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Diesel Oil Filter Sakura C1008 Mitsubishi 4D56 4D56T 2.5L Engine Alternate Cross References Z313

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Alternate Cross References - RYCO Z313, FLEETGUARD LF3564, Sakura C8024, C1008

Sakura Filters are made to meet or exceed Factory Specifications. Sakura's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect.

Product Type:  Oil Filter

Reference: ZPN-00838


Height126 mm
OD102 mm
TypeSpin On

Sakura Filters are made to meet or exceed Factory Specifications. Sakura's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect.

Sakura Filters are manufactured for Sakura Filter Industries Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, in accordance to OEM specifications. Key features include filter media that are jointly developed with world class suppliers to meet the most stringent requirements and to ensure high efficiency and maximum lifetime. More than 4000 part numbers available covering oil, fuel, air, hydraulic, and separator filters for automotive, commercial, and heavy equipments. Sakura Filters supply one-stop-shop filtration products. Sakura Filters are manufactured to the highest standard by companies fully accredited to the ISO/TS 16949:2002 Quality Management System. Their filters are tested for efficiency, lifetime, pressure drop across media, vibration, impulse, burst strength, and other exacting criterias at our testing laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:1999 International Laboratory Standard. The group s products are used as OEM as well as OES. And have been exported to more than 80 countries worldwide.

Sakura Australia holds Australian Standards AS/NZ ISO9001:2000

Warranty - Limited Warranty

In an event of a warranty claim please contact us immediately to ensure the speediests possible processing of any claim.

Sakura Products are guarnteed to be free of defects both in workmanship and materials during the recommended service life. Defective product due to the above will be replaced. In the unlikely event of engine damage due to proven defective product, Sakura Australia will restore the engine to the condition immediately prior to failure. This warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, faulty installation, modification, accident or incorrect application. All damage claims must be assessed and certified by an independent automotive engineer or authority within the automotive industry. It is necessary that the filtration product involved and the vehicle/equipment that has incurred the damage be available for inspection by our appointed agent prior to dismatling or repair. Any repairs must be authorised in writing by Sakura Australia or Online Auto Parts. Sakura Australia or Online Auto Parts will not be liable to any third party claims, losses or expenses related to defective claims.


Quality and Warranty
SACURA's first class quality automotive components ensure the customer will have the best choice in products that are guaranteed free of defect. The warranty covers replacement if the product is found to be defective, and the restoration of the engine to its condition before failure in the event of engine failure due to the filter.


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
FordCourierPD5/1996-2/1999incl.: XL4cyl WL 2.5L 2499cc
MazdaB2500UF4/1996-1999incl.: Boss, Bravo Plus, Bravo Plus SDX, DX, SDX4cyl WL 2.5L 2499cc
MazdaE2500SK1999-5/2003 4cyl WL 2.5L 2499cc
MazdaE2500SL8/1997-5/2003 4cyl WL 2.5L 2499cc
MazdaE2500SR8/1997-1999incl.: Deluxe4cyl WL 2.5L 2499cc
MitsubishiDelicaP25W1989-1994incl.: Chamonix, Exceed4cyl 4D56T 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSF1988-5/1990 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSG1/1991-6/1991 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSH1992-5/1994 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 ExpressSJ6/1994-12/2002 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSF1988-5/1990 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSG1/1991-6/1991 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSH1992-5/1994 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiL300 StarwagonSJ6/1994-12/2002 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiPajeroND1986-1987incl.: Standard, Super4cyl 4D56T 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiPajeroNE1988incl.: Standard, Super4cyl 4D56T 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiPajeroNF7/1988-7/1989incl.: Commercial, EXE4cyl 4D56T 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiPajeroNG1989-1991incl.: Commercial, EXE4cyl 4D56T 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiPajeroNH1/1991-6/1993incl.: GL, GLS, GLX4cyl 4D56T 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonME3/1986-5/1988incl.: Standard4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonMF6/1988-5/1989incl.: Standard4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonMG6/1989-5/1990 4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonMH6/1990-5/1992incl.: Standard4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonMJ6/1992-1996incl.: Luxury, Standard4cyl 4D56 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonML2008-2009incl.: GLX4cyl 4D56Ti 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonMN2009-2015incl.: GL-R, GL-R Activ, GLX4cyl 4D56Ti 2.5L 2477cc
MitsubishiTritonMN2009-2016incl.: GL-R, GL-R Activ, GLX, GLX-R4cyl 4D56Ti-HP 2.5L 2477cc
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