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10 piece Noid Light + IAC Test Tools Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Test Kit Case

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  • The most economic way to check electronic fuel injection (EFI) signals
  • Fast and easily checks for systems of GM TBI, Bosch PFI Ford TBI, GM PFI, Geo TBI and GM SCPI just disconnect the fuel injector, plug the Noid Lite into injector, Plug the Noid Lite into injector wiring harness then crank the engine.
  • A bright LED flash indicates signal operation
  • Safe Sturdy Plastic Storage Case
Set includes:
  • GM TBI Noid Light
  • Bosch PFI Noid Light
  • Ford Noid TBI Light
  • GM Multec 2 Noid Light
  • GM PFI Noid Light
  • Geo TBI Noid Light
  • GM SCPI Noid Light
  • Bosch 2 Noid Light
  • '82 and newer GM TBI/PFI with square 4 pin connector
  • '87 and newer Model 700 TBNI/PFI with flat 4 pin connector

Affordable range, standard 6 mth warranty.

Product Type:  Tool - Universal

Reference: ZPN-01673

Brand: Unbranded

An affordable range with a standard 6 month warranty.


Warranty:1yr / 20,000km


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