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2 Rear Gas Shock Absorbers suits Toyota Corolla KE30 KE35 KE36 KE38 KE55 Sedan Coupe Wagon Pair 1974 to 1981

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2 x Gas Shock Absorbers (Left + Right Sides)

Ultima GT Gas Shock Absorbers

* 32mm Bore - Double Chromed 12mm Piston Rods
* Low Pressure Nitrogen Gas Charged with Multi Lip NOK Seal
* Individual Dyno Testing on Every Shock Absorber
* Superior Bump + Rebound Settings - exclusive to Ultima Shocks

Product Type:  Ultima - Shock Absorber

Reference: ZPN-01879


Top MountStud/Pin
Bottom MountEye 16mm ID Rubber
Open Length517 mm
Closed Length300 mm

New Generation - Ultima GT Gas Shock Absorbers - New Advance Design
Over 15 years tried, tested and developed in the Australian and world-wide Market


  • 32mm BORE Low Pressure Nitrogen Gas Charged Shocks and Struts
  • Double Chromed, Highly Polished 12mm Piston Rods for increased Life Of Shock
  • Twin Tube Shock Body to Protect Shock Action from on and off road conditions
  • Genuine High Quality, Multi Lip, Low Friction NOK Seals used in all applications
  • Individual Dyno Testing on Every Shock Absorber
  • Seamless Shock Absorber Eyes Electric + Fusion Welded
  • Unique Superiour Bump and Rebound Settings - exclusive to Ultima Shocks
  • High Performance Top Quality Rubber Bushes


Warranty Terms -
3 year or 100,000km (whichever comes first) .
Warranty is from the date of sale and proof of purchase is required. We guarantee the Original Purchaser against functional and/or material defects as a result of faulty manufacture and/or faulty materials.
  • Warranty Exclusions
  • Shock Absorbers which are used on Applications, or fitted contrary to the information supplied in the application listings.
  • Shock Absorbers that have been modified or damaged through incorrect installation. Eg. The damage caused to piston rods when not using correct tools.
  • Shock Absorbers damaged as a result of an accident, collision or suspension abuse.
  • Shock Absorbers that have failed for reasons other than fair wear & tear during normal and proper use. Eg. Using the vehicle for Rally or Racing Sports, or purposes for which it was not designed.
  • Liability for any damages whether incidental, consequential or otherwise including labour charges.
  • Wear & tear as a result of the re-use of parts such as rubber dirt shields & damaged bump stops etc.
  • Reconditioned or recycled shock absorbers.
  • Shock Absorbers used on Medium or Heavy Commercial Vehciles or vehicles modified for increase Load Carrying Capacity beyond the makers design will only be covered by a 12 month / 30,000km (whichever comes first) warranty.
  • Shock Absorbers which are used on modified suspension when not recommended by seller.
  • Compensation is limited to the replacement of Shock Absorbers original supplied to the user and which are proven to Online Auto Part's reasonable satisfaction to have failed by reason of faulty manufacture and/or materials. Online Auto Parts reserves the right to have units returned for examination.
  • The replacement units will be warranted for the balance of the duration of the original warranty period.
In the case of a warranty claim please first contact Online Auto Parts staff. We will then advise of best action to take. Shock absorbers are usually required to be returned to Online Auto Parts & Ultima for inspection prior to any warranty being granted.


Vehicle Fitment

DaihatsuFerozaF3001988-1997incl.: 20th Anniversary, CXi, DX, EL, ELII, ELIII, HT, Limited, SE, SPV4X42door Hardtop
DaihatsuFerozaF3001988-1997incl.: DX, SPV, ST4X42door Softtop
DaihatsuRockyF701984-1993 4X42door Hardtop
DaihatsuRockyF701985-1986 4X42door Softtop
DaihatsuRockyF751984-1993 4X42door Wagon
DaihatsuRockyF771986-1993 4X42door Cab Chassis
DaihatsuRockyF801984-1988incl.: Deluxe, EX4X42door Hardtop
DaihatsuRockyF801984-1986incl.: Softtop4X42door Softtop
DaihatsuRockyF851984-1989incl.: DX4X42door Wagon
DaihatsuRockyF871986-1989 4X42door Cab Chassis
Holden (HSV)ClubsportVR1993-1994 RWD4door Wagon
Holden (HSV)ClubsportVS1995-1997 RWD4door Wagon
Holden (HSV)MalooVS1995-2000incl.: 10th Anniversary, 185i, 195iRWD2door Utility
Holden (HSV)MantaVS1995incl.: 185iRWD4door Wagon
SuzukiGrand VitaraSQ4161999-2005incl.: JLX4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiGrand VitaraSQ4162000-2002incl.: JLX4X42door Softtop
SuzukiGrand VitaraSQ4201999-2005incl.: JLX, Sports4X43door Hardtop
SuzukiGrand VitaraSQ4201998-2005incl.: Sports4X44door Wagon
SuzukiGrand VitaraSQ6251998-2005incl.: Freestyle Sport, Limited Edition Sports, Slalom, Special Edition, Sport4X45door Wagon
SuzukiJimnyFJ2005-2017 4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiJimnySN4131998-2017incl.: Freestyle JLX, JLX, JX, Sierra, Sierra 100th Anniversary, Sierra Trekker, Special Edition, Special JLX, Sport, Z Series4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiJimnySN4132000-2001incl.: JLX4X42door Softtop
SuzukiLJ50LJ501974-1981 4X42door Softtop
SuzukiSierraLJ801978-1981 4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiSierraLJ801980-1981 4X42door Softtop
SuzukiSierraLJ811978-1981 4X42door Traytop
SuzukiSierraSJ401982-1984, 1987incl.: SJ4104X42door Hardtop
SuzukiSierraSJ401981-1987incl.: SJ4104X42door Softtop
SuzukiSierraSJ40T1981-1988incl.: SJ4104X42door Utility
SuzukiSierraSJ501984-1990incl.: SJ413, SJ413 JX, SJ413 V, SJ413 WXG4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiSierraSJ501984-1990incl.: SJ413, SJ413 JX, SJ413 Samurai4X42door Softtop
SuzukiSierraSJ51T1984-1989incl.: SJ4134X42door Utility
SuzukiSierraSJ701989-1996incl.: SJ413, SJ413 JX4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiSierraSJ701989-1996incl.: SJ413 Classic, SJ413 JX, SJ413 Sun Seeker, SJ413 Widetrack4X42door Softtop
SuzukiSierra / MarutiMG4101990-2000incl.: Stockman Maruti4X42door Utility
SuzukiVitaraSE4161988-1998incl.: Blaze, JLX, JX, Summer Edition4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiVitaraSE4161988-1998incl.: JLX, JU, JX, Summer Edition4X42door Softtop
SuzukiVitaraSE4161991-1998incl.: JLX, JLX Estate, JX, JX Estate4X44door Wagon
SuzukiVitaraSV4201997-2000incl.: JLX4X42door Hardtop
SuzukiVitaraSV4201997-2000incl.: JLX4X42door Softtop
SuzukiVitaraSV6201995-1998incl.: V64X44door Wagon
SuzukiVitara CabrioET1997-2000incl.: 16V4X42door Cabriolet
SuzukiVitara CabrioTA1997-2000incl.: 16V4X42door Cabriolet
ToyotaLexcenVN1990-1991incl.: GLRWD4door Wagon
ToyotaLexcenVP1991-1993incl.: CSiRWD4door Wagon
ToyotaLexcenVR1993-1995incl.: CSi, VXiRWD4door Wagon
ToyotaLexcenVS1995-1997incl.: CSi T4, CSi T5, VXi T4, VXi T5RWD4door Wagon
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