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Rear Gearbox Mount - Manual Transmission ONLY

Also known as Rear Engine Mount
COZZA is engineered for reliability, durability and great value. Wherever you go you'll get there with COZZA.
Product Type:  Cozza - Transmission Mount
Reference: EM9864, ZPN-24014
GTIN: 9350849019864
Warranty: 2 year / 50,000km Warranty
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Gearbox Mount Transmission Mount Cozza
Rear Gearbox Mount - Manual Transmission ONLY

Also known as Rear Engine Mount
COZZA is engineered for reliability, durability and great value. Wherever you go you'll get there with COZZA.
Product Type:  Cozza - Transmission Mount
Reference: EM9864, ZPN-24014
GTIN: 9350849019864
Suits Toyota Dyna LY211R
Suits Toyota Dyna LY60R
Suits Toyota Dyna LY61R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH103R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH113R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH125R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH162R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH172R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH184R
Suits Toyota Hiace LH51
Suits Toyota Hiace LH60
Suits Toyota Hiace LH61
Suits Toyota Hiace LH71
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH103R
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH113R
Suits Toyota Hiace RZH125R
Suits Toyota Hiace YH50
Suits Toyota Hiace YH51
Suits Toyota Hiace YH61
Suits Toyota Hiace YH63
Suits Toyota Hiace YH71
Suits Toyota Hiace YH73
Suits Toyota Hilux RN85R
Suits Toyota Hilux RN90R
Suits Toyota Hilux YN85R
Suits Toyota Liteace YM30RG
Suits Toyota Liteace YM35

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2 year / 50,000km Warranty
About Cozza
Wherever you go you'll get there with COZZA

COZZA automotive parts are engineered for fit and reliability, and offer exceptional value for money without sacrificing part performance or product lifespan.

Keep your Car on the road for less with COZZA, both you and your wallet will be glad you did.

  • Wide range of Driveline, Suspension and Steering
  • 2 year / 50,000km* limited warranty
  • Manufactured in OEM facilities to specified standards
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Vehicle Fitment
MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeGearingDriveEngine Details
ToyotaDynaLY211R1995-2001incl.: 1505speed ManualRWD4cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaDynaLY60R1985-1988incl.: 150 3.5m5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2L 2.4L 2446cc
ToyotaDynaLY61R1988-1995incl.: 150 3.5m5speed ManualRWD4cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaHiaceLH103R1989-2000 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaHiaceLH113R1989-2000 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaHiaceLH125R1989-2000incl.: Commuter5speed ManualRWD4cyl 3L 2.8L 2779cc
ToyotaHiaceLH162R2000-2004 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 5L 3.0L 2955cc
ToyotaHiaceLH172R2000-2004 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 5L 3.0L 2955cc
ToyotaHiaceLH184R2000-2004incl.: Commuter5speed ManualRWD4cyl 5L 3.0L 2955cc
ToyotaHiaceLH511984-1989 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2L 2.4L 2446cc
ToyotaHiaceLH601982-1983 5speed ManualRWD4cyl L 2.2L 2188cc
ToyotaHiaceLH611984-1989 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2L 2.4L 2446cc
ToyotaHiaceLH711983-1989 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2L 2.4L 2446cc
ToyotaHiaceRZH103R1989-1998incl.: Window5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2RZ 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaHiaceRZH103R1998-2004 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2RZ-E 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaHiaceRZH113R1989-1998 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2RZ 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaHiaceRZH113R1998-2004 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2RZ-E 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaHiaceRZH125R1989-1998incl.: Commuter5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2RZ 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaHiaceRZH125R1998-2005incl.: Commuter5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2RZ-E 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaHiaceYH501982, 1984-1986 4speed ManualRWD4cyl 2Y 1.8L 1812cc
ToyotaHiaceYH511984-1986 4speed ManualRWD4cyl 3Y-C 2.0L 1998cc
ToyotaHiaceYH611982-1986 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 3Y-C 2.0L 1998cc
ToyotaHiaceYH631986-1989 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 4Y-C 2.2L 2237cc
ToyotaHiaceYH711982-1987 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 3Y-C 2.0L 1998cc
ToyotaHiaceYH711988-1989 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 4Y-C 2.2L 2237cc
ToyotaHiaceYH731986-1989 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 4Y-C 2.2L 2237cc
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1992-1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth5speed ManualRWD4cyl 22R 2.4L 2366cc
ToyotaHiluxRN85R8/1991 to End 1991incl.: DX, SR55speed ManualRWD4cyl 22R 2.4L 2366cc
 Note1:only suits models from 8/1991 onwards
ToyotaHiluxRN90R1992-1997incl.: DX, SR55speed ManualRWD4cyl 22R 2.4L 2366cc
ToyotaHiluxRN90R8/1991 to End 1991incl.: DX, SR55speed ManualRWD4cyl 22R 2.4L 2366cc
 Note1:only suits models from 8/1991 onwards
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1993-1997incl.: Grinner5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2Y 1.8L 1812cc
ToyotaLiteaceYM30RG1985-1991incl.: 8 Seat5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2Y-C 1.8L 1812cc
ToyotaLiteaceYM351985-1991 5speed ManualRWD4cyl 2Y 1.8L 1812cc
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 2002 2003 2004 1984 1982 1983 2005
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