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Just how used is used?

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Buying used Car parts may cost you a lot more than you think.

For most of us the convenience of owning a used or older Car comes with real ongoing costs and often our budgets can be strained by the 'unexpected' break down or part failure. There's the unavoidable paper costs such as registration and insurance, and then there's the physical cost such as parts, repairs and maintenance.

The good news is we do have some control over how we manage our parts, repairs and servicing costs. By taking some time to do our research and shop around you may soon discoverer that there can be some very large cost differences between different mechanics as well as the actual costs of the parts themselves, both new and used.

Before buying any used or recycled car parts just remember to ask yourself - "Just how used is used?".

We assume that if we're buying a used car part privately from one of the many Classified websites then we must be getting a good deal, which of course is not always the case. This may also apply to motor wreckers, though unlike a backyard seller most wreckers will offer some form of warranty. It's always best to do your research as the cost of a new part may not be that much more to the cost of a used part, so why risk it.

Before buying used car parts, ask yourself these quick questions:
  • Is the part in a good and reliable condition?
    For a lot of parts there's really no easy way to tell if the parts you are buying have been involved in an accident or not or how much actual lifespan exists.
  • Does the part itself have an expected life span?
    For example, if an Alternator has an expected life span of around 60,000 to 160,000kms (pending how you drive and maintain your vehicle), then it may be a risky choice to buy one used if the part itself is more than 10 years old.
  • Is the cost of fitting the parts high?
    Another very important consideration is the cost or time to fit the part. Some parts require a considerable number of other parts to be removed or disturbed so the used part can be fitted, and then reassembled. If you buy a second hand car part and it fails in the not too distant future, then the inconvenience and cost of replacement has doubled, even without factoring in buying the part again.
  • Do you have the knowledge to know what is a good part?
    Unless you really know what you're doing or have a close friend who does (or even better is a qualified professional), buying used parts can be a bit of a gamble so it's important to do your research and weigh up the actual costs savings and risks buying a used car part over a new aftermarket part.

Our Top 5 considerations to help you decide between used or new Parts

Risks of Used or Second Hand Parts
  1. The history and reliability of the part is generally unknown.
  2. Remaining product lifespan often needs to be a considered gamble.
  3. The actual cost of a new aftermarket part can sometimes be cheaper or not that much more than a used genuine part.
  4. Warranties from auto wreckers and parts recyclers can vary or be non existent.
  5. Used car parts from backyard sellers can be a bit of gamble if you're not familiar with what to look out for.
"The reliability and cost of used and second hand car parts can vary greatly, so why risk it?"
Benefits of New Replacement Parts
  1. New car parts come with both manufacturers and statutory consumer warranties.
  2. Most parts come with a 100% Fitment guarantee*.
  3. Aftermarket parts are often manufactured in OEM factories (that also make genuine parts) to specified standards.
  4. By shopping online the costs of new aftermarket parts can easily be compared to wrecker or backyard sellers used parts prices.
  5. stocks a wide range of quality Car and 4x4 replacement parts at very affordable prices.
"Our new aftermarket car parts may be a lot less than you think, sometimes even cheaper than used!"
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