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Holden Commodore VB VC VH VK VL Restoration Book 6 + V8 Workshop How to Restore

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VB - VC - VH - VK - VL (1978-1979-1980-1981-1982-1983 1984-1985 1986-1987-1988)
This comprehensive manual covers the complete vehicle restoration of the Holden Commodore range. This manual covers all aspects of vehicle restoration including the complete pull down and assembly of the vehicle. There are numerous chapters covering all sections of the vehicle including engine, transmission, suspension, rear axle, instruments, interior, body and all other aspects of the vehicle. This manual also includes comprehensive chapters covering body repair and restoration. A complete chapter dedicated to the vehicle upholstery, from removal and installation to recovering of the seats. This is a must have manual for anybody planning to undertake the restoration or rebuild of an early Holden Commodore.

Product Type:  Repair Manual Book

Reference: EPH131, EP-H131, ZPN-01256




Vehicle Fitment

HoldenBrock CommodoreVC1981incl.: HDT
HoldenBrock CommodoreVK1985incl.: SS, SS Group 3
HoldenBrock CommodoreVL1986incl.: SS
HoldenCalaisVK1984-1986incl.: Director
HoldenCalaisVL1986-1988incl.: Turbo
HoldenCommodoreVB1978-1980incl.: Dual Exhaust, L, SL, SL/E, SLE
HoldenCommodoreVC1980-1981incl.: L, SL, SLE, SLE Dual Exhaust, V8 Dual Exhaust
HoldenCommodoreVH1981-1984incl.: SL, SLE, SLE Dual Exhaust, SLX, SS, SS Dual Exhaust, Vacationer
HoldenCommodoreVK1984-1986incl.: Berlina, EFi, Executive, SL, SS Group A, Vacationer
HoldenCommodoreVL1986-1988incl.: 200, Berlina, Berlina Turbo, Executive, Executive Turbo, SL, SL Turbo, SS Group A, V8 HDT SS Group A, Vacationer, Vacationer Turbo
Holden (HSV)CommodoreVL1988-1989incl.: Walkinshaw
1981 1985 1986 1984 1987 1988 1978 1979 1980 1982 1983 1989
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