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Photo of shock absorbers - save 5 to 10% OFF

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Upgrade your Shock Absorbers
Starting from $80 pair*

When it comes to Shocks it's not all about a smooth ride it's also about your driving needs. Your vehicles Shock absorbers also have a direct influence on overall handling and braking.

There is a direct relationship between your Springs and your Shock Absorbers and overall ride comfort comes from how they both work together to suit your driving style and needs.

We offer a wide range of Car and 4X4 Shock Absorbers and Bore sizes from great brands such as Tough Dog, Commando, Ultima and Cozza.

If you're not sure what Shocks or Springs may be best for your driving needs then it's probably best to talk to one of our Technical Team before purchasing.

Improve your ride on or off-road

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^From price suits specific models and shock type

Photo of suspension bushes - save 5 to 10% OFF

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Replace your Suspension Bushes
Kits starting from under $15*

Suspension Bushes cushion the movement between active parts such as shock absorbers, control arms, sway and torsion bars, and absorb general driving shock and vibration while improving overall ride, safety and handling.

We offer a range of Suspension and Steering Bushes in Polyurethane from PolyTuff and Rubber from Tough Dog.

Polyurethane bushes generally last longer than rubber, give a firmer ride and are more resistant to abrasion, oil and grease. Rubber bushes deliver a softer ride and are more flexible in nature.

If you need advise on what style of bushes may best suit your driving needs, talk to our Technical Team prior to purchase.

Improve your handling and overall ride

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^From price suits specific models and bushing type

Photo of chassis bump stops - save 5 to 10% OFF

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Replace your Chassis Bump Stops
Starting from under $15*

Bump stops are often 'out of sight and out of mind' however they are an important component contributing to the overall quality of both ride and handling.

Chassis mounted Bump Stops improve your ride and comfort as well as protect your suspension from knocking onto the chassis.

We stock a range of mounted Bump Stops from PolyTuff and trusted Aftermarket OEM .These both reduce chassis knock and protect your suspension components.

Most bump stops are a fast-fit with minimal effort.

Reduce chassis knock and protect suspension.

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^From price suits specific models and  Bumpstops

Photo of suspension lift kit coil springs - save 5 to 10% OFF

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Increase your 4X4's clearance with a Lift Kit. Kits starting from under $350*
If you need to grab more ground clearance or increase the size of your tyres for improved off-roading then a Lift Kit will sort you out.

Whether you're just looking for Leaf or Coil Spring and Shock combinations or full Kits including adjustable Panhard Rods, Bushes and more we'll help you get the height you need at a low price.

Our Lift kits combine Coil springs from King Springs and Tough Dog with Shocks and Leaf springs from Ultima, Tough Dog and trusted Aftermarket OEM.

Lift range: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches. (30 to 152mm)

Get your 4X4 in and out of new places

Shop for Suspension Lift Kits

^From price suits specific models and Lift Kits

Quality Cooling, Suspension, Braking, Steering, Driveline and Engine Parts at low everyday prices.

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