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Indicator Headlight Switch Navara D21 Pathfinder 9/1985-8/1993 Blinker Stalk fits Nissan - ANHS030

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Suits Right Hand Drive Countries (eg Australia, UK, Japan)

AUTONOVA is driven by value and reliability. Switch over to AUTONOVA.

Product Type:  AutoNova - Column Stalk / Switch

Reference: ANHS030, ZPN-01762
GTIN: 9350849009193


Steering SideRight Hand Drive

Switch over to value, switch to AutoNova

AUTONOVA is driven by value and reliability. Their range of automotive Column Stalk Switches and Window regulators are made in OEM facilities to ensure the right fit. Their Horn wiring kits and relays are compatible with leading Horns brands including Stebel, and provide hassle-free fitment to most vehicles.

Make the switch to AutoNova and switch over to value.

  • 1 year or 1 year / 25,000km* limited warranty, pending product
  • Column Stalk Switches and Window regulators are made in OEM facilities


Warranty:1yr / 25,000km


Vehicle Fitment

Nissan720 1982-1987 2door Utility4X4
Nissan720 1980-1986 2door UtilityRWD
Nissan720 1982-1985 2door Utility Extended CabRWD
Nissan720 1982-1987 4door Utility Dual Cab4X4
Nissan720 1985 4door Utility Dual CabRWD
NissanNavaraD211990-1992incl.: DX, Nugget2door Cab Chassis4X4
NissanNavaraD211/1993-9/1993 2door Cab Chassis4X4
 Note1:suits up to 9/1993
NissanNavaraD211985-1992incl.: DX, Nugget2door Cab ChassisRWD
NissanNavaraD211/1993-9/1993incl.: Nugget2door Cab ChassisRWD
 Note1:suits up to 9/1993
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX2door Utility4X4
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, Nugget2door UtilityRWD
NissanNavaraD211/1993-9/1993 2door UtilityRWD
 Note1:suits up to 9/1993
NissanNavaraD211986-1987, 1989, 1991incl.: DX, ST2door Utility Extended Cab4X4
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, ST2door Utility Extended CabRWD
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, ST4door Utility Dual Cab4X4
NissanNavaraD211/1993-9/1993 4door Utility Dual Cab4X4
 Note1:suits up to 9/1993
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, ST, Ti4door Utility Dual CabRWD
NissanNavaraD211/1993-9/1993incl.: DX, ST, Ti4door Utility Dual CabRWD
 Note1:suits up to 9/1993
NissanPathfinderWD211986-1992incl.: DX, ST2door Wagon4X4
NissanPathfinderWD211992incl.: ST, Ti4door Wagon4X4
NissanPathfinderWD211/1993-9/1993incl.: ST, Ti4door Wagon4X4
 Note1:suits up to 9/1993
NissanPulsarN131987-1989incl.: GL Vector, GX Vector, GXE Vector, SSS Vector, Ti Vector4door SedanFWD
NissanPulsarN131987-1989incl.: GL, GX, GXE, Q5door HatchbackFWD
NissanSkylineR311987-1989incl.: Executive, GX, GXE, Silhouette, Ti4door SedanRWD
NissanSkylineR311986-1989incl.: Executive, GX, GXE4door WagonRWD
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