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339154 Shock Absorber KYB Excel-G suits Holden (HSV) Senator VE Series II - 339154

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Product Type:  KYB Excel-G - Shock Absorber

Reference: 339154, ZPN-06072

Gives a satin-smooth ride plus the better response only gas shocks can deliver.

Patented valving plus pressurised nitrogen gas account for riding comfort and, at the same time, dramatically reduce the aeration or foaming that commonly occur in conventional shocks and cause conventional shock's performance to start fading, even after a few minutes in operation. Preferable for those who want to feel the difference.

Outstanding features include:

  • Protective shell to keep out dirt.
  • Multi-lip seal to reduce possibility of oil leakage.
  • Sintered iron rod guide to extend life of shock absorber.
  • Pressurized nitrogen gas to reduce foaming and aeration, deliver better performance.
  • Hard-chromed piston rod to reduce friction.
  • Seamless cylinder to reduce possibility of splitting.
  • 3-stage rebound valving to give better control.
  • Sintered iron piston to add strength.
  • Wear resistant piston ring to reduce friction + leakage.
  • All weather fluid.
  • 3-stage compression valve to assure fast recovery.
  • Seamless eye ring to reduce possibility of breakage.

  • Warranty

    Warranty:2yr / 50,000km


    Vehicle Fitment

    HoldenBerlinaVE2006-2013incl.: InternationalRWD4door SedanFront LH
    HoldenBerlinaVE2008-2013 RWD4door WagonFront LH
    HoldenBerlinaVE2009-2013incl.: InternationalRWD5door WagonFront LH
    HoldenCalaisVE2006-2013incl.: V, V 60th Anniversary, V International, V RedlineRWD4door SedanFront LH
    HoldenCalaisVE2008-2013incl.: Sportswagon, V, V RedlineRWD4door WagonFront LH
    HoldenCommodoreVE2007-2012incl.: i V6, i V6 Dual Fuel LPG, i V8, Omega, SS, SS V, SS V Redline, SS V Special Edition, SV6, SV6 60th AnniversaryRWD2door UtilityFront LH
    HoldenCommodoreVE2006-2013incl.: 60th Anniversary, i V6, i V6 Dual Fuel LPG, i V8, International, Lumina, Omega, SS, SS V, SS V 60th Anniversary, SS V Redline, SS V Special Edition, SV6RWD4door SedanFront LH
    HoldenCommodoreVE2008-2013incl.: Sportswagon, SS, SS-V Redline, SS-V Special Edition, SS-V Sportswagon, SV6 SportswagonRWD4door WagonFront LH
    HoldenCommodoreVE2009-2010incl.: International, OmegaRWD5door WagonFront LH
    HoldenCommodoreVE2011incl.: i V8RWDSedanFront LH
    Holden (HSV)ClubsportVE2006-2010incl.: GXP, R8, R8 20th AnniversaryRWD4door SedanFront LH
    Holden (HSV)ClubsportVE2008-2010incl.: R8 TourerRWD4door WagonFront LH
    Holden (HSV)GTSVE2006-2010incl.: 40th AnniversaryRWD4door SedanFront LH
    Holden (HSV)MalooVE2007-2010incl.: GXP, R8, R8 20th AnniversaryRWD2door UtilityFront LH
    Holden (HSV)SenatorVE2006-2010incl.: Signature, Signature SV08RWD4door SedanFront LH
    Holden (HSV)W427VE2008-2009 RWD4door SedanFront LH
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