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Bosch Alternator fits Mitsubishi Magna TE TF TH TJ TL TW 1996 to 2005

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Bosch - Alternator

Brand New Bosch Alternator

Product Type:  Bosch - Alternator

Reference: ZPN-14128
GTIN: 4047024793170


Amperage108 Amps
Mount Top-Bottom Hole175 mm
Inside Leg Measurement78 mm
Front Leg Mounting Hole10 mm
Rear Leg Mounting Hole10 mm
Adjust Mount Hole8 mm
Pulley Diameter84 mm
Shaft17 mm


Warranty:2yr / 50,000km


Vehicle Fitment

MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
MitsubishiMagnaTE4/1996-5/1997incl.: Altera, Executive4cyl 4G64-S4 2.4L 2350cc
MitsubishiMagnaTE4/1996-5/1997incl.: Advance, Altera, Altera LS, ExecutiveV6 6G72-S4 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiMagnaTF6/1997-1998incl.: Executive4cyl 4G64-S4 2.4L 2350cc
MitsubishiMagnaTF6/1997-1998incl.: SportsV6 6G72-24V 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiMagnaTF6/1997-1998incl.: Advance, Altera, Altera LS, Executive, Solara, SportsV6 6G72-S4 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiMagnaTH4/1999-7/2000incl.: ExecutiveV6 6G72-S4 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiMagnaTH4/1999-7/2000incl.: Advance, Altera LS, Executive, LS Executive, Solara Advance, Sports, V6 SiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiMagnaTJ8/2000-2002incl.: ExecutiveV6 6G72-S4 3.0L 2972cc
MitsubishiMagnaTJ8/2000-2003incl.: Advance, AWD, Commonwealth Games Edition Executive, Executive, i, Limited Edition Executive, Solara Advance, Sports, Sports AWD, V6 Si Executive, VR-X, VR-X Limited EditionV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiMagnaTL6/2003-9/2004incl.: AWD, ES, LS, Solara, VR, VR AWD, VR Limited Edition, VR-X, VR-X AWD, VR-X Limited EditionV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiMagnaTW10/2004-9/2005incl.: ES, LS, LS AWD, VR, VR-X, VR-X AWDV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiRalliart MagnaTJ2002 V6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiVeradaKE10/1996-5/1997incl.: Ei, XiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiVeradaKF6/1997-3/1999incl.: Ei, XiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiVeradaKH4/1999-7/2000incl.: Ei, XiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiVeradaKJ8/2001-7/2003incl.: AWD Ei, Ei, GTV Ei, GTVi, XiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiVeradaKL6/2003-9/2004incl.: AWD Ei, Ei, GTVi, XiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
MitsubishiVeradaKW2004-2005incl.: Ei, GTVi AWD, XiV6 6G74-S4 3.5L 3497cc
1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
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