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Bearing & Seal Differential Repair Kit
Suit Type - C200 + C216 Diffs
C200 Diffs are 8 bolt type

Japanese Bearings

Product Type:  Diff Repair Kit

Reference: ZPN-00806

Brand: Koyo Bearings


Warranty:6 months



Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeDriveBodyEngine DetailsPosition
Nissan720 1985 4X42door Utility4cyl L18 1.8L 1770ccRear
Nissan720 1983-1984 4X42door Utility4cyl SD22 2.2L 2164ccRear
Nissan720 1983-1986 4X42door Utility4cyl SD23 2.3L 2289ccRear
Nissan720 1985 4X42door Utility4cyl SD25 2.5L 2488ccRear
Nissan720 1983-1985 4X42door Utility4cyl Z22 2.2L 2187ccRear
Nissan720 1984-1985 4X44door Utility Dual Cab4cyl SD25 2.5L 2488ccRear
Nissan720 1983-1985 RWD2door Utility4cyl L18 1.8L 1770ccRear
Nissan720 1983-1984 RWD2door Utility4cyl SD22 2.2L 2164ccRear
Nissan720 1985 RWD2door Utility4cyl SD23 2.3L 2289ccRear
Nissan720 1983-1986 RWD2door Utility4cyl Z22 2.2L 2187ccRear
Nissan720 1983-1985 RWD2door Utility Extended Cab4cyl L18 1.8L 1770ccRear
Nissan720 1985 RWD4door Utility Dual Cab4cyl L18 1.8L 1770ccRear
NissanNavaraD211990-1997incl.: DX, Nugget4X42door Cab Chassis4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663ccRear
NissanNavaraD211986-1987incl.: DX4X42door Utility4cyl SD25 2.5L 2488ccRear
NissanNavaraD211988-1991incl.: DX4X42door Utility4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663ccRear
NissanNavaraD211986-1987incl.: DX4X44door Utility Dual Cab4cyl SD25 2.5L 2488ccRear
NissanNavaraD211988-1997incl.: DX4X44door Utility Dual Cab4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663ccRear
NissanNavaraD211992-1997incl.: DXRWD2door Cab Chassis4cyl KA24E 2.4L 2389ccRear
NissanNavaraD211990-1996incl.: DX, NuggetRWD2door Cab Chassis4cyl Z20 2.0L 1952ccRear
NissanNavaraD211985-1994 RWD2door Cab Chassis4cyl Z24 2.4L 2389ccRear
NissanNavaraD211992-1997incl.: DXRWD2door Utility4cyl KA24E 2.4L 2389ccRear
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, NuggetRWD2door Utility4cyl Z20 2.0L 1952ccRear
NissanNavaraD211986-1988incl.: DXRWD2door Utility4cyl Z24 2.4L 2389ccRear
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, STRWD2door Utility Extended Cab4cyl Z24 2.4L 2389ccRear
NissanNavaraD211992-1997incl.: STRWD4door Utility Dual Cab4cyl KA24E 2.4L 2389ccRear
NissanNavaraD211986-1992incl.: DX, STRWD4door Utility Dual Cab4cyl Z24 2.4L 2389ccRear
NissanNavaraD222001-2008incl.: DX, Standard, ST-R4X42door Cab Chassis4cyl ZD30DDT 3.0L 2953ccRear
NissanNavaraD222005-2008incl.: ST-R4X42door Utility4cyl ZD30DDT 3.0L 2953ccRear
NissanNavaraD222001-2008incl.: DX, ST-R4X44door Utility Dual Cab4cyl ZD30DDT 3.0L 2953ccRear
NissanUrvanE231980-1983 RWDVan4cyl H20 2.0L 1982ccRear
NissanUrvanE231980-1982 RWDVan4cyl J16 1.6L 1567ccRear
NissanUrvanE231980-1983incl.: DRWDVan4cyl SD22 2.2L 2164ccRear
NissanUrvanE231980-1986incl.: MicrobusRWDVan4cyl SD23 2.3L 2289ccRear
NissanUrvanE231982-1986incl.: MicrobusRWDVan4cyl Z20 2.0L 1952ccRear
NissanUrvanE241987-1993incl.: MicrobusRWDVan4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663ccRear
1985 1983 1984 1986 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1987 1988 1989 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 1980 1981 1982
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