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TOYOTA HILUX 2WD + 4WD 1997-2005 - KZN165, LN147, LN167, LN172, RNZ149. RZN154, RZN169, RZN174, VZN167, VZN172

Published September 2012 this most comprehensive manual of 498 pages, has step-by-step instructions for all chapters to help with the weekend repairer or motor mechanic from changing the oil there to solving and repairing sophisticated problems. Engine chapters cover diesel engines 5L, and 5LE, 1KZ-T and 1KZ-TE turbocharged series. Four cylinder petrol/gasoline engines 1RV-E and 3RZ-FE plus the V6 series 5VZ-FE are also covered in detail. Explicit instructions with ample photographs and live illustrations are detailed for the reader to help with either minor engine work or a major rebuild. The comprehensive diesel fuel chapters cover injection components, ECM values plus sensor checks for injection systems including injectors, fuel pumps and fuel tank. Petrol/gasoline and Ignition chapters provide good detail on the ECM and injection systems for 1RZ-E, 3RZ-FE and V6 engine 5VZ-FE including injectors, fuel pump and fuel tank.

ISBN: 9781876720230
YEAR: 09/12

Product Type: Book

Part Number: ZPN-02699

# of Pages: 498

Vehicle Fitment:
ToyotaHiluxII KZN1_ 1998-2002incl.: TD 
ToyotaHiluxII LN_ 1998-2002incl.: TD 
ToyotaHiluxII RN_ 1998-2002incl.: TD 
ToyotaHiluxII VZN1 2001-2005  
ToyotaHiluxII VZN1_ 1998-2002incl.: TD 
ToyotaHiluxII YN_ 1998-2002incl.: TD 
ToyotaHiluxKZN165R 1999-2005incl.: SR5Accessory
ToyotaHiluxLN106R 1998-1999  
ToyotaHiluxLN107R 1998incl.: SR5 
ToyotaHiluxLN147R 1997-2005 Accessory
ToyotaHiluxLN152R 2001-2004  
ToyotaHiluxLN167R 1997-2005incl.: SR5Accessory
ToyotaHiluxLN172R 1997-2005 Accessory
ToyotaHiluxRZN147R 1997-2005incl.: WorkmateAccessory
ToyotaHiluxRZN149R 1997-2005incl.: SR5, WorkmateAccessory
ToyotaHiluxRZN154R 1998-2005 Accessory
ToyotaHiluxRZN169R 1997-2002incl.: SR5Accessory
ToyotaHiluxRZN174R 1997-2002 Accessory
ToyotaHiluxVZN167R 2002-2005incl.: SR5Accessory
ToyotaHiluxVZN172R 2002-2005 Accessory
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN130R 1989-1996incl.: DX, SR5 
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN60 1984-1985incl.: SR5 
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerLN61 1985-1989incl.: DX, SR5 
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerRN130R 1989-1996incl.: DX, Sports, SR5 
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerVZN130R 1990-1996incl.: Advantage Limited Edition RV6, Getaway, Olympic Spirit, RV6, SR5, SR5 Limited 
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN130 1989-1990incl.: Sports, SR5 
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN60 1984-1985incl.: SR5 
ToyotaHilux 4RunnerYN63 1985-1989incl.: DX, SR5 
1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 1997 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988
Warranty: Standard Warranty

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