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3 Port Vacuum Operated Heater Control Valve Tap - Brand New

OE Reference Part #
GM: 90566947; 90457649; 90560947
OPEL: 1820014; 1820138
SAAB: 30566947; 4396172

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Please note this is a 3 port valve

Tora's Car Heater Valves are a premium grade product manufactured to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Type:  Engine Heater Tap

Reference: HT2007, 90566947, 90457649, 90560947, 1820014, 1820138, 30566947, 4396172, ZPN-01369

Tora Automotive Heater Valve Taps

A vehicles heater control valve regulates the flow and volume of coolant to the car's heater core. In older model vehicles the valve is controlled via cable from the incabin heater switch. Later model cars use vacuum to active the valve.

Common heater valve failures include corrossion, leaking, blockages and cracking due to the fact that most late model heater control valves are made of polymer. Often the cracking occurs when heater hoses are removed. Blockages are commonly from loose scale or rust blocking the valve from closing or opening.

Tora's Car Heater Valves are a premium grade product manufactured to meet or exceed OEM standards.


Warranty - 2 year - 40,000km (whichever comes first)




Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
HoldenAstraTR1995-1998incl.: City4cyl C16SE 1.6L 1598cc
HoldenAstraTR1996-1998incl.: GL4cyl C18SEL 1.8L 1799cc
HoldenAstraTR1995-1998incl.: GSi4cyl X20XEV 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenAstraTS1998-2000incl.: CD, City, Olympic CD, Olympic City4cyl X18XE1 1.8L 1796cc
HoldenAstraTS2000-2005incl.: CD, CD Classic, CDX, City, Classic, Classic Equipe, Equipe City, SXi4cyl Z18XE 1.8L 1796cc
HoldenAstraTS2001-2006incl.: Limited Edition, Linea Rossa, SRi4cyl Z22SE 2.2L 2198cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1997incl.: City4cyl C12NZ 1.2L 1196cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1997incl.: City, Joy, Lambada, Swing4cyl C14NZ 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenBarinaSB1997-2001incl.: Cabrio, City, Lambada, Olympic City, Olympic Swing, Swing4cyl C14SE 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1998incl.: GSi4cyl C16XE 1.6L 1598cc
HoldenBarinaSB1994-1999incl.: GSi4cyl X16XE 1.6L 1598cc
HoldenComboSB1996-2002 4cyl C14NZ 1.4L 1389cc
HoldenVectraJR1997-1998incl.: CD, GL4cyl C20SEL 2.0L 1998cc
HoldenVectraJR1997-1998incl.: CDV6 X25XE 2.5L 2498cc
HoldenVectraJS1998-2003incl.: CD, Equipe GL, GL, Olympic GL4cyl C22SEL 2.2L 2198cc
HoldenVectraJS1998-2000incl.: CDV6 X25XE 2.5L 2498cc
HoldenVectraJS2000-2003incl.: CD, International CDV6 Y26SE 2.6L 2597cc
Saab9-3 1998-2000incl.: Aero, Monte Carlo, S, S Limited Edition, SE, TS, TS Limited Edition4cyl 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-3 1998-2000incl.: S, Viggen4cyl 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-3 2001incl.: Design Edition S, S4cyl B204ED 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-3 1998-1999incl.: SE4cyl B204LD 1.9L 1920cc
Saab9-3 1999incl.: Monte Carlo4cyl B204LD 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-3 2000incl.: Aero4cyl B205LD 1.9L 1920cc
Saab9-3 2001-2002incl.: Aero4cyl B205RD 1.9L 1920cc
Saab9-3 2001-2003incl.: Aero4cyl B205RD 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-3 2001incl.: Viggen4cyl B235RD 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-3 2001-2003incl.: Anniversary, Turbo, Turbo Limited Edition4cyl Gen IV 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-34402002-2003incl.: Aero Sport, Arc Sport, Linear Sport, Vector Sport4cyl Gen IV 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-34402003incl.: Aero Sport4cyl Gen IV 2.0L 1998cc
Saab9-34422003incl.: Aero, Linear4cyl Gen IV 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-5 1999-2002incl.: Linear4cyl B205E 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-5 1997-2009incl.: Aero, Aero SportEstate, Arc, Arc SportEstate, Linear, Linear BioPower, Linear Limited Edition, Linear SportEstate, S, SE, Vector, Vector SportEstate4cyl B235 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-5 1999-2001incl.: GriffinV6 B308E 3.0L 2962cc
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 1994 2007 2008 2009
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