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FD5901P-RR AutoNova Window Regulator - FD5901P-RR

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Brand New - Located inside the Door
Operates the Window Glass Power Window Function

Only suits Models with existing power windows

AUTONOVA is driven by value and reliability. Switch over to AUTONOVA.

Product Type:  AutoNova - Window Regulator

Reference: FD5901P-RR, ZPN-07499
GTIN: 9350849000190



Switch over to value, switch to AutoNova

AUTONOVA is driven by value and reliability. Their range of automotive Column Stalk Switches and Window regulators are made in OEM facilities to ensure the right fit. Their Horn wiring kits and relays are compatible with leading Horns brands including Stebel, and provide hassle-free fitment to most vehicles.

Make the switch to AutoNova and switch over to value.

  • 1 year or 1 year / 25,000km* limited warranty, pending product
  • Column Stalk Switches and Window regulators are made in OEM facilities


Warranty:1yr / 25,000km


Vehicle Fitment

FordFairlaneAU1999-2003incl.: Ghia, Ghia 75th Anniversary, Millennium Ghia, Sportsman Ghia4door SedanRear RH
FordFairlaneBA2003-2005incl.: G220, Ghia4door SedanRear RH
FordFairlaneBF2005-2007incl.: G8, Ghia4door SedanRear RH
FordFairmontAU1998-2002incl.: Ghia, Ghia 75th Anniversary4door SedanRear RH
FordFairmontAU1998-2002 4door WagonRear RH
FordFairmontBA2002-2005incl.: Ghia4door SedanRear RH
FordFairmontBF2005-2008incl.: Ghia, Turbo4door SedanRear RH
FordFalconAU2002incl.: i XR62door Cab Chassis Extended CabRear RH
FordFalconAU1999-2002incl.: Marlin XLS, Pursuit XR6, Pursuit XR8, Sports Edition XL, XL, XL Sports Edition, XLS, XR6, XR6 VCT, XR8, XR8 Pursuit 2502door Utility Extended CabRear RH
FordFalconAU1998-2002incl.: 75th Anniversary Futura, Classic Forte, Classic Futura, Forte, Futura, S, SR Forte, XR6, XR6 VCT, XR6 VCT Sprint, XR8, XR8 Pursuit, XR8 Rebel4door SedanRear RH
FordFalconAU1998-2002incl.: Forte, Futura, SR Forte4door WagonRear RH
FordFalconBA2002-2005incl.: Turbo2door Cab ChassisRear RH
FordFalconBA2002-2005incl.: Marlin XLS, RTV, SE, SE XL, XL, XLS, XR6, XR6 Magnet, XR6 Turbo, XR6 Turbo Magnet, XR8, XR8 Magnet2door Utility Extended CabRear RH
FordFalconBA2002-2005incl.: Classic XT, Futura, SR, SR XT, XR6, XR6 Turbo, XR8, XR8 Devil R, XR8 Enforcer, XT4door SedanRear RH
FordFalconBA2002-2005incl.: Futura, XT4door WagonRear RH
FordFalconBF2005-2008incl.: RTV, XL, XLS, XR6, XR6 by Craig Lowndes, XR6 Turbo, XR6 Turbo by Craig Lowndes, XR8, XR8 by Craig Lowndes2door Utility Extended CabRear RH
FordFalconBF2005-2008incl.: ES, Futura, SR, XR6, XR6 Turbo, XR8, XT4door SedanRear RH
FordFalconBF2005-2012incl.: Futura, LPG, XT4door WagonRear RH
FordFalcon UteAU1999-2002incl.: XL, XLS2door Cab Chassis Extended CabRear RH
FordFalcon UteAU2000-2002incl.: Tradesman XL, XL Tradesman2door Traytop Extended CabRear RH
FordFalcon UteBA2002-2005incl.: Marlin XLS, RTV, XL, XLS2door Cab Chassis Extended CabRear RH
FordFalcon UteBA2003-2005incl.: Tradesman, Tradesman XL2door Traytop Extended CabRear RH
FordFalcon UteBF2005-2008incl.: RTV, XL, XLS, XR6, XR6 Special Edition2door Cab Chassis Extended CabRear RH
FordLTDAU1999-2003 4door SedanRear RH
FordLTDBA2003-2005 4door SedanRear RH
FordLTDBF2005-2007 4door SedanRear RH
FordTickford TL50AU2001-2002 4door SedanRear RH
FordTickford TS50AU1999-2000 4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)F6 TornadoBA2005 2door UtilityRear RH
Ford (FPV)F6 TornadoBF2005-2008 2door UtilityRear RH
Ford (FPV)F6 TyphoonBA2004-2005 4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)F6 TyphoonBF2005-2008incl.: R Spec4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)Force 6BF2006-2008 4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)Force 8BF2006-2007 4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)GtBA2003-2005 4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)GtBF2005-2008incl.: 40th Anniversary, Cobra4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)Gt-pBA2003-2005 4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)Gt-pBF2005-2008 4door SedanRear RH
Ford (FPV)PursuitBA2003-2005 2door UtilityRear RH
Ford (FPV)PursuitBF2005-2007 2door UtilityRear RH
Ford (FPV)Super PursuitBA2005 2door UtilityRear RH
Ford (FPV)Super PursuitBF2005-2008incl.: Cobra2door UtilityRear RH
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