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LS0248 4X4 Leaf Spring Bush PolyTuff suits Holden Colorado RC TFS85 - LS0248

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Single Bush

PolyTuff Suspension bushings will improve your suspension - Excellent abrasion, chemical, oil, grease resistance compared to rubber.

Product Type:  PolyTuff - Leaf Spring Bush

Reference: LS0248, ZPN-00231



PolyTuff Suspension bushings will improve your suspension:

  • Excellent abrasion, chemical, oil, grease resistance compared to rubber
  • Flexible with high load bearing capabilities
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Steel Tubes (where applicable) Hardened & Chemically Treated for Corrosion Resistance
Giving your vehicle
  • Improved steering, road holding and performance
  • Longer tyre & suspension component life
PolyTuff is Made in Australia with Australian Components and the Highest Quality Polyurethane

Beware of the low quality "generic named" product available. Several important ingrediants and procedures need to be followed to produce a true long lasting polyurethane bushing that will endure what a car or 4wd suspension system needs to endure. It is possible to produce a poly bushing without following the vital steps but it will not last and at best will need to be replaced well before its time and at worse cause further damage to other suspension componants.

It is always Encouraged + recommended that a licenced workshop or tradesperson carry out the fitting procedure and that workshop manual, Factory Specifications and relevant safety procedures are followed.


PolyTuff Automotive warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for a limited period of 5 year's / 100,000km (first occurrence). The warranty applies to passenger & 4WD vehicles where standard driving conditions related to the original vehicle specifications are adhered to. Manufacturer warranty applies only when part in question is used in designated/listed purpose and fitted in accordance with basic fitting instructions and original manufactures torque specifications. All claims are to be made through your local agent accompanied by original purchase invoice. Warranty extends to PolyTuff manufactured parts only; labour claims, time loss, consequent damage or freight charges will not be honoured. Product finish or damage caused from aged/damaged housings/mounting points are not warranted. Listed warranty period only applies to Australian roads.


Vehicle Fitment

Great WallV200K22012-2017 4X44door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
Great WallV200K22011-2017 4X44door Utility Dual Cab
Great WallV200K22011-2017 RWD4door Utility Dual Cab
Great WallV240K22010-2017 4X42door Cab Chassis
Great WallV240K22009-2014incl.: Super Luxury4X44door Utility Dual Cab
Great WallV240K22010-2017 RWD2door Cab Chassis
Great WallV240K22009-2017incl.: Super LuxuryRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
Great WallX200CC2011-2017 4X44door Wagon
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2012incl.: DX, LX4X42door Cab Chassis
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2012incl.: LX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2012incl.: LX4X44door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2012incl.: LT-R, LX, LX-R4X44door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2012incl.: DX, i, i V6, LXRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2010incl.: LXRWD2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2012incl.: LXRWD2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenColoradoRC2008-2012incl.: i V6, LT-R, LXRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenJackarooUBS131981-1985 4X42door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS161985-1988incl.: Deluxe4X42door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS161985-1988incl.: Deluxe, LS4X44door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS171989-1992 4X42door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS171988-1992incl.: Deluxe, LS4X44door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS521981-1985incl.: Deluxe, LS4X42door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS521985-1986, 1988incl.: Deluxe, LS4X44door Wagon
HoldenJackarooUBS551989-1992incl.: Deluxe, LS4X44door Wagon
HoldenRodeoKB261981-1985 RWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB271982-1983 RWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB281983-1987incl.: Deluxe, LSRWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB281985-1986incl.: DLRWD2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoKB291985-1988 RWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB401978-1980 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB411981-1985 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB421982-1983 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB431983-1986 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB441987-1988 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoKB481984-1987 4X42door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoKB491985-1988 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoKBD261981-1982 RWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKBD271983 RWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoKBD411981-1982 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoKBD421983-1988 4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: DX, LX4X42door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: LX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2006incl.: LT Space, LX4X42door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: LX4X44door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: LT, LT 60th Anniversary, LTZ, LX, LX 60th Anniversary4X44door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: DX, LXRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: LXRWD2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: DX, LXRWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: LXRWD2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoRA2003-2008incl.: LT, LTZ, LXRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTF2001-2003incl.: LX4X42door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTF2001-2003 RWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR161991-1993incl.: DeluxeRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR161991-1993incl.: DeluxeRWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR171988-1998incl.: Deluxe, DX, LX, Space DLX, StandardRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR171995-1998incl.: LXRWD2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR171988-1998incl.: Deluxe, LS, LXRWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR171989-1998incl.: LS, LXRWD2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR171988-1998incl.: Deluxe, LT, LXRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR251998-2003incl.: LX, LX 50th AnniversaryRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR251998-2003incl.: LXRWD2door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR251999-2003incl.: LXRWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR251998-2003incl.: LXRWD2door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR251998-2003incl.: LT, LX, LX 50th AnniversaryRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR301998-2003incl.: DXRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR301998-2001incl.: DXRWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR301998-2003incl.: DX, LTRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFR541988-1992incl.: DeluxeRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR541988-1992incl.: DeluxeRWD2door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFR551993-2003incl.: Deluxe, LXRWD2door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFR552000-2003incl.: LXRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS171988-1997incl.: Deluxe, DX, LX4X42door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFS171989-1992incl.: Deluxe, LS4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFS171989-1998incl.: LS4X42door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS171989-1997incl.: Deluxe, LX4X44door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS251998-2003incl.: LX4X42door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFS252001-2003incl.: LX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS251999-2001incl.: LX4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFS251998-2003incl.: LS, LX, Sport LT Space4X42door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS251998-2003incl.: LT, LT Sports, LX4X44door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS541988-1992 4X42door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFS541988-1989incl.: Deluxe4X44door Utility Dual Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS551990-2003incl.: Deluxe, DX, LX, Space DLX4X42door Cab Chassis
HoldenRodeoTFS551995-2001incl.: LX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS551991-1993, 1999-2001incl.: Deluxe, LX4X42door Utility
HoldenRodeoTFS551999-2001incl.: LX4X42door Utility Extended Cab
HoldenRodeoTFS551990-2003incl.: Deluxe, LT Sports, LX4X44door Utility Dual Cab
IsuzuD-MaxTFR852008-2019incl.: SXRWD2door Cab Chassis
IsuzuD-MaxTFR852008-2019incl.: LS, LS High Ride, LS Limited Edition, SX, SX High RideRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
IsuzuD-MaxTFS852008-2012incl.: EX, SX4X42door Cab Chassis
IsuzuD-MaxTFS852009-2012incl.: SX4X42door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
IsuzuD-MaxTFS852012-2019incl.: EX, SX4X42door Utility
IsuzuD-MaxTFS852008-2012incl.: SX4X44door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
IsuzuD-MaxTFS852012-2016incl.: SX4X44door Utility
IsuzuD-MaxTFS852008-2019incl.: Limited Edition II, LS-M, LS-M High Ride, LS-U, LS-U High Ride, LS-U Limited Edition, SX, SX High Ride4X44door Utility Dual Cab
IsuzuMUUCS171989-1994 4X42door Wagon
IsuzuMUUCS551990-1995 4X42door Wagon
IsuzuMUUCS691994-1996 4X42door Wagon
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR54X42door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR54X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R2002-2005 4X44door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R1999-2005incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1988-1997 4X42door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1989-1997 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1988 4X42door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN106R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN107R1991-1998incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN111R1989-1997 4X42door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN111R1988-1997incl.: SR54X42door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2005 4X42door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2001 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN167R2001-2005 4X44door Cab Chassis Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN167R1997-2005incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1997-2005 4X42door Cab Chassis Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN172R1997-2001 4X42door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN461979-1985 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN65R1983-1988 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN65R1986-1988 4X42door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN65R1983-1988 4X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxLN85R1988-1994 RWD2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxLN85R1988-1994incl.: DXRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN105R1988-1997 4X42door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRN105R1989-1997 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN105R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5, Tamworth4X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN106L1989-1991incl.: LHD4X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN106R1991-1997incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN110R1988-1997incl.: SR54X42door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN361979-1983 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN461979-1983 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997 RWD2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997 RWD2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRN85R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5, TamworthRWD4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRN90R1988-1997incl.: DX, SR5RWD2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002 4X42door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R1997-2002incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxRZN174R1997-2002 4X42door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005 4X42door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005 4X42door Utility
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R2002-2005incl.: SR54X44door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxVZN172R2002-2005 4X42door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN57R1983-1986incl.: SR5RWD2door Utility
ToyotaHiluxYN57R1984-1987incl.: SR5RWD2door Utility Extended Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN57R1983-1986 RWD4door Utility Dual Cab
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1988-1997incl.: GrinnerRWD2door Cab Chassis
ToyotaHiluxYN85R1988-1997incl.: GrinnerRWD2door Utility
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN611985-1989incl.: DX, SR54X42door Wagon
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN631985-1989incl.: DX, SR54X42door Wagon
ToyotaHilux SurfLN611985-1989incl.: SR5 Turbo4X42door Wagon
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