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Car Repair Book Mitsubishi Pajero NM NP NS NT 2000-10 Max Ellery Workshop Manual - EP.M212

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Max Ellery - Repair Manual Book

Vehicle Repair Manual Published by Ellery Publications. ISBN 1876720212

Diesel and Petrol / Gasoline Engines including Turbo with World Wide Specifications

Mitsubishi Pajero - also Sold as Montero and Shogun
NM 2000-2001-2002-2004
NP 2004-2005-2006 (incl Exceed Luxury Model)
NS-NT 2007-2008-2009-2010
Petrol Gasoline V6 - 3.0lt 6G72, 3.5lt 6G74 MPI, 3.5lt 6G74 GDI, 3.8LT 6G75
Diesel 4cyl - 2.8lt 4M40, 4M40T - 3.2lt 4M41 DOHC Common Rail This is an excellent manual with over 528 pages. It has step by step instructions in every chapter.
Covering both models produced the Station Wagon and Short Wheel Based Models. The first chapter, Engine tune-up and maintenance guides you through the most basic maintenance and tuneup. It includes the specifications required, regardless of whether you are an owner wishing to change the oil, or a mechanic requiring specifications for tune-up and maintenance. Engine chapters - They have covered all diesel engines, including the common rail engine, and turbocharged engines are covered. All petrol/gasoline engines. These chapters are full of step by step instructions, plus plenty of photographs and line illustrations to give the reader explicit detail, suitable for everyone, regardless of whether
you require minor engine work or a major rebuild.

Engine Electrical - 10 pages covering Battery, Alternator, Starter Motor.

Cooling System - 9 pages covering General Maintenance, Belts, Thermostat, Water Pump & Hoses, Fans & Radiator.

Ignition, Fuel & Emission Sytems Petrol - 26 pages Covering all petrol engines ignition & fuel sytems.

Diesel fuel, glow plug, emission & turbo chapters Diesel -
21 pagers covering injection components, ECM values plus sensor checks diesel injection systems for the above engines, including injectors, fuel pump and fuel tank. Petrol / Gasoline and Ignition chapter gives good detail on the ECM and injection systems for the above engines, including injectors, fuel pump and fuel tank . Turbo Charger are also covered on both diesel engine types.

Exhaust System - 4 pages with torque setting specifications & diagnosis Clutch, Transmission and Transfer chapters - cover all manual and automatic transmissions for these vehicles.
Including V5M31, V5MT1 Manual Transmissions. V5A51, V5A5A Automatic Transmissions
Incl Maintainence, Repair, Dismantle & Rebuild incl all specifications. The Brake chapter 23 pages helps to maintain the disc brakes including general maintenance and replacing various parts.
Suspension, Steering, Front & Rear Axle & Driveshafts , etc all have independent chapters full of easy to follow photographs and instructions.
Diagnosis and Trouble Shooting plus Electrical Schematics help the weekend repairer or the mechanic to work on their vehicle.

This manual includes all components of the vehicle such as a large body chapter 29 pages, heater, climate control and air conditioning, cooling, windscreen wipers etc .

Pages and pages of wiring diagrams and diagnostics.

The list of chapters is almost endless.

It is a must have for the D.I.Y home mechanic through to the trade professional.

Product Type:  Max Ellery - Repair Manual Book

Reference: EP.M212, 9781876720216, ZPN-01264
GTIN: 9781876720216


# of Pages528




Vehicle Fitment

MitsubishiPajeroNM2000-2002incl.: Commonwealth Games Edition GLX, Dakar GLX, Exceed, GL, GLS, GLX, GLX Plus, Tanami GLS
MitsubishiPajeroNP2002-2006incl.: Exceed, GLS, GLS 21st Anniversary, GLX, Platinum Edition, VR-X
MitsubishiPajeroNS2006-2009incl.: 25th Anniversary, Exceed, GLX, Platinum Edition, R, VR-X, VR-X Limited Edition, X
MitsubishiPajeroNT2008-2010incl.: Activ, Exceed, GL, GLS, GLX, Platinum, Platinum Edition, R, RX, VR-X, X
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
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