluxRN110R8/1991-1997incl.: SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 22R 2.4L 2366cc
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN130R1989-1996incl.: DX, SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerRN130R1989-1996incl.: DX, Sports, SR55speed Manual4X44cyl 22R 2.4L 2366cc
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerVZN130R1990-1996incl.: Advantage Limited Edition RV6, Getaway, Olympic Spirit, RV6, SR5, SR5 Limited5speed Manual4X4V6 3VZ-FE 3.0L 2958cc
ToyotaHilux SurfLN130R1989-1990incl.: SSR5speed Manual4X44cyl 2L-T 2.4L 2446cc
ToyotaHilux SurfLN130R1990-1993incl.: SSR5speed Manual4X44cyl 2L-TE 2.4L 2446cc
ToyotaHilux SurfVZN130R1990-1995incl.: SSR, SSR Widebody5speed Manual4X4V6 3VZ-FE 3.0L 2958cc
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