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Engine Oil Filler Cap Holden Gemini TC TD TE TF TG TX 4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1975~1985 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 - TOC501

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1 x Engine Oil Cap Rubber (push in)

Product Type:  Tridon - Oil Filler Cap

Reference: TOC501, ZPN-01086
GTIN: 9312550702015

Tridon Oil Caps

  • Oil Caps are designed to cover the orifice used to fill or top up the engine oil supply.
  • Oil caps are manufactured using either metal, plastic or rubber design depending on the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.
  • Tridon offers an extensive range of oil caps including metal bayonet, plastic screw and rubber push in designs.
  • The oil cap should be replaced if lost or damaged due to age, heat or neglect. An indication that a cap requires replacement would be the appearance of oil on the valve cover around the filler neck, indicating the cap can no longer seal the engine correctly.

  • Warranty

    2 Year - Unlimited KMs


    Vehicle Fitment

    MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
    HoldenGeminiTC1975-1979incl.: SL4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTD1975-1979incl.: SL, SL/E, SL/X4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTE1979-1982incl.: SL, SL/X, SLX4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTF1982-1983incl.: SL, SL/X4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTG1983-1985incl.: SL, SL/X, ZZ/Z4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenGeminiTX1975-1979incl.: SL4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS131981-1985 4cyl G200Z 2.0L 1949cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS521981-1985incl.: Deluxe4cyl C223 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS521984-1986, 1988incl.: Deluxe, LS4cyl C223T 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS551989-1992incl.: Deluxe, LS4cyl 4JB1-T 2.8L 2771cc
    HoldenJackarooUBS691992-1998incl.: LS, S, XS4cyl 4JG2-T 3.1L 3059cc
    HoldenPiazzaYB1985-1987incl.: 2+24cyl 4ZC1T 2.0L 1994cc
    HoldenRodeoKB261981-1985 4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenRodeoKB271982-1983 4cyl G180Z 1.8L 1817cc
    HoldenRodeoKB281983-1987incl.: Deluxe, DL, LS4cyl G200Z 2.0L 1949cc
    HoldenRodeoKB291985-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
    HoldenRodeoKB401978-1980 4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenRodeoKB411981-1985 4cyl G161Z 1.6L 1584cc
    HoldenRodeoKB421982-1983 4cyl G180Z 1.8L 1817cc
    HoldenRodeoKB441987-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
    HoldenRodeoKB491985-1988 4cyl 4ZD1 2.3L 2254cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD261981-1982 4cyl C190 2.0L 1951cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD271983 4cyl C223 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD411981-1982 4cyl C190 2.0L 1951cc
    HoldenRodeoKBD421983-1988 4cyl C223 2.2L 2238cc
    HoldenRodeoTFR251998-2003incl.: LT, LX, LX 50th AnniversaryV6 6VD1-D4 3.2L 3165cc
    HoldenRodeoTFS251998-2003incl.: LS, LT, LT Sports, LX, Sport LT SpaceV6 6VD1-D4 3.2L 3165cc
    HoldenShuttleWFR1982-1986incl.: D4cyl 4FC1 2.0L 1995cc
    IsuzuMUUCS551990-1995 4cyl 4JB1-T 2.8L 2771cc
    1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1987 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
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