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Battery 90D26L 620 CCA
Product Type:  Bosch - Battery
Reference: 90D26L, ZPN-36626
Length260 mm
Width172 mm
Total Height222 mm
Terminal TypeStandard
Warranty: 6 months Warranty
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AUD $249.00 incl. GST
Battery Bosch
Battery 90D26L 620 CCA
Product Type:  Bosch - Battery
Reference: 90D26L, ZPN-36626
Suits Ford Escape BA
Suits Ford Escape ZA
Suits Ford Escape ZB
Suits Ford Maverick DA
Suits Holden Frontera MX UES25
Suits Holden Frontera MX UES30
Suits Holden Rodeo TFR25
Suits Holden Rodeo TFR25 R7
Suits Holden Rodeo TFR25 R9
Suits Holden Rodeo TFS25
Suits Holden Rodeo TFS25 R7
Suits Holden Rodeo TFS25 R9
Suits Honda Legend KA2
Suits Honda Legend KA3
Suits Honda Legend KA4
Suits Honda MDX YD1
Suits Honda NSX NA
Suits Hyundai Accent RB CT51U
Suits Hyundai Coupe RD
Suits Hyundai Grandeur TG
Suits Hyundai i30 FD
Suits Hyundai i30cw FD
Suits Hyundai i40 VF
Suits Hyundai i45 YF
Suits Hyundai ix35 LM
Suits Hyundai Santa Fe CM
Suits Hyundai Santa Fe SM
Suits Hyundai S Coupe
Suits Hyundai Sonata EF-B
Suits Hyundai Terracan HP
Suits Hyundai Tiburon GK
Suits Hyundai Trajet FO
Suits Hyundai Tucson JM
Suits Isuzu D-Max TFR85
Suits Kia Carnival KV
Suits Kia Carnival VQ
Suits Kia Grand Carnival VQ
Suits Kia Magentis MG
Suits Kia Optima GD
Suits Kia Sportage KM
Suits Kia Sportage SL
Suits Lexus GS300 JZS160R
Suits Lexus GS430 UZS190R
Suits Lexus GS450h GWS191R
Suits Lexus IS250 GSE20R
Suits Lexus LS400 UCF20R
Suits Lexus LS430 UCF30R
Suits Lexus LX470 UZJ100R
Suits Lexus RX350 GGL15R
Suits Lexus RX350 GSU35R
Suits Lexus RX450h GYL15R
Suits Lotus Evora Type 122
Suits Mazda CX-7 ER Series 2
Suits Mazda CX-9 TB
Suits Mazda RX-8 FE Series 1
Suits Mazda RX-8 FE Series 2
Suits Mazda T4000 T
Suits Mazda Tribute CU
Suits Mazda Tribute YU
Suits Mitsubishi Lancer CJ
Suits Nissan Maxima A32
Suits Nissan Patrol GU Y61
Suits Nissan Pulsar C12
Suits Nissan X-Trail T31
Suits Nissan X-Trail T32
Suits Renault Koleos H45
Suits Saab 9-5
Suits Saab 9-5 9600
Suits Subaru Forester SJD
Suits Suzuki Grand Vitara JB424 JT
Suits Toyota Estima TCR10R
Suits Toyota Estima TCR11R
Suits Toyota Estima TCR20R
Suits Toyota Estima TCR21R
Suits Toyota FJ Cruiser GSJ15R
Suits Toyota Hilux GGN15R
Suits Toyota Hilux GGN25R
Suits Toyota Kluger GSU45R
Suits Toyota Kluger GSU50R
Suits Toyota Kluger GSU55R
Suits Toyota Kluger MCU28R
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ105 105 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ78R 78 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser FZJ79R 79 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser VDJ200R 200 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado GRJ120R 120 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado GRJ150R 150 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado KDJ120R 120 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado KDJ150R 150 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado KDJ155R 150 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado KZJ120R 120 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado RZJ120R 120 Series
Suits Toyota Landcruiser Prado VZJ95R 90 Series
Suits Toyota RAV4 GSA33R

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6 months Warranty
Length260 mm
Width172 mm
Total Height222 mm
Terminal TypeStandard
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Vehicle Fitment
MakeModelSeriesYearsBadgeEngine Details
FordEscapeBA2001-2003incl.: Limited, XLS, XLS Summer, XLT, XLT SummerV6 AJ 3.0L 2967cc
FordEscapeZA2003incl.: Limited, XLS, XLTV6 AJ 3.0L 2967cc
FordEscapeZB2004-2006incl.: XLS, XLS Bad Boy, XLT4cyl L3 MZR 2.3L 2260cc
FordEscapeZB2004-2006incl.: Limited, XLS, XLTV6 AJ 3.0L 2967cc
FordMaverickDA1988-1994incl.: XL, XLT6cyl TB42 4.2L 4169cc
HoldenFronteraMX1999-2002 4cyl X22SE 2.2L 2198cc
HoldenFronteraMX1999-2003incl.: S, SEV6 6VD1-D4 3.2L 3165cc
HoldenRodeoTFR251998-2003incl.: LT, LX, LX 50th AnniversaryV6 6VD1-D4 3.2L 3165cc
HoldenRodeoTFS251998-2003incl.: LS, LT, LT Sports, LX, Sport LT SpaceV6 6VD1-D4 3.2L 3165cc
HondaLegendKA21986-1987 V6 C25A1 2.5L 2493cc
HondaLegendKA31987-1991 V6 C27A1 2.7L 2675cc
HondaLegendKA41987-1991 V6 C27A1 2.7L 2675cc
HondaMDXYD12003-2006 V6 J35A5 3.5L 3471cc
HondaNSXNA1990-1997 V6 C30A1 3.0L 2977cc
 Note1:Please Consult Owners Manual To Ensure Correct Fitment
HondaNSXNA2000incl.: TV6 C30A3 3.0L 2977cc
 Note1:Please Consult Owners Manual To Ensure Correct Fitment
HondaNSXNA1995-2005incl.: TV6 C30A4 3.0L 2977cc
 Note1:Please Consult Owners Manual To Ensure Correct Fitment
HondaNSXNA1997-2005 V6 C32B2 3.2L 3179cc
 Note1:Please Consult Owners Manual To Ensure Correct Fitment
HyundaiAccentRB2012-2013incl.: ACTIVE CRDi4cyl D4FB (94kw) 1.6L 1582cc
HyundaiCoupeRD1996incl.: SX4cyl G4GM 1.8L 1795cc
HyundaiGrandeurTG2005-2010incl.: LimitedV6 G6DA 3.8L 3778cc
Hyundaii30FD2007-2012incl.: SLX, SX4cyl D4FB (85kw) 1.6L 1582cc
Hyundaii30cwFD2009-2013incl.: SLX, SX4cyl D4FB (85kw) 1.6L 1582cc
Hyundaii40VF2011-2015 4cyl D4FD (100kw) 1.7L 1685cc
Hyundaii40VF2015 4cyl D4FD (104kw) 1.7L 1685cc
Hyundaii40VF2015 4cyl G4NC (121kw) 2.0L 1999cc
Hyundaii40VF2011-2015 4cyl G4NC (130kw) 2.0L 1999cc
Hyundaii45YF2010-2013incl.: Active, Elite, Premium4cyl G4KJ 2.4L 2359cc
Hyundaiix35LM2010-2013incl.: Elite, Highlander4cyl G4KE 2.4L 2359cc
HyundaiS Coupe 1995-1996incl.: GLS, LS4cyl G4EK 1.5L 1495cc
HyundaiS Coupe 1994incl.: GLS, LS4cyl G4EK 1.5L 1495cc
 Note1:ONLY Suits Models Built ON/AFTER 1994MY
HyundaiS Coupe 1995-1996incl.: Turbo4cyl G4EKT 1.5L 1495cc
HyundaiS Coupe 1994incl.: Turbo4cyl G4EKT 1.5L 1495cc
 Note1:ONLY Suits Models Built ON/AFTER 1994MY
HyundaiSanta FeCM2006-2009incl.: Elite, SLX, SXV6 G6EA 2.7L 2656cc
HyundaiSanta FeSM2001-2003incl.: GL, GL World Cup4cyl G4JS 2.4L 2351cc
HyundaiSonataEF-B2001-2005incl.: GL4cyl G4JS 2.4L 2351cc
HyundaiSonataEF-B2001-2005 V6 G6BA 2.7L 2656cc
 Note1:ONLY Suits "Elite" Trim Level Vehicles
HyundaiTerracanHP2001-2002incl.: Highlander, Highlander World Cup, World CupV6 G6CU 3.5L 3497cc
HyundaiTiburonGK2002-2009 4cyl G4GC Beta 2.0L 1975cc
HyundaiTiburonGK2002-2010incl.: V6, V6 TSV6 G6BA 2.7L 2656cc
HyundaiTrajetFO2000-2008 V6 G6BA 2.7L 2656cc
HyundaiTucsonJM2004-2010incl.: Elite, SXV6 G6BA 2.7L 2656cc
IsuzuD-MaxTFR852012 4cyl 4JJ1TCX 3.0L 2999cc
IsuzuD-MaxTFR852013-2019incl.: SX4cyl 4JJ1-TCX 3.0L 2999cc
KiaCarnivalKV1999-2007incl.: Classic, LE, LS, LS Australian OpenV6 K5 2.5L 2497cc
KiaCarnivalVQ2006-2009incl.: EX, EX Luxury, EXEV6 G6EA 2.7L 2656cc
KiaGrand CarnivalVQ2011incl.: Platinum, Si, SLi4cyl D4HB 2.2L 2199cc
KiaGrand CarnivalVQ2009-2011incl.: EXE, Platinum, Premium, Si, SLi4cyl J3 2.9L 2902cc
KiaGrand CarnivalVQ2006-2011incl.: EX, EXE, EX-L, Platinum, PremiumV6 G6DA 3.8L 3778cc
KiaGrand CarnivalVQ2010-2011incl.: Platinum, Si, SLiV6 G6DC 3.5L 3470cc
KiaMagentisMG2006-2009incl.: EX, EX Luxury, LX4cyl G4KC* 2.4L 2359cc
KiaMagentisMG2006-2008incl.: EX LuxuryV6 G6EA 2.7L 2656cc
KiaOptimaGD2001-2003 6cyl G6BV1 2.5L 2493cc
KiaOptimaGD2004-2006 V6 G6BA 2.7L 2656cc
KiaSportageKM2006-2010 4cyl D4EA 2.0L 1991cc
KiaSportageKM2007-2010incl.: EX, LX4cyl G4GC 2.0L 1975cc
KiaSportageKM2005-2009incl.: EX, EX-LV6 G6BA 2.7L 2656cc
KiaSportageSL2010-2013incl.: Si4cyl G4KD 2.0L 1998cc
LexusGS300JZS160R1997-2004incl.: L-Tuned6cyl 2JZ-GE 3.0L 2997cc
LexusGS430UZS190R2005-2007incl.: Sports LuxuryV8 3UZ-FE 4.3L 4293cc
LexusGS450hGWS191R2006-2010 6cyl 2GR-FSE 3.5L 3456cc
LexusIS250GSE20R2005-2013incl.: F Sport, Prestige, Sports, Sports Luxury, XV6 4GR-FSE 2.5L 2499cc
LexusLS400UCF20R1994-2000 V8 1UZ-FE 4.0L 3969cc
LexusLS430UCF30R2000-2006 V8 3UZ-FE 4.3L 4293cc
LexusLX470UZJ100R1998-2007 V8 2UZ-FE 4.7L 4663cc
LexusRX350GGL15R2009-2014incl.: Prestige, Sport, Sport LuxuryV6 2GR-FE 3.5L 3456cc
LexusRX350GSU35R2006-2008incl.: SE, Sports, Sports LuxuryV6 2GR-FE 3.5L 3456cc
LexusRX450hGYL15R2009-2010incl.: Prestige, Sport, Sport LuxuryV6 2GR-FXE 3.5L 3456cc
LotusEvoraType 1222009-2015incl.: 2+2V6 2GR-FE 3.5L 3456cc
MazdaCX-7ER Series 22009-2010incl.: Sports4cyl MZR-CD 2.2L 2183cc
MazdaCX-9TB2007-2016incl.: Classic, Grand Touring, LuxuryV6 CA 3.7L 3726cc
MazdaRX-8FE Series 12003-2008incl.: 40th Anniversary, Luxury Special Edition, plus Leather Trim, Revelation2cyl 13BMSP 1.3L 1308cc
MazdaRX-8FE Series 22008-2010incl.: GT, Luxury2cyl 13BMSP 1.3L 1308cc
MazdaT4000T1990-2000 4cyl TF 4.0L 4021cc
MazdaTributeCU2004-2008incl.: Limited, Limited Traveller4cyl L3 (108kW) 2.3L 2261cc
MazdaTributeCU2004-2006incl.: Classic, Classic Traveller, Limited Sport, Limited Sport Traveller, Luxury, Luxury TravellerV6 AJ (149kW) 3.0L 2967cc
MazdaTributeYU2001-2004incl.: Limited, Limited Traveller4cyl YF 2.0L 1988cc
MazdaTributeYU2001-2004incl.: Classic, Classic Traveller, Limited, Limited Sport, Limited Traveller, Luxury, Luxury TravellerV6 AJ (145kW) 3.0L 2967cc
MitsubishiLancerCJ2008-2010incl.: Evolution, Evolution MR4cyl 4B11-T 2.0L 1998cc
NissanMaximaA321995-1999incl.: 30G, 30GV, 30S Touring, G, GV, JV6 VQ30DE 3.0L 2988cc
NissanPatrolGU1997-2001incl.: ST, Ti6cyl TB45E 4.5L 4479cc
NissanPatrolGU2001-2010incl.: ST, ST Plus, ST-L, ST-S, Ti6cyl TB48DE 4.8L 4759cc
NissanPulsarC122013-2017incl.: SSS4cyl MR16DDT 1.6L 1618cc
NissanX-TrailT312008-2010incl.: TL, TS4cyl M9R-760 2.0L 1995cc
NissanX-TrailT312008-2010incl.: TL, TS4cyl M9RC 2.0L 1995cc
NissanX-TrailT312010-2014incl.: ST, ST-L4cyl MR20DE 2.0L 1997cc
NissanX-TrailT312007-2014incl.: Adventure, ST, ST-L, Ti4cyl QR25DE 2.5L 2488cc
NissanX-TrailT322014-2020incl.: ST4cyl MR20DD 2.0L 1997cc
NissanX-TrailT322014-2019incl.: ST, ST-L, Ti4cyl QR25DE 2.5L 2488cc
RenaultKoleosH452008-2016incl.: Dynamique, Expression, Privilege4cyl 2TR-700 2.5L 2488cc
RenaultKoleosH452008-2016incl.: Dynamique4cyl M9R-830 2.0L 1995cc
RenaultKoleosH452008-2016incl.: Dynamique4cyl M9R-832 16.0L 1995cc
Saab9-5 2000-2001incl.: Linear4cyl B205E 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-5 2000-2001, 2007incl.: Aero, Aero SportEstate, Arc, Arc SportEstate, Linear, Linear BioPower, Linear SportEstate, S, SE4cyl B235 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-5 2000-2001incl.: GriffinV6 B308E 3.0L 2962cc
Saab9-5 2007incl.: Linear BioPower4cyl B235L 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-596001999, 2002incl.: Linear, SportCombi4cyl B205E 2.0L 1985cc
Saab9-596002002incl.: Aero SportEstate4cyl B234R 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-596001997-1999, 2002, 2008-2009incl.: Linear, Linear BioPower, S, S SportCombi, SE, SE SportCombi, Vector SportEstate4cyl B235 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-596001999, 2002-2007incl.: Arc, Arc SportEstate, Linear, Linear Limited Edition, Linear SportEstate, SE, Vector4cyl B235E 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-596002002-2008incl.: Aero, Aero SportEstate4cyl B235R 2.3L 2290cc
Saab9-596001999incl.: GriffinV6 B308E 3.0L 2962cc
SubaruForesterSJD2013-2018incl.: 2.0D4cyl EE20 (108kw) 2.0L 1999cc
SuzukiGrand VitaraJB4242008-2012incl.: 100th Anniversary, Adventure, Prestige, Urban4cyl J24B 2.4L 2393cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR10R1992-1999incl.: Emina, Lucida, X4cyl 2TZ-FE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR10R1996-1999incl.: V4cyl 2TZ-FZE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR11R1990-1999incl.: Emina, Lucida4cyl 2TZ-FE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR11R1994-1999incl.: G4cyl 2TZ-FZE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR20R1992-1999incl.: Emina, Lucida, X4cyl 2TZ-FE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR20R1996-1999incl.: V4cyl 2TZ-FZE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR21R1990-1999incl.: Emina, Lucida4cyl 2TZ-FE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaEstimaTCR21R1994-1999incl.: G4cyl 2TZ-FZE 2.4L 2438cc
ToyotaFJ CruiserGSJ15R2006-2016 V6 1GR-FE 4.0L 3956cc
ToyotaHiluxGGN15R2010-2016incl.: SR, SR5V6 1GR-FE 4.0L 3956cc
ToyotaHiluxGGN25R2010-2015incl.: SR, SR5V6 1GR-FE 4.0L 3956cc
ToyotaKlugerGSU45R2007-2010incl.: Altitude, Grande, KX-R, KX-SV6 2GR-FE 3.5L 3456cc
ToyotaKlugerGSU50R2014-2017incl.: GRANDE, GX, GXLV6 2GR-FE 3.5L 3456cc
ToyotaKlugerGSU55R2014-2017incl.: GRANDE, GX, GXLV6 2GR-FE 3.5L 3456cc
ToyotaKlugerGSU55R2017-2020incl.: Grande, GX, GXLV6 2GR-FKS 3.5L 3456cc
ToyotaKlugerMCU28R2003-2007incl.: CV, CV Sport, CVX, GrandeV6 3MZ-FE 3.3L 3311cc
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ1051998-2002incl.: 40th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary GXL, GXL, GXL Advantage Limited Edition, RV, Sahara, Snowy GXL, Standard6cyl 1FZ-FE 4.5L 4477cc
 Note1:Main Battery Located On LEFF Of Vehicle
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ78R1999-2001incl.: Troopcarrier6cyl 1FZ-FE 4.5L 4477cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiserFZJ79R1999-2007 6cyl 1FZ-FE 4.5L 4477cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiserVDJ200R2007-2021incl.: 60th Anniversary, Altitude, GX, GXL, Sahara, VXV8 1VD-FTV 4.5L 4461cc
 Note1:ONLY Suits Left Side Where DUAL Battery System Fitted
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoGRJ120R2003-2009incl.: Grande, GX, GX Limited, GXL, Pilbara, VXV6 1GR-FE 4.0L 3956cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoGRJ150R2009-2015incl.: GXL, Kakadu, VX KDSSV6 1GR-FE 4.0L 3956cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoKDJ120R2006-2009incl.: Grande D-4D, GX D-4D, GXL D-4D, Standard D-4D, VX D-4D4cyl 1KD-FTV 3.0L 2982cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoKDJ150R2009-2015incl.: D-4D, GX D-4D, GXL D-4D, Kakadu D-4D, SX D-4D, VX D-4D, ZR D-4D4cyl 1KD-FTV 3.0L 2982cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoKDJ155R2009-2013incl.: SX D-4D, ZR D-4D4cyl 1KD-FTV 3.0L 2982cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoKZJ120R2003-2007incl.: D-4D, Grande, GX, GX Limited, GXL, Pilbara, VX4cyl 1KZ-TE 3.0L 2982cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoRZJ120R2003-2004incl.: GX4cyl 3RZ-FE 2.7L 2694cc
 Note1:Main Battery
ToyotaLandcruiser PradoVZJ95R1996-2002incl.: 50th Anniversary GXL, Getaway RV6, Grande, GXL, GXL Advantage Limited Edition, Kimberley GXL, RV6, Snowy GXL, VX, VX Grande, World Cup RV6V6 5VZ-FE 3.4L 3378cc
 Note1:Please Check Case Size & Terminals to Confirm Correct Application
ToyotaRAV4GSA33R2007-2013incl.: CV6, SX6, ZR6V6 2GR-FE 3.5L 3456cc
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