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Machining vs Replacement

Rotor machining may not always be the cheapest or best option article image
Machining your Rotors may cost you a lot more than you think.

Some mechanics will advise to machine your rotors each time you change your pads. However, there are two major factors to be considered before you do this:
A) The condition of the rotors inspected 
B) If the Rotors have been machined previously, and how many times, as there are minimum Rotor thickness specifications from each manufacturer.

Our Top 5 considerations when deciding between Rotor Replacement or Machining.

Brake Rotor Replacement 
  • We stock a wide range of Rotors with Standard Rotors starting from around $50 a pair which would likely be less than your Machining costs.
  • No reduction in braking capacity.
  • Rotor operation remain as manufacturer intended.
  • Heat dissipation remains normal.
  • Option to upgrade your standard Rotors with a better performing Drilled and Slotted Rotor pair to improve braking performance.
To find out what Rotor and Pad combination would work best for you contact us via our enquiry form here, or email or Phone 07 3265 6228
Brake Rotor Machining 
  • Cost of Machining can vary greatly depending your provider though allow $50 to $100 a pair.
  • Reduction in braking capacity and overall vehicle safety if machined less than vehicle manufacturer standard - Australian Standard AS3617‐1997 4.3 (b)(iii).
  • Could increase stopping distance required and prematurely cause "brake fade".
  • The more times you machine the rotors, the less heat you dissipate, exposing rotors to possible warping.
  • No option to improve your braking performance.
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Brakes are a vital component of a vehicle. We recommend a qualified technician always perform brake component repairs and upgrades. If you choose to DIY please be sure to check your work carefully before taking a sensible test drive.

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