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Causes and Prevention

Brake fade can occur on long steep slopes or downhill driving article image
The thing about Brake fade is, you often only notice when it's too late.

Most drivers will experience a symptom of brake fade at some stage of their lives.
Brake fade generally presents as a 'spongy feeling' pedal and reduced braking performance.

The effects on your vehicles ability to stop effectively will vary depending on your driving style and habits, poor maintenance and the types of roads traveled.

Our Top Tips to help you avoid Brake Fade

Choose Pads to match your driving needs.
We offer a range of Semi-metallic Pads to match Standard Rotors suit all driving styles and budgets! (General, Performance and Off Road).

Check the integrity of your Braking System.
When performing any brake work you should check the integrity of your complete system including Pads, Rotors, Fluid and Fluid lines.

Use a lower gear to help slow you down on steep downhills.
When driving down steep or long hills, don't ride the brakes, you should change to a lower gear to help maintain a safe speed.

Use lower gears in heavy traffic to avoid hard braking.
For heavy traffic driving use a lower gear to help your vehicle brake using the engine and limit the amount late braking.

Avoid fluttering the brake pedal unnecessarily.
Brake by pressing on the brake pedal firmly, then let off so they can cool down, repeat as required to suit driving requirements.

Gently Bed-in your new brakes before you enter traffic.
'Break in' new Pads or Shoes by using them gently at first to ensure they are properly bedded in.

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Please note

Brakes are a vital component of a vehicle. We recommend a qualified technician always perform brake component repairs and upgrades. If you choose to DIY please be sure to check your work carefully before taking a sensible test drive.

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