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Gasket Auto Transmission 1984-02 suits Toyota Landcruiser 60 70 80 100 Series Sump

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Transgold - Transmission Part

Product Type:  Transgold - Transmission Part

Reference: 94500, ZPN-01052


Warranty:6 months


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeGearingDriveEngine Details
ToyotaLandcruiserBJ741986-1990incl.: Fibre Reinforced Plastic4speed Automatic4X44cyl 13B-T 3.4L 3431cc
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ621984-1990incl.: DX, GXL, Sahara4speed Automatic4X46cyl 3F 4.0L 3955cc
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ731985-1992 4speed Automatic4X46cyl 3F 4.0L 3955cc
ToyotaLandcruiserFJ80R1990-1992incl.: GXL, Sahara4speed Automatic4X46cyl 3F-E 4.0L 3955cc
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ1051998-2002incl.: 40th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary GXL, GXL, GXL Advantage Limited Edition, RV, Sahara, Snowy GXL4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1FZ-FE 4.5L 4477cc
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ80R1992-1998incl.: 40th Anniversary, Advantage Limited Edition RV, Blue Marlin, Blue Marlin GXL, GXL, Sahara, Winter Limited Edition, World Cup GXL4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1FZ-FE 4.5L 4477cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHDJ80R1995-1998incl.: 40th Anniversary, GXL, Sahara4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1HD-FT 4.2L 4163cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHDJ80R1990-1994incl.: GXL, Sahara4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1HD-T 4.2L 4164cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHDJ81V1995-1997incl.: VX4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1HD-FTE 4.2L 4164cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHDJ81V1990-1994incl.: VX4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1HD-T 4.2L 4164cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ601984-1987incl.: High Roof4speed Automatic4X46cyl 2H 4.0L 3980cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHJ611988-1990incl.: DX, GXL, Sahara4speed Automatic4X46cyl 12H-T 4.0L 3980cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ105R1998-2002incl.: GXL, RV, Snowy GXL4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1HZ 4.2L 4164cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ731990-1999incl.: FRP LX4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1HZ 4.2L 4164cc
ToyotaLandcruiserHZJ81V1990-1997incl.: VX4speed Automatic4X46cyl 1HZ 4.2L 4164cc
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