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Antenna Repair Mast (Front Left Guard) Aerpro - AP253

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Aerpro - Antenna Repair Mast

Replacement Antenna Mast & White Nylon Toothed Chord / Rope
(this does not replace the type with non toothed cord with ball on end)
Only repairs Automatic Electric motorised Antenna models

Product Type:  Aerpro - Antenna Repair Mast

Reference: AP253, ZPN-01408
GTIN: 9317114868350


Extended Length93 cm
Retracted Length25 mm
Sleeve Diameter11 mm
Sleeve Length61 mm
Nylon Bush Diameter12 mm


Warranty:1 year

Vehicle Fitment

MitsubishiPajeroNA1983-1984incl.: Sports2door HardtopFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNA1983incl.: Luxury2door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNA1984incl.: Super4door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNB1985 2door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNB1984-1985incl.: Super4door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNC1986incl.: Sports2door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNC1985-1986incl.: Commercial, Super4door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroND1986-1987 2door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroND1986-1987incl.: Standard, Super4door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNE1988incl.: Sports, Standard2door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNE1987-1988incl.: Standard, Super4door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNF1988-1989incl.: EXE2door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNF1988-1989incl.: Commercial, EXE, Superwagon4door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNG1989-1991incl.: EXE2door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNG1989-1991incl.: Commercial, EXE, Superwagon4door WagonFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNH1991-1993incl.: GL, GLS2door HardtopFront Left Guard
MitsubishiPajeroNH1991-1993incl.: GL, GLS, GLX4door WagonFront Left Guard
1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993
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