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Heater Valve Tap Falcon 6 XG XH EA EB ED EF EL AU Sedan Ute Van Wagon 6cyl 3.2L 3.9L 4.0L Engine

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Aftermarket Equivelant to Ford # YG211
Vacuum Operated Heater Valve

Suits: Ford Falcon Fairlane Fairmont LTD
Body: Sedan, Station Wagon, Utes
Model: EA, EB, ED, EF, EL, AU, DA, DC, DF, DL, NA, NC, NF, NL
Engine: 6 Cylinder 3.2LT, 3.9LT + 4.0LT
Years 1988-1989-1990-1991-1992-1993-1994-1995 1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002

Suits: Ford Falcon Fairlane Fairmont LTD

TORA Automotive parts are designed and engineered to deliver 'driving confidence'. You can put your trust in Tora.

Product Type:  Tora - Engine Heater Tap

Reference: ZPN-01362
GTIN: 9350849018287


Type2 Port Vacuum
Outside Diameter19 mm

You can put your trust in Tora

TORA Cooling Heater Valve Taps are designed and engineered to deliver driving confidence. Wherever your journey may take you, trust in TORA to help get you there.

  • 2 year /40,000km* limited warranty
  • Manufactured by OEM manufacturers to specified standards


Warranty - 2 year - 40,000km (whichever comes first)


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
FordFairlaneAU1999-2003incl.: Ghia, Ghia 75th Anniversary, Millennium Ghia, Sportsman Ghia6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFairlaneNA1988-1989 6cyl 3.9L 3949cc
FordFairlaneNA II1989-1991 6cyl 3.9L 3949cc
FordFairlaneNC1991-1992incl.: Ghia6cyl 3.9Lt (D) 3.9L 3949cc
FordFairlaneNC1992-1994incl.: Ghia, Sportsman Ghia6cyl 4.0Lt (H) 4.0L 3949cc
FordFairlaneNF1995-1996incl.: Ghia, MPFi, Sportsman6cyl 4.0Lt (Y) 4.0L 3984cc
FordFairmontAU1998-2002 6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFairmontAU1998-2002incl.: Ghia, Ghia 75th Anniversary6cyl VCT 4.0L 3984cc
FordFairmontEA1988-1991incl.: Ghia6cyl 3.9 MPI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFairmontEA1988-1989 6cyl 3.9 TBI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFairmontEB1991-1992incl.: Ghia6cyl 3.9 MPI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFairmontEB1991-1992 6cyl 3.9 TBI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFairmontEB1992-1993incl.: Ghia6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFairmontEB1992-1993incl.: MPFi6cyl 4.0L 3986cc
FordFairmontED1993-1994incl.: Ghia6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFairmontED1993-1994incl.: MPFi XR66cyl 4.0L 3986cc
FordFairmontEF1994-1996incl.: Ghia6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFairmontEL1996-1998incl.: Ghia6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconAU2000-2002incl.: Forte, Futura, S6cyl 4.0L (LPG) 3984cc
FordFalconAU1998-2002incl.: 75th Anniversary Futura, Classic Forte, Classic Futura, Forte, Futura, i XR6, Marlin XLS, S, Sports Edition XL, SR Forte, XL, XL Sports Edition, XLS, XR66cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconAU1999-2002incl.: Marlin XLS, Sports Edition XL, XL, XL Sports Edition, XLS6cyl E-Gas 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconAU1998-2002incl.: Pursuit XR6, XR6, XR6 VCT, XR6 VCT Sprint6cyl VCT 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconEA1988incl.: GL6cyl 3.2 TBI 3.2L 3157cc
FordFalconEA1988-1991incl.: GL, S6cyl 3.9 MPI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFalconEA1988-1991incl.: GL, S6cyl 3.9 TBI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFalconEB1991-1992incl.: S6cyl 3.9 MPI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFalconEB1991-1992incl.: GL6cyl 3.9 TBI 3.9L 3949cc
FordFalconEB1992-1993incl.: GLi, S, SXR66cyl 4.0Lt (H) 4.0L 3949cc
FordFalconED1993-1994incl.: Futura, Futura Classic, GLi, GLi Classic, XR66cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconEF1994-1996incl.: Futura, Futura Classic, GLi, GLi Classic, XR66cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconEL1996-1998incl.: Futura, Futura Sapphire, Futura Sapphire II, GLi, GLi Sapphire, GLi Sapphire II, XR66cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconXG1993-1996incl.: GLi, Outback, S, XR66cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconXH1997-1999incl.: GLi, Special Edition GLi, Tradesman GLi6cyl 02B 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalconXH1996-1999incl.: GLi, Outback, S, Special Edition GLi, Splash S, Tradesman GLi, XR66cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalcon UteAU1999-2002incl.: Tradesman XL, XL, XL Tradesman, XLS6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalcon UteAU1999-2002incl.: Tradesman XL, XL, XL Tradesman, XLS6cyl E-Gas 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalcon VanXG1993-1996incl.: GLi6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordFalcon VanXH1996-1999incl.: GLi, Tradesman GLi6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordLTDAU1999-2003 6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
FordLTDDC1992-1994 6cyl 3.9L 3949cc
FordLTDDF1995-1996 6cyl 4.0L 3984cc
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1998 1997
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