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Diesel Fuel Filter Patrol Diesel GQ GU 2.8L 3.0L 4.2L Y60 Y61 RD28T ZD30 TD42-T Engine

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OSK Diesel Fuel Filter OZ334 x 1 unit
Suits many Nissan Diesel models - 1988-2006

Fitment Alternate Replacement - RYCO Z332

The Osaka filter is a Japanese-specification filter made in Malaysia with high quality raw materials and the very latest machinery

Product Type:  Osaka (OSK) - Fuel Filter

Reference: FF2044, FC-1803, ZPN-00863


Height139 mm
Outside Diameter94mm

The Osaka filter is a Japanese-specification filter made in Malaysia with high quality raw materials and the very latest machinery.

  • Exported to more than 40 countries
  • Extensive Australian use in mining, trucking and industrial applications as well as automotive
  • Heavy duty construction with stronger housing and extra filter paper


Quality and WarrantyOsaka's quality automotive components ensure you will have the best products that are guaranteed free of defect. The warranty covers replacement if the product is found to be defective, and the restoration of the engine to its condition before failure in the event of engine failure due to the filter.


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
FordMaverickDA2/1988-9/1993incl.: XL6cyl TD42 4.2L 4169cc
NissanCabstarF2211/1986-6/1993incl.: 3.0m4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663cc
NissanCabstarH401987-1990 4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663cc
NissanCabstarH401987-6/1992 6cyl FD35 3.5L 3465cc
NissanCivilianW401991-1999 6cyl TD42 4.2L 4169cc
NissanCivilianW411999-2002 6cyl TD42 4.2L 4169cc
NissanELGRANDATE508/1999-4/2002incl.: Highwaystar, V4cyl ZD30DDT 3.0L 2953cc
NissanELGRANDAVE505/1997-7/1999incl.: Homy V4cyl QD32ETi 3.2L 3153cc
NissanELGRANDAVWE505/1997-7/1999 4cyl QD32ETi 3.2L 3153cc
NissanNavaraD211988-1992incl.: DX4cyl TD25 2.5L 2494cc
NissanNavaraD211988-1997incl.: DX, Nugget4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663cc
NissanNavaraD221997-2001incl.: DX, ST, Standard4cyl QD32E 3.2L 3153cc
NissanNavaraD221997-2001incl.: DX4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663cc
NissanNavaraD222002-2016incl.: DX, ST-R4cyl YD25DDTi 2.5L 2488cc
NissanNavaraD222001-2008incl.: DX, Standard, ST-R4cyl ZD30DDT 3.0L 2953cc
 Note1:Does Not Suit Common Rail Models
NissanPathfinderR501997-1998 4cyl QD32 3.2L 3153cc
NissanPatrolGQ1994-1997incl.: RX, ST6cyl RD28T 2.8L 2826cc
NissanPatrolGQ1988-1999incl.: DX, GLi, LE, RX, ST, Ti, Town and Country6cyl TD42 4.2L 4169cc
NissanPatrolGU2000-2007incl.: DX, ST, ST Plus, ST-L, ST-S, Ti4cyl ZD30DDT 3.0L 2953cc
 Note1:Does Not Suit Common Rail Models
NissanPatrolGU1997-2000incl.: DX, ST6cyl RD28Ti 2.8L 2826cc
NissanPatrolGU1998-2002incl.: DX, DX Plus, DX56cyl TD42 4.2L 4169cc
NissanPatrolGU1999-2006incl.: DX, DX Plus, ST, ST Plus6cyl TD42T 4.2L 4169cc
NissanPatrolGU2003-2006incl.: DX, ST, ST-L, ST-S6cyl TD42Ti 4.2L 4169cc
NissanTerrano IIR201997-2000incl.: RX, Ti4cyl TD27Ti 2.7L 2664cc
NissanTerrano IIWD211988-1996 4cyl TD27T 2.7L 2664cc
NissanUrvan 1991-1992incl.: Cargo4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663cc
NissanUrvanDFVMY1988incl.: Cargo4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663cc
NissanUrvanE235/1984-1986incl.: Microbus4cyl SD23 2.3L 2289cc
 Note1:Check Filter Profile to be sure. Could be 2 types in this model.
NissanUrvanE241987-1993incl.: Microbus4cyl TD27 2.7L 2663cc
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