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Brakes Tips

Brake Maintenance Tips Article Image

Common Brake system maintenance tips to help keep you trouble-free

Do you know how often your should inspect your Brakes? Why you should never get Hot brakes too wet? Find out the answers with our most common Brake maintenance tips.

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Brake Warning Signs Article Image

Do you know how good your Brakes really are? Check out our top warning signs and find out

Do you know why your Brakes vibrate or make a grinding noise? The dangers of driving with a spongy feeling or hard to push Brake pedal? Find out the answers with our most common Brake warnings signs.

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Brake Fade Article Image

The thing about brake fade, is you often only notice when it’s too late.

Brake fade can occur unexpectedly and is caused by heat build-up from continuous use such as frequent stop and start, late breaking when driving at speed and steep downward slopes or mountain driving.

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Machining Rotors Article Image

Machining your Rotors may cost you more than you think.

If you're considering Machining to save money, then it's worth doing a little research first as a set of new Rotors may be much cheaper than you think.

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Brake Rotors Article Image

Do you like them smooth or dimple drilled and slotted?

Brake Rotors come in a diverse range of styles with Smooth finished pretty much the standard. Replacing with a Dimple Drilled and Slotted Rotor will take you braking performance to a whole new level!

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