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Single Wiper blade Aerotwin
Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions.
Product Type:  Bosch Aerotwin - Wiper Blade Assembly
Reference: BBA450, ZPN-14490
GTIN: 4047025252263
#1 Blade Length450 mm
Warranty: 6 months Warranty
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AUD $29.65 incl. GST
Wiper Blade Assembly (Front LH) Bosch Aerotwin
Single Wiper blade Aerotwin
Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions.
Product Type:  Bosch Aerotwin - Wiper Blade Assembly
Reference: BBA450, ZPN-14490
GTIN: 4047025252263
Suits Citroen C2
Suits Citroen C3
Suits Citroen C3 A5
Suits Daewoo Kalos T200
Suits Daewoo Tacuma U100
Suits Ford Laser KN
Suits Holden Astra AH
Suits Holden Astra TS
Suits Holden Barina XC
Suits Holden Cruze JG
Suits Holden Cruze JH
Suits Holden Cruze YG
Suits Honda Civic
Suits Honda Civic EG
Suits Honda Civic EH EH9
Suits Honda Civic EK
Suits Honda Civic ES1
Suits Honda Civic EU3
Suits Honda Integra DC
Suits Hyundai Accent LC
Suits Hyundai Accent MC
Suits Hyundai i30 FD
Suits Hyundai Sonata NF
Suits Hyundai Tiburon GK
Suits Jaguar S-Type X200
Suits Jaguar S-Type X202
Suits Jaguar S-Type X204
Suits Kia Carens
Suits Kia Magentis MG
Suits Kia Sorento BL
Suits Kia Sportage SL
Suits Kia Sportage SL PC813
Suits Kia Sportage SL PC823
Suits Lexus Ct200h ZWA10R
Suits Mazda 2 DE
Suits Mazda 2 DY
Suits Mazda 323 BJ
Suits Mazda RX-8 FE Series 1
Suits Mazda RX-8 FE Series 2
Suits Mitsubishi Challenger PB
Suits Mitsubishi Challenger PC
Suits Mitsubishi Lancer CY
Suits Mitsubishi Lancer CZ
Suits Mitsubishi Outlander ZE
Suits Mitsubishi Ralliart Evo EVO 6.5
Suits Mitsubishi Triton ML
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MN
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MQ KK4
Suits Mitsubishi Triton MR KK4
Suits Nissan 350Z Z33
Suits Nissan Murano Z50
Suits Nissan Navara D40 Series 5
Suits Nissan Pathfinder R51
Suits Nissan X-Trail T30 II
Suits Renault Laguna
Suits Renault Megane X84
Suits Renault Megane X95
Suits Smart ForFour W454
Suits Ssangyong Musso VER 1
Suits Ssangyong Musso VER 2
Suits Ssangyong Musso VER 3
Suits Ssangyong Musso VERS 1
Suits Ssangyong Musso VERS 2
Suits Ssangyong Musso VERS 3
Suits Ssangyong Musso VERS 5
Suits Subaru Forester SH SHH
Suits Subaru Forester SH SHN
Suits Subaru Impreza GC
Suits Subaru Impreza N
Suits Subaru Liberty BE
Suits Subaru Liberty BL
Suits Subaru Liberty BL9
Suits Subaru Liberty BP
Suits Subaru Liberty BP9
Suits Subaru Liberty BR9
Suits Subaru Liberty BRM
Suits Subaru Liberty YA9
Suits Subaru Outback BP9
Suits Subaru Outback BPE
Suits Subaru Sportswagon N
Suits Suzuki Swift RS415
Suits Toyota Corolla AE101R
Suits Toyota Corolla AE102R
Suits Toyota Corolla AE102X
Suits Toyota Corolla AE112R
Suits Toyota Hiace
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado KZJ120R 120 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado RZJ95R 90 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado VZJ95R 90 Series
Suits Toyota RAV4 SXA10R
Suits Toyota RAV4 SXA11R

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6 months Warranty
#1 Blade Length450 mm
About Bosch Aerotwin
For a guaranteed clear view: Wiper blades from Bosch
Wiper blades from Bosch can be relied on for perfect wiper action, even under extremely adverse weather conditions.The motorists' choice for best visibility and maximum safety: Readers of the magazines "Auto Motor und Sport" and "Auto Bild" have voted for Bosch as the best make in the "Wiper blade" category again.
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Vehicle Fitment
CitroenC2 2004-2008incl.: VTR, VTS3door HatchbackFront LH
CitroenC3 2003-2010incl.: Exclusive, XTR5door HatchbackFront LH
CitroenC3A52010incl.: Exclusive, VTR +5door HatchbackFront LH
DaewooKalosT2002003-2004incl.: Limited Edition4door SedanFront LH
DaewooTacumaU1002000-2004incl.: Limited5door WagonFront LH
FordLaserKN1999-2001incl.: GLXi, LXi4door SedanFront LH
FordLaserKN1999-2001incl.: GLXi, LXi, R LXi5door HatchbackFront LH
HoldenAstraAH2006-2008incl.: SRI3door CoupeFront LH
HoldenAstraTS2003-2004incl.: Turbo2door ConvertibleFront LH
HoldenAstraTS2001-2004incl.: City, Equipe City, SXi3door HatchbackFront LH
HoldenAstraTS2000-2005incl.: CD, CD Classic, CDX, City, Classic, Classic Equipe, Equipe City, Olympic CD, Olympic City4door SedanFront LH
HoldenAstraTS1998-2005incl.: CD, CDX, City, Classic, Classic Equipe, Equipe City, Olympic CD, Olympic City5door HatchbackFront LH
HoldenBarinaXC2001-2005incl.: Equipe, SXi3door HatchbackFront LH
HoldenBarinaXC2001-2005incl.: CD, Equipe5door HatchbackFront LH
HoldenCruzeJG2009-2011incl.: CD, CDX4door SedanFront LH
HoldenCruzeYG2002-2006 4door HatchbackFront LH
HondaCivic 1993, 1995-1998incl.: CXi, GLi, VTi3door HatchbackFront LH
HondaCivic 1993, 1995incl.: GLi, VTi4door SedanFront LH
HondaCivicEG1993-1995incl.: Si, VTi3door HatchbackFront LH
HondaCivicEH1993-1995incl.: Si, VTi4door SedanFront LH
HondaCivicEK1999-2000incl.: CXi, CXi Sport, GLi, Indy Special CXi3door HatchbackFront LH
HondaCivicES12000-2005incl.: GLi4door SedanFront LH
HondaCivicEU32000-2005incl.: Indy Vi, Vi, VTi5door HatchbackFront LH
HondaIntegraDC1999-2001incl.: Type R, Type R Sport2door CoupeFront LH
HyundaiAccentLC2003incl.: GL, GLS4door SedanFront LH
HyundaiAccentMC2006-2009incl.: S, SLX4door SedanFront LH
Hyundaii30FD2009-2012incl.: SLX, Sportswagon, SX4door WagonFront LH
HyundaiSonataNF2005-2010incl.: Elite, SLX4door SedanFront LH
HyundaiTiburonGK2002-2009incl.: V6, V6 TS2door CoupeFront LH
JaguarS-TypeX2001999-2002, 2006-2008incl.: Luxury, SE, Sport4door SedanFront LH
JaguarS-TypeX2022002-2004incl.: R, SE, Sport4door SedanFront LH
JaguarS-TypeX2042004-2008incl.: LE, Luxury, R, SE4door SedanFront LH
KiaCarens 2000-2002 5door HatchbackFront LH
KiaMagentisMG2006-2008incl.: EX Luxury4door SedanFront LH
KiaSorentoBL2003-2007incl.: EX, EX Australian Open4door WagonFront LH
KiaSportageSL2010-2016incl.: Platinum, SLi4door WagonFront LH
LexusCt200hZWA10R2011incl.: F Sport, Luxury, Prestige, Sports Luxury5door HatchbackFront LH
Mazda2DE2007-2009incl.: Genki, Maxx, Neo5door HatchbackFront LH
Mazda2DY2002-2007incl.: Genki, Maxx, Neo5door HatchbackFront LH
Mazda323BJ1998-2003incl.: Platinum Edition Protege, Protege, Protege Limited Edition, Protege Shades, Shades Protege, SP20, Special Edition Protege4door SedanFront LH
Mazda323BJ1998-2003incl.: 40th Anniversary Astina, Astina, Astina Shades, Shades Astina, SP205door HatchbackFront LH
MazdaRX-8FE Series 12003-2008incl.: plus Leather Trim4door CoupeFront LH
MazdaRX-8FE Series 22008-2010incl.: GT, Luxury4door CoupeFront LH
MitsubishiChallengerPB2009-2013incl.: LS, XLS4door WagonFront LH
MitsubishiChallengerPC2013-2015 4door WagonFront LH
MitsubishiLancerCY2005-2007incl.: Evolution IX4door SedanFront LH
MitsubishiLancerCZ2004-2005incl.: Evolution VIII4door SedanFront LH
MitsubishiOutlanderZE2003-2004incl.: LS, XLS4door WagonFront LH
MitsubishiRalliart EvoEVO 6.52001incl.: Evo VI Tommi Makinen4door SedanFront LH
MitsubishiTritonML2007-2009incl.: GL, GLX2door UtilityFront LH
MitsubishiTritonML2006-2009incl.: GLS, GLX, GLX-R, VR, VR Plus4door Utility Dual CabFront LH
MitsubishiTritonMN2009-2015incl.: GLX4door Utility Dual CabFront LH
MitsubishiTritonMQ2015-2018incl.: GLX2door Cab ChassisFront LH
MitsubishiTritonMQ2015-2018 2door UtilityFront LH
MitsubishiTritonMR2018-2020incl.: GLX2door Cab ChassisFront LH
Nissan350ZZ332002-2007incl.: Touring, Track2door CoupeFront LH
Nissan350ZZ332003-2007incl.: Touring2door RoadsterFront LH
NissanMuranoZ502005-2008incl.: ST, TI, Ti-L4door WagonFront LH
NissanNavaraD402011-2015incl.: ST-X 550, ST-X, ST-X, ST-X 5504door Utility Dual CabFront LH
NissanPathfinderR512005-2013incl.: ST, ST-L, Ti, TI 550, Titanium4door WagonFront LH
NissanX-TrailT30 II2006-2007incl.: ST, ST-S, ST-S 40th Anniversary, ST-S X-Treme, Ti, Ti-L4door WagonFront LH
RenaultLaguna 1995-1996incl.: RXE, V64door HatchbackFront LH
RenaultMeganeX842004-2010incl.: Dynamique, Dynamique LX, Exception, LX Limited Edition2door CabrioletFront LH
 Note1:Please check you require hook type mounting as some bayonet styles are known
RenaultMeganeX842006-2008incl.: RS F1 Team R26, Sport 225, Sport 225 F1 Team3door HatchbackFront LH
 Note1:Please check you require hook type mounting as some bayonet styles are known
RenaultMeganeX842004-2010incl.: Estival, Exception, Exception dCi, Expression, Expression dCi, Privilege, Privilege dCi4door SedanFront LH
 Note1:Please check you require hook type mounting as some bayonet styles are known
RenaultMeganeX842004-2009incl.: Sport 225, Sport 225 Cup, Sport Cup, Sport LX5door HatchbackFront LH
 Note1:Please check you require hook type mounting as some bayonet styles are known
RenaultMeganeX952010incl.: Dynamique2door CabrioletFront LH
 Note1:Please check you require hook type mounting as some bayonet styles are known
SmartForFourW4542004-2006 5door HatchbackFront LH
SsangyongMussoVER 11997-1998 4door WagonFront LH
SsangyongMussoVER 21997-1998 4door WagonFront LH
SsangyongMussoVER 31997-1998 4door WagonFront LH
SsangyongMussoVERS 11997-1998 4door WagonFront LH
SsangyongMussoVERS 21997-1998 4door WagonFront LH
SsangyongMussoVERS 31997-1998 4door WagonFront LH
SsangyongMussoVERS 51996-1998 4door WagonFront LH
SubaruForesterSH2010-2013incl.: 2.0D, 2.0D Premium4door WagonFront LH
SubaruImprezaGC1994-1998incl.: WRX, WRX Club Spec, WRX Club Spec Evo 2, WRX Limited Edition, WRX Rallye4door SedanFront LH
SubaruImprezaN1993-1998incl.: GX, RX, RX Limited Edition4door SedanFront LH
SubaruImprezaN1996-1998incl.: GX, RX, RX Limited Edition5door HatchbackFront LH
SubaruLibertyBE2003incl.: B44door SedanFront LH
SubaruLibertyBL2003-2009incl.: 2.0R, 2.0R Limited, 3.0R, 3.0R Premium, 3.0R Spec.B, 3.0R Spec.B Blitzen, 3.0R-B, GT, GT Premium Pack, GT Tuned By STI, Luxury Series4door SedanFront LH
SubaruLibertyBL92003-2009incl.: Heritage, Luxury, Premium, Premium Pack, Safety Pack, Sport Edition4door SedanFront LH
SubaruLibertyBP2003-2009incl.: 3.0R, 3.0R Premium, 3.0R Spec.B, 3.0R Spec.B Blitzen, 3.0R-B, Luxury Series4door WagonFront LH
SubaruLibertyBP92003-2009incl.: Heritage, Luxury, Premium, Premium Pack, Safety Pack, Sport Edition4door WagonFront LH
SubaruLibertyBR92009-2012incl.: Premium, Sports, Sports Premium4door WagonFront LH
SubaruLibertyBRM2012-2015 4door WagonFront LH
SubaruLibertyYA92009-2014incl.: Exiga, Exiga Premium4door WagonFront LH
SubaruOutbackBP92003-2008incl.: Duotone, Luxury, Premium Pack, Safety Pack, Touring4door WagonFront LH
SubaruOutbackBPE2003-2009incl.: R, R Duotone, R Premium Pack4door WagonFront LH
SubaruSportswagonN1996-1998incl.: Gravel X4door WagonFront LH
SuzukiSwiftRS4152005-2014incl.: 100th Anniversary, Beat, Extreme, GLX, Q50, RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4, S, S Limited Edition, Z Series5door HatchbackFront LH
ToyotaCorollaAE101R1994-1999incl.: CSi4door SedanFront LH
ToyotaCorollaAE101R1994-1999incl.: Advantage Limited Edition, CSi Seca, CSX Seca, Spirit Seca, World Cup5door LiftbackFront LH
ToyotaCorollaAE102R1996-1999incl.: Conquest Seca, CSX Seca, RV Seca5door LiftbackFront LH
ToyotaCorollaAE102X1994-1996incl.: CSX Seca, RV Seca5door LiftbackFront LH
ToyotaCorollaAE112R1999-2001incl.: Ascent, Conquest, Ultima4door SedanFront LH
ToyotaCorollaAE112R1998-2001incl.: Ascent, Conquest, Conquest Seca, CSX, Levin Conquest, Levin Seca, Ultima, Ultima Seca5door LiftbackFront LH
ToyotaHiace 1991incl.: Commuter4door BusFront LH
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoKZJ120R2003-2006incl.: Grande, GX, GX Limited, GXL, Pilbara, VX4door WagonFront LH
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoRZJ95R1996-2002incl.: RV4door WagonFront LH
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoVZJ95R1996-2002incl.: 50th Anniversary GXL, Getaway RV6, Grande, GXL, GXL Advantage Limited Edition, Kimberley GXL, RV6, Snowy GXL, VX, VX Grande, World Cup RV64door WagonFront LH
ToyotaRAV4SXA10R1994-2000incl.: Cruiser, MAX, Oasis, Winter Limited Edition3door HardtopFront LH
ToyotaRAV4SXA11R1995-2000incl.: Cruiser, MAX, Oasis, Winter Limited Edition, World Cup5door WagonFront LH
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