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Indicator Column Stalk Holden Commodore VL + Calais Black Turn + High Beam Headlight Switch - ANBS073B

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Indicator stalk - Commodore indicator stalks are a common downfall. The high beam circuit is activated through the indicator stalk, which has a habit of failing. The main part of the stalk is weak cast metal which is crimped over a steel plate to hold the high/low switch in place. Because of continuous indicator use, the steel plate often breaks away from the cast, and this can result in no low beam lights, although high beam and parkers will still operate.

Remove & Install -
1. For safety disconnect the earth terminal from the car battery.
2. Remove the Steering Wheel. Gently lever off the horn pad and disconnect the electrical terminal for the horn.
3. Remove the steering wheel lock nut and securing nut.
4. Remove the steering wheel with the aid of a steering wheel puller tool. (if not tool is available - replace the nut on the steering shaft but do not tighten. Sit in the seat, hold the wheel and carefully but firmly pull the wheel until it releases).
5. Remove 4 screws from the lower steering column cover and remove the lower and upper covers.
6. Unscrew the hazard warning knob and remove the screws attaching the control stalk and disconnect the connector.
7. Install new control lever into the switch base, replace screws attaching the stalk and re-install the hazard switch.
8. Re-install the steering column lower and upper covers.
9. Re-install the steering wheel and lock nut ensuring wheel is alligned correctly.
10. Reconnect the horn and reinstall horn pad.
11. Reconnect negative battery terminal and test operation of headlights and turning indicators.

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Product Type:  AutoNova - Column Stalk / Switch

Reference: ANBS073B, 92025031, ZPN-01760
GTIN: 9350849007854


Steering SideRight Hand Drive

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Warranty:1yr / 25,000km


Vehicle Fitment

HoldenBrock CommodoreVL1986incl.: SS4door SedanRWD
HoldenCommodoreVL1986-1988incl.: 200, Berlina, Berlina Turbo, Executive, Executive Turbo, SL, SL Turbo, SS Group A, V8 HDT SS Group A, Vacationer4door SedanRWD
HoldenCommodoreVL1986-1988incl.: Berlina, Berlina Turbo, Executive, Executive Turbo, SL, SL Turbo, Vacationer, Vacationer Turbo4door WagonRWD
Holden (HSV)CommodoreVL1988-1989incl.: Walkinshaw4door SedanRWD
1986 1987 1988 1989
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