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Genuine Bosch Alternator Holden 1965~1985 HD HG HJ HK HQ HR HT HX HZ WB 6cyl + V8 - BXH1238A

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Bosch - Alternator

Brand New Bosch 70amp Alternator

Product Type:  Bosch - Alternator

Reference: BXH1238A, ZPN-16786
GTIN: 4047024280854


Amperage70 Amps
Adjust Mount Hole8 mm
Pulley Diameter64 mm
Shaft17 mm


Warranty:2yr / 50,000km


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
Holden1 TonneHJ1974-1976 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
Holden1 TonneHJ1974-1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
Holden1 TonneHX1976-1977 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
Holden1 TonneHX1976-1977 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
Holden1 TonneHZ1977-1979 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
Holden1 TonneHZ1977-1979 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
Holden1 TonneWB1980-1985 6cyl 202B 3.3L 202ci
HoldenBelmontHG1970-1971 6cyl 2.6L (161) 2638cc
HoldenBelmontHG1971 6cyl 3.0L (186) 3048cc
HoldenBelmontHG1971 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenBelmontHJ1974-1976 6cyl 173 Red 2.8L 173ci
HoldenBelmontHJ1974-1976 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenBelmontHJ1974-1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenBelmontHJ1974-1976 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenBelmontHQ1974 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenBelmontHQ1972 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 6cyl 161 2.6L 161ci
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 6cyl 186S 3.0L 186ci
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 V8 307 5.0L 307ci
HoldenBelmontHT1969-1970 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenBelmontHX1976-1977 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenBelmontHX1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenBelmontHZ1977-1980 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenBrock CommodoreVC1981incl.: HDTV8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenBroughamHG1970-1971 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenBroughamHT1969-1970 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenCalaisVK1984-1986 6cyl LL9 (EFI) 3.3L 3298cc
HoldenCalaisVK1984-1986 V8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenCapriceWB1980-1984 V8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenCommodoreVB1978-1980incl.: L6cyl 173 Red 2.8L 173ci
HoldenCommodoreVB1978-1980incl.: SL, SL/E6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenCommodoreVB1978-1980incl.: Dual Exhaust, L, SL, SL/E, SLEV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenCommodoreVB1978-1980incl.: Dual Exhaust, SL/E, SLEV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenCommodoreVC1980-1981incl.: L6cyl 173 2.8L (Blue) 2838cc
HoldenCommodoreVC1980-1981incl.: L, SL, SLE6cyl 202 3.3L (Blue) 3298cc
HoldenCommodoreVC1980-1981incl.: L, SL, SLE, V8 Dual ExhaustV8 253B 4.2L 253ci
HoldenCommodoreVC1980-1981incl.: SLE, SLE Dual ExhaustV8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenCommodoreVH1982-1983incl.: SL, SLX, Vacationer6cyl 173 2.8L (Blue) 2838cc
HoldenCommodoreVH1981-1983incl.: SL, SLE, SLX, Vacationer6cyl 202 3.3L (Blue) 3298cc
HoldenCommodoreVH1981-1983incl.: SL, SLE, SLE Dual Exhaust, SLX, SSV8 253B 4.2L 253ci
HoldenCommodoreVH1981-1983incl.: SLE, SLE Dual Exhaust, SS, SS Dual ExhaustV8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenCommodoreVK1984-1985incl.: Berlina, Executive, SL, Vacationer6cyl 202 3.3L (Black) 3298cc
HoldenCommodoreVK1984-1986incl.: Berlina, EFi, Executive, SL6cyl LL9 (EFI) 3.3L 3298cc
HoldenCommodoreVK1984-1985incl.: Berlina, SL, VacationerV8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenH SeriesHD1965-1966 6cyl 149 2.4L 149ci
HoldenH SeriesHD1965-1966 6cyl 179 2.9L 179ci
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 6cyl 161 2.6L 161ci
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenH SeriesHG1970-1971 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenH SeriesHJ1974-1976 6cyl 173 Red 2.8L 173ci
HoldenH SeriesHJ1974-1976 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenH SeriesHJ1974-1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenH SeriesHK1968-1969 6cyl 161 2.6L 161ci
HoldenH SeriesHK1968-1969 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenH SeriesHK1968-1969 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenH SeriesHR1966-1968 6cyl 161 2.6L 161ci
HoldenH SeriesHR1966-1968 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenH SeriesHT1969 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenH SeriesHT1969 6cyl 186S 3.0L 186ci
HoldenH SeriesHT1969-1970 V8 327 (Chev) 5.4L 327ci
HoldenH SeriesHX1976-1977 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenH SeriesHX1976-1977 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenH SeriesHX1976-1977 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenH SeriesHZ1977-1980 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenKingswoodHG1970-1971 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenKingswoodHG1970-1971 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenKingswoodHG1970-1971 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenKingswoodHJ1974-1976incl.: Vacationer6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenKingswoodHJ1974-1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenKingswoodHJ1974-1976incl.: VacationerV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 6cyl 161 2.6L 161ci
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 6cyl 186S 3.0L 186ci
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 V8 307 5.0L 307ci
HoldenKingswoodHT1969-1970 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenKingswoodHX1976-1977 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenKingswoodHX1976-1977incl.: DeluxeV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenKingswoodHX1976-1977 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenKingswoodHZ1977-1980incl.: SL6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenKingswoodHZ1977-1980incl.: SL, Vacationer SLV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenKingswoodHZ1977-1980incl.: SLV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenKingswoodWB1980-1985 6cyl 202B 3.3L 202ci
HoldenKingswoodWB1980-1985incl.: V8V8 253B 4.2L 253ci
HoldenKingswoodWB1984-1985incl.: V8V8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenMonaroHG1970 6cyl 3.0L (186) 3048cc
HoldenMonaroHG1970-1971incl.: GTS6cyl 3.0L (186S) 3048cc
HoldenMonaroHG1971incl.: GTSV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenMonaroHG1970-1971incl.: GTSV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenMonaroHJ1974-1976incl.: GTSV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenMonaroHJ1974-1976incl.: GTSV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenMonaroHQ1971-1974incl.: GTS, LSV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenMonaroHQ1971-1974incl.: GTS, LSV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenMonaroHT1969-1970incl.: GTS6cyl 186S 3.0L 186ci
HoldenMonaroHT1969-1970incl.: GTSV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenMonaroHT1969-1970incl.: GTSV8 307 5.0L 307ci
HoldenMonaroHT1969-1970incl.: GTSV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenMonaroHT1969-1970incl.: GTSV8 350 (Chev) 5.7L 350ci
HoldenMonaroHX1976-1977incl.: GTSV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenMonaroHX1976-1977incl.: GTS, LEV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenMonaroHZ1977-1978incl.: GTSV8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenMonaroHZ1977-1980incl.: GTSV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenPremierHG1970-1971 6cyl 3.0L (186) 3048cc
HoldenPremierHG1970-1971 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenPremierHG1970-1971 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenPremierHJ1974-1976 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenPremierHJ1974-1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenPremierHJ1974-1976 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenPremierHQ1971-1974 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenPremierHQ1971-1974 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenPremierHT1969-1970 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenPremierHT1969-1970 6cyl 186S 3.0L 186ci
HoldenPremierHT1969-1970 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenPremierHT1969-1970 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenPremierHX1976 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenPremierHX1976-1977 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenPremierHX1976-1977 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenPremierHZ1977-1979 6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenPremierHZ1977-1979 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenPremierHZ1977-1979 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenSandmanHJ1974-1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenSandmanHJ1974-1975 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenSandmanHX1976 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenSandmanHX1976 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenSandmanHZ1978 V8 253 Red 4.2L 253ci
HoldenSandmanHZ1978 V8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenStatesmanHJ1974-1976incl.: Caprice, De VilleV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenStatesmanHX1976-1977incl.: De VilleV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenStatesmanHZ1978-1979incl.: De Ville, SL/EV8 308 Red 5.0L 308ci
HoldenStatesmanWB1980-1985incl.: De VilleV8 308B 5.0L 308ci
HoldenToranaLC1970-1972incl.: GTR, S, SL6cyl 161 2.6L 161ci
HoldenToranaLC1971incl.: GTR, S, SL6cyl 173 2.8L (2850) 2834cc
HoldenToranaLC1970-1971incl.: XU-16cyl 186S 3.0L (Red) 3048cc
HoldenToranaLH1974-1975incl.: S, SL6cyl 173 Red 2.8L 173ci
HoldenToranaLH1974-1976incl.: S, SL, SL/R6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenToranaLJ1972-1974 6cyl 161 2.6L 161ci
HoldenToranaLJ1972-1974incl.: S, SL6cyl 173 Red 2.8L 173ci
HoldenToranaLJ1972-1974 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
HoldenToranaLJ1972-1974incl.: GTR, S, SL, XU-16cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenToranaLJ1972incl.: S, SL6cyl 2250 2.3L (Red) 2262cc
HoldenToranaLX1975-1978incl.: S, SL6cyl 173 Red 2.8L 173ci
HoldenToranaLX1975-1978incl.: S, SL, SL/R, SS6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenToranaUC1978-1979incl.: S, SL6cyl 173 Red 2.8L 173ci
HoldenToranaUC1978-1979incl.: S, SL6cyl 202 Red 3.3L 202ci
HoldenTorana GTR XU1LJ1971-1974 6cyl 186 3.0L 186ci
1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1970 1971 1972 1969 1986 1965 1966 1968 1967 1973
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