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1 x Engine Oil Cap Rubber (push in)
Product Type:  Tridon - Oil Filler Cap
Reference: TOC501, ZPN-01086
GTIN: 9312550702015
Warranty: 2 Year - Unlimited KMs
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AUD $12.95 incl. GST
Engine Oil Cap Rubber Push In Oil Filler Cap Tridon
1 x Engine Oil Cap Rubber (push in)
Product Type:  Tridon - Oil Filler Cap
Reference: TOC501, ZPN-01086
GTIN: 9312550702015
Suits Holden Gemini TC
Suits Holden Gemini TD
Suits Holden Gemini TE
Suits Holden Gemini TF
Suits Holden Gemini TG
Suits Holden Gemini TX
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS13
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS52
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS55
Suits Holden Jackaroo UBS69
Suits Holden Piazza YB
Suits Holden Rodeo KB26
Suits Holden Rodeo KB27
Suits Holden Rodeo KB28
Suits Holden Rodeo KB29
Suits Holden Rodeo KB40
Suits Holden Rodeo KB41
Suits Holden Rodeo KB42
Suits Holden Rodeo KB44
Suits Holden Rodeo KB49
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD26
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD27
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD41
Suits Holden Rodeo KBD42
Suits Holden Rodeo TFR25
Suits Holden Rodeo TFR25 R7
Suits Holden Rodeo TFR25 R9
Suits Holden Rodeo TFS25
Suits Holden Rodeo TFS25 R7
Suits Holden Rodeo TFS25 R9
Suits Holden Shuttle WFR
Suits Isuzu MU UCS55

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2 year Warranty
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About Tridon
Tridon Oil Caps
  • Oil Caps are designed to cover the orifice used to fill or top up the engine oil supply.
  • Oil caps are manufactured using either metal, plastic or rubber design depending on the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.
  • Tridon offers an extensive range of oil caps including metal bayonet, plastic screw and rubber push in designs.
  • The oil cap should be replaced if lost or damaged due to age, heat or neglect. An indication that a cap requires replacement would be the appearance of oil on the valve cover around the filler neck, indicating the cap can no longer seal the engine correctly.
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    2 Year - Unlimited KMs
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    Vehicle Fitment
    MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
    HoldenGeminiTC1975-1979incl.: SL4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTD1975-1979incl.: SL, SL/E, SL/X4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTE1979-1982incl.: SL, SL/X, SLX4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTF1982-1983incl.: SL, SL/X4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTG1983-1985incl.: SL, SL/X, ZZ/Z4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTX1975-1979incl.: SL4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS131981-1985 4cyl G200Z 2.0L 1949cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS521981-1985incl.: Deluxe4cyl C223 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS521984-1986, 1988incl.: Deluxe, LS4cyl C223T 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS551989-1992incl.: Deluxe, LS4cyl 4JB1-T 2.8L 2771cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS691992-1998incl.: LS, S, XS4cyl 4JG2-T 3.1L 3059cc
    HoldenPiazzaYB1985-1987incl.: 2+24cyl 4ZC1T 2.0L 1994cc
    HoldenRodeoKB261981-1985 4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenRodeoKB271982-1983 4cyl G180Z 1.8L 1817cc
    HoldenRodeoKB281983-1987incl.: Deluxe, DL, LS4cyl G200Z 2.0L 1949cc
    HoldenRodeoKB291985-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
    HoldenRodeoKB401978-1980 4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenRodeoKB411981-1985 4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenRodeoKB421982-1983 4cyl G180Z 1.8L 1817cc
    HoldenRodeoKB441987-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
    HoldenRodeoKB491985-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD261981-1982 4cyl C190 2.0L 1951cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD271983 4cyl C223 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD411981-1982 4cyl C190 2.0L 1951cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD421983-1988 4cyl C223 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenRodeoTFR251998-2003incl.: LT, LX, LX 50th AnniversaryV6 6VD1-D4 3.2L 3165cc
    HoldenRodeoTFS251998-2003incl.: LS, LT, LT Sports, LX, Sport LT SpaceV6 6VD1-D4 3.2L 3165cc
    HoldenShuttleWFR1982-1986incl.: D4cyl 4FC1 2.0L 1995cc
    IsuzuMUUCS551990-1995 4cyl 4JB1-T 2.8L 2771cc
    1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1987 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
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